Zignature Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, Ingredients, Ratings [TOP 5 Products]

Zignature Dog Food Review

There are many self-proclaimed premium dog foods out there.

Some of them are really good, some just benefit from the fact that they have been around since a long time ago.

However, if there is one premium dog food that is as good as it proclaims to be, it would be Zignature.

We’ll find out why in our Zignature Dog Food review down below!

In a sea of very famous dog foods that get a lot of praise, Zignature may be the underdog that receives less than what it deserves.

A lot of experts have come out in support of the dog food company and their formulas.

They are believed to be premium thanks to the quality and strict standards that they follow to produce each product.

That is actually what differentiates them from all competition and why people on Amazon like them very much.

In fact, they have once publicly stated that they won’t allow their standards to lower just to make profits.

Therefore, they vow to produce only high quality and nothing else.

But do they really?

Are they as premium as they claim to be? Are there formulas that good?

What’s with the high price?

We’ll find out down in our complete Zignature Dog food review.

About Zignature Dog Food

Zignature dog food is the product of Pets Global, Inc.

The mother company is a large brand with an extensive positive record both in cat and dog food production.

Zignature is their premium dog food product, which they produce in the United States of America.

However, it is almost offensive to call them a “pet food company” as they clearly state in their official website’s homepage that they are not that.

Instead, Pets Global, Inc. is a Pet Health Company, and they have earned the right to call themselves such.

The company is relatively new in comparison with the rest of its competitors in the pet food industry.

It only opened its doors in 2010, making it about seven years old as of writing this review.

Considering that some of the companies have been around since early 20th century, a 7 years old company is still a baby.

However, no one can deny how powerful they are as they are only competing with premium products without lowering their standards.

Some Zignature Dog Food Facts

What We Like About Zignature Dog Food Ingredients

a yorki licking his mouth

I am ready to eat as much as possible of this food!

There is a lot to praise Zignature for.

When even dog food experts give it almost a perfect score on whatever their scale is, we can only agree with most of them.

As a matter of fact, DogFoodAdvisor gives the good food an average of 4.5 stars. Others, including vets and pet experts, have also agreed with the assessment and even recommend it as one of the best dog foods out there at the moment.

Why so much love for this relatively new brand of dog food?

There are many reasons. We’ll go through a few of them down below.

The Closest to Natural Dog Food Available

Yes, you read that right.

Zignature is probably the closest dog food to natural food that’s available on the market today.

This statement isn’t fiction.

Zignature (and Pet Global) boast that nature is their best source of inspiration for their pet food formulas.

Canines are a wildlife beast that turned into a pet, but that does not mean that its nutritional needs have also changed.

That is why Zignature tries their best to improve on their already limited, natural ingredient formulas to make them even more natural.

You may even think that they may start selling raw food in bags just to prove their point.

Use of Real Animal Protein

It is a known fact that dog food products that don’t have a named animal protein source as their first ingredient are most likely not a good formula.

When it comes to that, however, ALL Zignature products have animal protein sources as the first ingredient.

Not only that, but they also add a meal ingredient from the same product to increase the protein levels in the formula.

They also decline to use chicken as many have said that it is a common allergen ingredient to dogs.

They outsource all of their ingredients from all over the world depending on which season.

But they manufacture all their products in the United States.

In fact, they have two main kitchens; one in Perham, Minnesota and one in Mitchell, South Dakota.

That is means that the food is always fresh and constantly checked by health officials.

All Limited Ingredients Formulas

When you are purchasing a formula from Zignature, you can be sure not to find chicken, grains, corn, soy, and not even potatoes as ingredients.

Zignature never has, and will never, use any of these ingredients in their products as per their standards.

They actually address the reasons why they don’t use any of these ingredients in their official FAQs page on their website.

They acknowledge that all of these have been proven to be potential allergens to dogs and won’t be used in any of their foods.

Zignature boasts that they only use low glycemic carbohydrates such as Chickpeas and Garden Peas.

That’s why potatoes, a known high glycemic carbohydrates ingredient, will never be used in their formulas.

At the end of it all, Zignature dog food formulas are filler-free and full of proteins, making them your dog’s favorite since day 1!

Learn more about Limited Ingredient Diets on PetMD.

Zignature Dog Food Recalls: Clean History!

It should be no surprise to learn that Zignature has not had any recalls since their debut in 2010.

They have had a clean 7 years without any issues.

If you look for complaints, you are most likely to find customers annoyed at the retail stores they purchased the dog food from.

adorable small toy breed dog is excited

Zignature is on the menu? I want it NOW!

None of the bad reviews I found were actually concerns about the quality of the food the company produces, but the quality they received.

In fact, most of the people that have left bad reviews on Amazon have stated that Zignature is the best food they can give to their dog, but they’d rather purchase it from another retailer.

As for dog food experts, there are any substantial concerns either.

Everyone seems to agree that the quality Zignature pushes forward is top-notch.

Although many are questioning the protein quality, they can’t deny that the food is premium nonetheless.

However, there are two complaints that a lot of dog owners share when it comes to Zignature dog food: dogs reject the taste and the high price.

Zignature does not use any artificial flavors.

This makes it a bit harder for the dogs to adjust to some of the recipes.

Yet, the price is still higher than most premium dog food.

Watch this video of Avalanche putting Zignature into a dog food taste challenge!

Zignature Dog Food Product Lines

There are two product lines from Zignature available in the market.

Both of which receive high rating wherever you look for them at.

As we have said above, Zignature averages a 4.5-star rating from DogFoodAdvisor, which means all of their products are highly recommended.

Zignature Dry Dog Food Line

Usually, dry dog food comes in a disadvantage from a quality standpoint as it typically includes many preservatives.

However, Zignature products in this line are all premium quality with the least favorable one of them receiving 4 stars.

There are about ten recipes in the dry dog food line.

They are all grain-free and have various sources of meat.

These sources include Turkey, Kangaroo, Duck, Whitefish, Lamb, and others.

All of these are used as first ingredients in their individual recipes, followed by a meal of the same animal protein (e.g., Turkey, Turkey Meal).

As for the remainder of the ingredients, most of them are what you want to see in your dog’s food.

That is why it’s always recommended.

Zignature Canned Dog Food Line

Canned dog food is always a step ahead of dry dog food.

That being because of the freshness of the ingredients.

Therefore, it should be no surprise to you that Zignature canned dog food line has a 5-star rating on DogFoodAdvisor.

Similarly to their dry food line, Zignature produces about 8 different canned dog food recipes, maybe more when you are reading this.

The ingredients are fairly the same, keeping up the strong stance on high quality named animal protein sources and gluten-free components.

There is no reason why not to feed your dog Zignature canned food except for the high price in comparison with how long it lasts.

With more than 14 products available to customers from Zignature and Pets Global, Inc, it may be hard to choose which one fits your dog best.

In fact, we even had the same issue trying to figure out which are the best ones.

It is a really tough choice when all the recipes are premium quality, and you can only shake your head in agreement with the experts’ judgment.

The first Zignature Dog Food product on our list is the Grain-Free Trout Dry recipe.

It has actually more than 150 positive reviews on Amazon alone.

While the 20% of the others may seem negative, they are actually bad reviews on the retailer and praises for the product.

The lowest rating this dog food recipe has ever gotten (that we could find) is 4.5 stars on DogFoodAdvisor.

That tells how well Zignature have made this recipe.

The first five ingredients used are Trout, salmon meal, peas, pea flour, pea protein, flaxseed, chickpeas.

Therefore, your dog’s food doesn’t have any fillers and will be full of energy after his meals.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Trout and Salmon meal are the first two ingredients.
  • There are no fillers, and it’s gluten-free.


  • It’s dry dog food.
  • Some dogs may not like the taste.
  • It’s expensive.

We can conclude from all of the above that this dog food is actually one of the best ever made by Zignature.

That is why we also like to give it a 4 stars rating.

All limited ingredient recipes are made for dogs that have some kind of allergy.

However, there is no harm in feeding your dog this recipe even if he doesn’t have any.

Whitefish Limited Ingredient is one of the best recipes from Zignature, and that’s according to many experts.

In fact, DogFoodAdvisor agrees that it is almost a perfect recipe for dogs.

The first two ingredients are Whitefish and Whitefish Meal, which Zignature guarantee are very rich in protein.

The list of ingredients also includes Chickpeas and is completely grain-free.

Here is a list of pros and cons:


  • Grain-free.
  • Whitefish and Whitefish Meal.
  • Balanced for all ages.


  • The taste may be upsetting to some dogs.
  • The price is high.

Based on all the information above, and taking into consideration the reviews of other experts, it is safe to say that Zignature Whitefish Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food is a straight 4-star recipe that we strongly recommend.

One of the best canned dog recipes in the industry today is Zignature Turkey Formula.

Many experts and vets widely recommend it for dogs.

The ingredients list is as impressive as it gets.

DogFoodAdvisor does not shy in giving the food a 5-star rating, and so does every other expert in the field.

That is because Zignature’s meat first, no grains, and no filler policies allow the formula to be complete to the best extent of the word.

The first five ingredients in the Turkey Canned dog food are Turkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Peas, Turkey Meal.

That shows how good the quality to expect with this recipe.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Rich in Nutritious Ingredients.
  • Free of grains and fillers.
  • Turkey is the main ingredient.


  • Should be eating in less than 3 days after opening.
  • It costs a lot!

Considering the reviews, the lack of complaints from customers, and the high recommendations of many other dog food experts, we also give Zignature Turkey Formula Canned Dog Food a 4.5-star rating!

I don’t think I know any other dog food that uses Kangaroo as their first ingredient.

It’s an excellent source of complete protein and almost no saturated fat.

That is enough reason why this dog food recipe is a great one.

DogFoodAdvisor and many others have crowned it a 5-star rating.

The first five ingredients in this dog food are Kangaroo, Kangaroo Meal, Peas, Chickpeas, Pea Flour.

As usual for a Zignature dog food, there are no fillers with the ingredients.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Kangaroo is great source of protein.
  • Gluten-free and no fillers.


  • Dogs may not like the taste.

We are not shy, also, to give this dog food an excellent 4.5-star rating as the rest.

This recipe is highly recommended, too.

Zignature’s Zssential formula is one that your dog will definitely be happy to have every meal.

The formula is excellent quality, similar to all of the others above.

It actually is one of the best dog formulas in the industry.

Thanks to all the premium ingredients included in the formula, many have considered it a great product and recommend it to dog owners.

The recipe includes the following five ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Meal, Salmon, Lamb Meal, Chickpeas. Accordingly, this food is also known as Multi-Protein Formula.

The use of multiple protein sources makes it great for your dog, especially if he is a large one.

It is obvious that the quality is beyond reproach and we could only appreciate the effort Zignature makes to keep their recipes in such a high quality.

Here some of the pros and cons:


  • The first ingredients are all important protein sources.
  • Gluten-free and no filler.


  • It is expensive!

Although the price is not encouraging, the quality is much recommended.

That is why we rate it a nice 5 stars!


I, personally, haven’t seen any “dog health” company getting so much praise as much as I did while researching Zignature.

The company seems (and actually proves) that their major focus is the dogs’ well-being and not the profits.

That is why their prices may be more expensive in comparison with other “premium” dog foods.

Zignature is, therefore, highly recommended for any dog, especially one with an allergy.

Have you tried Zignature before?

Are you considering switching to Zignature?

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about them!

Zignature Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


To sum up our Zignature dog food review, I can only say that it is the food you buy for your dog when your wallet allows it. The ingredients are as premium as they can be. Your dog is sure to love it.

However, the price may be a turn off. Still, we highly recommend it if you want to feed your dog only the best food.

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