55 Impressive U.S. Pet Grooming Rockstars You Can’t Help But Adore!

Top U.S. Dog Grooming Icons Your Pet Can't Help But Fall In Love With

Ensuring that your pet is well groomed is one of your most important responsibilities as a pet parent.

You may shower it with lots of love and affection, take care of its every dietary requirement and take it for regular walks, but without ensuring that it stays well-groomed, your responsibility as a pet parent stands woefully incomplete.

To help you with this aspect of raising a pet, we have compiled a list of the top 55 best dog grooming services in the U.S.

1. WagVille

Wag Ville was launched as an epic dog grooming service center. It is located in LA, California. They offer dog grooming, day caring and boarding. If you live by, don’t hesitate to drop by and give your little dog a good time in there.

2. Salida Dogs

Salida Dogs, named after the same-named shop in Gone To The Dogs, is another great hub where behavior training and grooming meet. It was established by Laura and Tony. Laura, a certified dog trainer, is an expert at tweaking dog’s behavior.

However, Tony’s main mission is getting all your dog needs when it comes to grooming. The business was established in 2009 in Salida, Colorado.

3. Bingo Pet Salon

Bingo Pet Salon is located in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. Their location is the first thing that will draw your attention. I am sure you know Royal Oak. It's a shopping, entertainment and dining hub. It might be a great idea to drop you little friend for areat grooming session. They offer a variety of grooming services that I am sure your dog can’t help but go crazy about.

4. The Petropolitan Dallas

It is located in downtown Dallas. It was was founded in 2006 by Chris Watts. Since then, these guys have been the best dog grooming service provider in downtown Dallas area. They worked very hard with their sight set on one thing only: serving pets the way no one else there could serve them. And yes, they made it. If you drop by downtown Dallas, get in touch with them, you will not regret it. Promise.

5. Dog Tired

Dog Tired is located in Johns Island, South Carolina. It was established in 2009 by Gray. Gary had spent almost all of her life caring for animal before her dream came true when she established Dog Tired. The outfit offers services  that range from boarding and day care, all the way to pet sitting. If you live in the Johns Island, South Carolina, give them a visit. You will not regret it.

6. The Paw Spa Pet Resort

Another great resource specializing in dog grooming, namely Daycare, Overnight Lodging and Grooming. These guys really rock. They are located in the Omaha area. Theawspapetresort was established in 2012. They were nominated as the best in the Omaha. Check them out and see yourself.

7. The Bark Shoppe

In terms of individual attention for your pet, you will be hard pressed to find a better pet grooming center than Bark Shoppe. Bark Shoppe’s standout feature has always provided the hands-on owner experience that each pet as well as their loyal costumer base benefits from. In addition to standard pet grooming services, Bark Shoppe offers myriad beautifying treatments such as fresh facial scrubs and a rehydrating tearless facial. If you are the kind to take the bull by the horns so to speak, then they also have a self-serve option called “The Pristine”.

8. Camp Canine

Camp Canine is best known for being extremely mindful of your pet’s needs. Your pet will benefit from their customized recommendations that are based on a dog's breed and lifestyle. Along with the standard services such as professional grooming, breed standard cuts, shedding control and the like, they also offer complimentary teeth brushing. The only caveat is that walk-ins are not possible given the nature of their center; therefore, make sure to take an appointment prior to going. As an added feather in its cap, Camp Canine is dedicated to providing community services. They adopt dogs in need and collaborate with Animal Lighthouse Rescue.

9. Walter’s Pet Styles

Expertise, love and care have been the building blocks of Walter’s success for over 20 years now. While scissoring and hand-stripping are Walter’s speciality, they are more than capable of puppy cuts, breed-specific trims and exotic looks. “Cleanliness is next to dog-illness” is Walter's Pet Styles motto and it shows!

10. Jackie’s Dog Grooming

This is one of the best places in California if you have both cats and dogs that need grooming. Jackie’s offers dog and cat grooming, cat boarding, self-service pet wash and on the spot nail trimming and gland service. You could also benefit from their recommendations on professional teeth cleaning services and natural holistic pet food should you so desire.

11. Sudsy Paws Mobile Dog Grooming

Pet grooming on wheels? Incredible, right?! Sudsy Paws Mobile Dog Grooming does just that. It sends its grooming van to residential properties in and around Philadelphia. Sudsy Paws offers a wide range of services ranging from baths, hydro massages, blow-drying to dental care, ear cleaning, hair removal, nail trimming and styling.

12. Melrose Grooming

Melrose Grooming is another great pet grooming service. This time it's for our friends living in Los Angeles. If you guys are around and looking to get your pet a great grooming session on the way home, the best lace for that is obviously this spot right here. They have competitive prices, epic services and great customer services. Melrose Grooming open their doors between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

13. Katie’s Pampered Pets

From a simplistic nail trim to more creative cuts and color, Katie’s Pampered Pets does it all. Your pet will really get pampered here. Dog grooming services include medicated washes, fur whitening washes, nail clipping, ear cleaning, de-shedding, skin and coat treatments and much more. Moreover, you could also buy premium pet foods, natural chews, treats, collars, leashes and a lot more if you so wish. It is said that a dog is man’s best friend (and rightly so); it would be fair to say that Katie’s Pampered Pets is at least one of dog’s and man's best friends!

14. Towne House Grooming & Pet Supplies

A massive favorite among many locals in Chelsea, Towne House Grooming is one of the best grooming salons and pet supply stores in all of United States, period! They use only the latest and best professional grooming equipment keeping in mind your pet’s well-being, style and also safety. Every single grooming experience is customized as per the needs of your pet. There are myriad options to choose from. If you do not wish to go for the full groom for whatever reason (although we recommend that you do!), you have the option of a mini groom which constitutes a bath, brush, nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary clipping, feet rounding and a trim around the eyes.

15. New York Dog Nanny

Comfortable couches and dog beds make for an extremely cozy and lazy setting at the New York Dog Nanny. In a nutshell, it is just what the doctor ordered in terms of the ideal environment for a grooming session for your pet. In addition to its standard grooming package which has a bath, haircut, nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal expression, New York Dog Nanny goes the extra mile and also offers unique services such as Therapeutic Touch and essential oils. The love, care and friendliness that both pets and pet owners are treated to is a huge contributing factor in New York Dog Nanny's success story.

16. Two Ponds Pet Lodge and Day Camp

The 2016 winner of the Denver A-List Best Pet Boarding Center, Two Ponds Pet Lodge and Day Camp is owned by a veterinary family. The full grooming package that is offered includes a bath, haircut, bath, dry brush and nail trim. Depending on the dog’s breed and condition, the package starts at about $45. In addition to grooming, you will also find boarding, day camp and nature walk services here.

17. Sweet Pea Pet Shop

This is another locally owned and operated luxury dog salon such as many others on this list. If you are not averse to shelling out a few extra dollars, do try out their premium grooming package. It includes a bath with oatmeal shampoo, brushing, blow drying, nail trimming ear cleaning, sanitary trimming, foot shaving and foot scissor clipping. There are no dearth of options when it comes to add-ons as well: blueberry facials, paw pad treatments, bandana or bow to name a few.

18. The Sniff Shack

The Sniff Shack offers an ideal mix of safety, convenience and value for money when it comes to pet grooming. From express baths and full-service baths to a la carte services, the number of options available at the Sniff Shack is staggering. Again, if you can afford to shell out a few extra bucks, do try out the center’s comprehensive full-service bath which consists of shampooing, face washing, re-moisturizing, brushing, nail trimming, blow drying, ear cleaning and paw trimming.

19. Furry Friends Salon

Furry Friends Salon is a full service pet grooming salon that treats your pet with the care, love and affection that'll please you in order to make the grooming experience the best possible for your pet. A full service grooming is recommended. This includes a relaxing bath with a high quality natural Pet Shampoo (if you have a preference when it comes to shampoos, you can make a request), haircut and styling, nail clipping and filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and a fresh perfume which will leave your furry friend smelling fresh and amazing. If you have pets with sensitive skin conditions or dry skin, then you could also ask for hypoallergenic shampoo and oatmeal shampoos and conditioners. Nail painting and flea & tick treatments can be done as well for an extra charge.

20. PetSmart

If you have a pet at home, I am sure you have heard of Petsmart. Petsmart is one of the most well known names in the pet industry. But what most people don’t know is that they do not only specialize in dog food and supplies, but they also provide top notch grooming services. In short, they take care of everything your pet will ever need to stay healthy, happy and purely clean. Give them a visit and see the magic yourself.

21. Harlem Doggy Day Spa

The fact that the owner of Harlem Doggy Day Spa, Brian Taylor, left a well-paying corporate job to follow his passion for dogs is quite telling. It is this passion infused with a commitment to providing the absolute best for your pet that makes this an indispensable part of any such top pet grooming lists. The groomer interviews each owner to ensure that their needs and conditions are thoroughly understood so as to leave no room for errors or misunderstanding. Harlem Doggy Day Spa goes beyond basic grooming and provides hypo-allergenic shampoo, mud baths and hair coloring.

22. Dog Boarding

Situated in Maryland, dog boarding does so much more than the name itself suggest. In addition to boarding, they also take care of the dog daycare, dog grooming and they also provide high quality to pet supplies. Their doors are open to you from 6:00AM to 9:00PM. Grab a seat their and give your pet the best experience ever.

23. Chichie’s Grooming Spa

If you have a pet and live in the Washington D.C metro area , don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Give Chichie's Grooming Spa a visit and you and your pet will never regret it. Chichie's Grooming Spa is a BBB, that’s been serving this area for over 35 years. They provide so many pet grooming services, including deep cleansing spa treatments, hand fluff drying, de-matting, coat conditioning and so much more.

24. Dogma Bakery

Situated in Washington D.C, Dogma is one of the top Washington pet care, according to Washingtonian Magazine. Dogma was founded in 2000 by the two legends Mary and Mike. With the pet grooming authorization under their belt, they offer the best grooming services. To keep improving, the groomers there are always taking classes and workshops to provide the best pet experience ever.

25. Doggie Style Bakery

Doggie Style Bakery is situated in Washington D.C and founded in 2002. If you are looking to get your pet a full grooming session, Doggie Style Bakery is the place to go. They will take care of your pet from head to toe, giving your little friend an experience I am sure he will never forget.

26. Bark And Boarding

Bark and Boarding is one another service that cover all pet needs to ge a full grooming. What's great about these guys is they are open throughout the year. I mean literally 365 days! So, there is no need to worry about taking a day off from your job to get that little creature of yours a good grooming session. And if you are super busy, all you have to do is simply call them and they will happily come and serve your pet in the comfort of your home.

27. For Pets Sake of Alexandria

These guys have been in the market for decades. They have literally watched multiple generations of clients come to their place for pet grooming. If you want someone that not only get you the best grooming experience for your pet but also provides epic customer service, then look nowhere else. Pets Sake of Alexandria is the way.

28. Broadview Kennel

Living in Aurora is fun on itself. But if you can add a great pet grooming service to the plate, you'll have it all together. Broadview Kennel is the top pet grooming service in the Aurora area. If you have a cat or a dog ad you want a full grooming session with a reasonably great price, check out Broadview Kennel and enjoy what these guys have to offer your pet.

29. Bark and Wash

Bark and Wash is located in Centennial. They offer epic dog grooming services. You can either get the staff to do the grooming session from you or you do it yourself.You have the two to choose from. The center offer competitive prices that you probably can’t find somewhere else.

30. Beds n Biscuits

Beds n Biscuits offer a range of grooming services, starting from kennel, boarding, daycare and so much more. Beds n Biscuits is located in the Denver area. Beds n Biscuits offers a variety of discounts. You can benefit from a 10% discount by opting for 10-day card and a 15% discount when you for a 20-day card.

31. Avery Pet Styling

This is one is fantastic. I personally love it as it brings pet grooming salon right to your door. Avery's Pet Styling Salon & Boutique is a mobile pet salon. They operate throughout Philadelphia. Whether you have got a cat of a dog, Avery's Pet Styling can be of great service to you. And even if your dog has some kind of physical or behavioral problems, they can easily handle that and give your lovely friend a top notch grooming session as their groomers are highly skilled and they are certified.

32. The Canine Clippers

Another great service located in the Philadelphia area is The Canine Clippers. The Canine Clippers is a pet grooming salon. The guys there are all highly skilled and professionally equipped to give your pet a high quality grooming session. Their doors are open to pet owners between 8:00 a.m and 5:30 p.m.

33. Doggie Style Pets

Doggie Style Pets is great pet salon, based in Philadelphia. They help local pet owners get their little creature the best grooming services. In addition to the great grooming services they offer, tt also has a special place where customers can drop by and pick up food and toys for both dogs and cats.

34. Plush Pups Grooming

Plush Pups is literally one of its kind. Plush Pups offers a crate free space to get your pet a grooming session he will never forget. The groomers working there are all certified and highly equipped to take care of your pet. In addition to the grooming services, they also offer a variety of pet foods

35. Sit Stay Spa

If you want to give your pet an all-in-one NATURAL grooming session, Sit Stay Spa is the way to go. In addition to their highly equipped and beautifully created spa, they also offer mobile spa services. So, if you are so busy and have no time for your pet, they can reach you home for a very reasonable price.

36. Sitters For Critters

Sitters4Critters is situated in Philadelphia. Sitters4Critters offers many pet services, not just grooming. Their team members are kind, compassionate and highly qualified. They are all members of the National Association of Pet Sitters. It is no wonder that they are awarded a Super Service Award from Angie's List.

Website: sittersforcritters.com

37. Spots Spot And Spa

I know it is a little hard to get it pronounced easily. But when it comes to grooming services, they sit at the top of the list. They are a little small compared to the giants in the industry, but their services are just wow. Spots spot pet grooming was founded by Philip in  2011. The reason why the salon has grown into what it is today is because Philip pours into this salon all he has learned in the pet grooming world salon.

38. A Paw Spaw

If you are looking for grooming services in or around Littleton for both dogs and cats, then look no further. Blessed to have a founder with over 35 years of professional pet grooming experience, A Paw Spa uses only the best resources for your pet. Nothing other than biodegradable and natural products are used; even hair dryers are avoided.

39. The Pampered Pooch

The Pampered Pooch is a dog grooming salon located in Philadelphia. They bathe, trim, brush, clip, hand-strip and so much more. If it is your first time visiting the salon, you need to bring along some kind of distemper and rabies vaccination proof.

40. The Pets Nobs

Located at the South Street and 4th street junction in Philadelphia, Pa, The pets nobs real bosses are said to be Sirius Black and Dottie. Yeah, those two cute cats. Jaci and Dara own the Pet Snobs boutique. Their desire to provide pet owners with quality products has seen them work closely for over five years now. The company renders grooming services for dogs, cats, and small animals. Additionally, they deliver products right to your doorstep and offer cat sitting services. Amazingly, the company takes pets for a trip at a customer friendly fee.

41. Sweet Pet Spa

Sweet Pet Spa treats pets as members of their family. The pet home is located at just along E Hampden Avenue, Denver, Colorado. Their quality services are reflected in the overwhelming positive feedbacks from clients. Interestingly, the company offers both premium and full grooming. Bath and brush services are also rendered in the facility. The services offered include ear cleaning, Nail trimming, in addition to other unique services like D-Matting, shampoo treatments, extra glamor, etc.

42. Urban Dogg Colorado

Denver, Colorado is the home to the locally owned Urban Dogg. It’s a family business with over 10 years experience in the field. The company handles over 1000 dogs and cats monthly in their Washington Park, Capitol Hill, and Uptown. Their retail store is packed with natural and organic foods. They do general pet grooming, specializing in same day appointments amidst few exceptions. Premium pet products like dog jackets and toys can be found in the establishment.

43. Blue Ribbon Styling

This company has won her founder, Kathi Johnson, numerous accolades. With over 25 yrs of experience in pet styling, she now operates as a Master stylist level. Situated in Midlothian, Virginia, Blue ribbon styling offers rare breed specific trims. They also groom cats and dogs. Toenail trimming, ear care, and cleaning are additional services they also provide.

44. Ridge Dog Shop

Parham Road Richmond, Virginia hosts the Ridge dog shop. Kaye Davis purchased the premises in 1993 though it was established in 1974. Richmond magazine listed the facility as Richmond’s best groomer. Besides pet grooming and bathing services, the facility does de-shedding, brush out, grand anal check, specialty treatments, flea & tick treatments among others.

45. Silky Mobile Grooming

In need of a mobile pet groomer in Richmond, Virginia? Call Silky Mobile Grooming. They specialize in small dogs up to 30 lbs. With a regular maintenance schedule of 2, 4, 6, eight weeks. This mode of operation is ideal for busy pet owners. Service is by appointments only. Their services include moisturizing facial scrub, nail clipping, massaging bath with the right shampoo for each pet among others. Kay Sir, a graduate of Pet Grooming, is the founder and owner of the enterprise. Throughout the year she attends trade shows and seminars to further the company’s education on animal health.

46. Puppy Love Mobile Pet Grooming

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Puppy Love Mobile Pet Grooming is a pet salon on wheels majoring in pet grooming. It provides full grooming service in the comfort of your home. The attendees have a one on one interaction with your pet to eliminate with the traumatic experiences and aggressiveness to strangers. Puppy love Mobile also does towel and warm drying beside a warm water bath.

47. Abbey Animal

Abbey Animal boasts of a highly qualified team with vast experience in the field. Located in Virginia, the company provides laser surgery, cold laser therapy, training, grooming, dentistry, doggie daycare & boarding. The facility extends its services to feature consultations and nutritional counseling. The staff talk to you and deduce if you are having troubles with your pet. Then a veterinarian will do a thorough physical examination on your pet.

48. Canine Cloud 9

Canine Cloud 9 is located in Virginia Beach Blvd boasts of Nicole Santa Maria, a certified member National Dog Groomers Association of America. Visit and experience pet grooming done in state of the art clean, peaceful setting. They provide safe and supervised daycare where your pet will come home happy and tired. Other services rendered are nail grinding, haircuts, blow dry and massage. Interestingly, the facility also offers services in packages at a subsidized fee.

49. Two Brothers Dog Wash

Two Brothers Dog Wash is operated and owned by brothers Jared and Dave Henderson. Located at Virginia Beach offers self-service wash services, full-service washes, trimming nails and professional grooming. For self-service rolls, you don’t need an appointment. The company has a clean sanitized adjustable grooming tub to keep the pet from jumping out of the tub. Two Brothers Dog provides these services even for special needs pets. The facility is only a call away.

50. Pampered Pets By Barbara

Barbara, a certified Dog groomer, established the Pampered Pets in 1991. The premises are located in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake. They also serve Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth. Services offered at the establishment bases with a full groom, ear cleaning anal gland expressing and hand scissoring. They use no chemicals while rendering these services.

51. Urban Dogg

Not everyone likes the “posh” looking dog grooming centers (not that there's anything wrong with them of course!). If you are among those who would like a more “local” and personalized feel for your pet, then you should seriously consider this one. It is a family owned operated premium pet grooming and nutrition center. With each appointment at the center consisting of a double shampoo bath, herbal ear wash, conditioner, foam teeth, breath treatment, nail trimming/grinding, anal gland expression capped off with a vanilla and blueberry facial, your pet is guaranteed to get the royal treatment here.

52. Five Stars Dog Salon

It is not always that a place lives up to its fancy name, but in this case, it does that and more! At Five Stars, your pet is assured of getting a 5-star grooming services. With its impeccably clean environment and steadfast commitment to providing your best friend with the highest quality grooming products, Five Stars services include flea and oatmeal baths, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, deshedding, nail clipping and much more. In addition, you will also be able to buy any supplies or accessories that you may require for your dog. The cherry on top of the 5-starcake is that you can call them for free estimates!

53. Woof Grooming

It came as no real surprise to anyone when Woof Grooming won the prestigious “Best of Philly” award in 2012 for Dog Grooming. With Jennifer Lee, Woof’s groomer who is on America’s Olympic squad of dog groom, Woof quite literally has the best leader in the front. In addition to specializing in hand-stripping and hand-scissoring, Woof provides everything to fulfill your pet’s grooming needs from botanical shampoos and moisturizing treatments to skin cares.

54. The Pet Snobs

This is possibly my favorite pet place in Philadelphia because the products and services offered are so comprehensive. In addition to its raison d’etre which is as a magnificent pet grooming center, the company sells top notch pet food and products. The fact that the owners Jaci and Dara bring 5 plus years of experience in the pet industry with them helps immensely.

55. Oh My Dog! Pet Grooming

If you are somewhere in Utah looking for pet grooming services of the highest quality, then head over to Oh my Dog. You will not regret it, we promise! This really is a one-stop place for all possible dog grooming needs. What Oh My Dog! Pet Grooming has done really well is that they have stayed abreast with the latest grooming techniques which has helped them immensely vis-à-vis their competition. If you do happen to visit this place, you can also expect quality tips on pet grooming as one of Oh My Dog’s primary goals is to educate clients on how to keep pets groomed all year around.


There you have it!

You no longer have to worry about how to keep your pet well groomed.

Just take it to any of these centers depending on where you live and thank us later!

As a final word, a few pet parents seem to think that they can get grooming done on their own and avoid professional services altogether.

This is not all that wise; while you must certainly groom your pet on a regular basis, your dog does require a professional grooming service from time to time. Please do not avoid it.

It will not burn a hole in your pocket and you surely owe your furry little best friend that much!

Happy grooming!

If you love grooming your dog yourself (like me 🙂 ), and you need some help regarding which grooming products to use (shampoos, clippers, grinders, etc), check out our own honest and unbiased reviews here.

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