Pure Balance Dog Food Review, Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 3]

Pure Balance Dog Food Review

If you ask anyone about the big brands in the food industry, some of them will include Pure Balance.

That’s because it is believed to be a premium dog food, but we won’t take that for granted.

It is time for DiamondPup own Pure Balance Dog Food Review.

In this review, we will look at the ingredients and their nutritional value to your dog.

We’ll have a look at what both experts and dog owners who tried this food say about the brand in general.

We’ll also include a short review of the best Pure Balance dog food recipes available on stores such as Amazon.

Is Expensive Pet Food Better?

Where Did Pure Balance Come From?

Back in 2012, many dog owners were looking for the highest quality dog food for the lowest price.

Considering how impossible that task was, and still is to some extent, the industry needed a good quality dog food with an average price.

Enter Walmart. (In case you want to read more about Walmart, here is a full wikipedia page about them.)

Our customers told us they wanted to be able to feed their dogs a dry food made with pure ingredients without having to make a special trip to the pet store. We listened and are excited to offer Pure Balance...at a price our customers can afford.

Jody Pinson 
Vice president of pets at Walmart

With Pure Balance exclusively in Walmart retail stores all over the country at the time of its launch, dog owners were pleased that premium dog food was available anywhere they went, and for a price they can afford.

However, Pure Balance competitors had questions about the quality of the food if it’s that cheap.

Understanding the basics of economy, quality ingredients will increase the price.

So, if the product is cheap, the company must be saving money somewhere else.

Or, at least, that’s what corporations would have you believe.

Pure Balance, manufactured by Ainsworth, has gained so much positive feedback for its low cost and high quality that it is hard for us to believe that Walmart has a shady deal with the devil in this case.

Although it is not out of the question, we prefer to believe Walmart has the best interest of their customers’ dogs in their mind.

The Positive Feedback on Pure Balance

As said before, Pure Balance came to the existence at Walmart’s store shelf as a savior for money dog owners.

The premium quality the company still boasts about and the low price they sell their dog food got them immediate attention from everywhere.

Overall, it was and still is all good feedback. And here is why:

brown bullmastiff in reading glasses

Yes, tell me more about them!

Pure Balance Dog Food Ingredients Quality

The main ingredients used in Pure Balance dog foods are premium quality.

For example, Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice use chicken and chicken meals.

Both of which offer a great deal of protein for the dogs.

In fact, the chicken meal contains about 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

Also, Walmart is so proud that their Pure Balance dog food is entirely corn-free.

This means that you won’t find a filler that will make your dog’s belly touch the ground for no nutritional value.

Instead, they use brown and brewers rice.

Both do not give out a lot of nutritional value to your pet, but they are definitely better than filler corn.

Here is a quick breakdown of ingredients in dog food from PetSafe.


Pure Balance is exclusively available at Walmart retail store (and Amazon, of course).

That may sound like it’s not a good business move from Walmart but considering that they have around 3.000 stores in the U.S., it is actually the best marketing move.

What Are Others Saying?

A quick search on the internet about Pure Balance will show you how positively seen Pure Balance is.

Being mostly grain-free (some dog foods are only corn-free) and using a few named sources for animal protein, Pure Balance is one of the owners’ favorite dog food.

In fact, DogFoodAdvisor, as well as many other reliable sources, gives it a 4 stars rating and highly recommends it.

This trust in the product by the experts makes it easier for us also to recommend the dog food.

Basically, Pure Balance is a product that dog owners love and recommend to everyone.

However, there has recently been a few setbacks.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls

Although Pure Balance has a perfect official record with no recalls since its first launch, the reviews have lately been worrisome.

Not too much to worry about considering that it is only a handful of dog owners, but it is only fair to point them out for maximum transparency.

Most of the negative feedback we could find while doing our research point to some levels of diarrhea.

Dog owners attribute this health issue to the change to Pure Balance and claim that this is the only change that has happened.

Some dog owners who have been feeding their dog Pure Balance foods for years now have also noticed a change in the quality of their recent purchases.

Although we cannot verify the claims of every person that says Pure Balance has caused their dog some kind of harm, we find it important to let you know of the risks this dog food may have regardless of their advertised (and recommended) quality.

Therefore, please understand that we do not take any responsibility if you make a purchase based on our recommendations.

sad brown yorkshire terrier

Not too happy about this, guys!

Is Pure Balance The Right Food For Your Dog?

This is a question that everyone asks whenever they get a new dog, or they want to change the food from another brand.

However, there is no one answer. Not all dog foods fit all dogs, and some dog foods may hurt your dog.There is one thing to keep in mind, though…

The ingredient quality provided by Pure Balance in their product lines is far above average in general.

They are recommended by vets as an affordable dog food that your pet wouldn’t have so much trouble adjusting to.If you are still trying to get the right answer to your question, however, please call your vet.

Every dog is different in his nutritional needs. Depending on activity levels, environment, and maybe even current health status, dogs will need different foods.

In a broad sense, Pure Balance has passed the AAFCO minimum requirements for dog foods. This means that it should, indeed, be healthy for your dog. Yet, the minimum is not what your dog always needs.

The Main Dog Food Product Lines from Pure Balance

Pure Balance has a few product lines that customers choose from.

Pure Balance Grain Free

The Grain-Free product line is as its name suggests; free of grains.

That means that the ingredients you will find in the dog foods in this product line do not have any grains in them.

That ultimately makes them premium right off the bat considering that corn, soy, and other ingredients are only fillers.

Any recipe without those is usually above average, and when you add quality animal protein sources, you get to higher quality standards.

You can also find as part of this product line Super Food, Limited Ingredient, and Wild & Free.

Pure Balance 95%

The first line of canned products from Pure Balance is called 95%, and it is one of the cheapest available in the market.

It is also grain-free, but it has the bonus of being put in a can.

That is why it is considered a premium dog food even though the product is still at a cheap price.

You can find it in three different recipes; Chicken, Beef and Chicken, and Turkey and Chicken.

Of course, the quality of this dog food is great because of the high level of protein and elimination of filler ingredients.

You can check this ingredient breakdown from DogFoodAdvisor for more on this line.

Pure Balance Dry Dog Food

In addition to the two special recipes above, there is a normal recipe for dry dog food.

Although advertised as grain-free, it is simply corn-free, which is not bad at all.

In fact, PB uses brown and brewer rice in this dog food product line in their ingredients.

Although it is a filler ingredient, it still has a minimum nutritional value in comparison with corn which has almost none.

Therefore, the quality of Pure Balance Dry Dog Food is higher than the usual and average dog foods.

Pure Balance Canned Dog Food

This product line is very similar to 95% product line but with a slight difference that makes it of higher quality.

In fact, 95% is more expensive but only gets 3.5 stars out 5 while Pure Balance Canned Dog Food costs less and is considered a full 5 out 5.

You can differentiate between the two product lines by simply looking for “Stew” on the can.

Pure Balance Dog Food Review: Top 3 Products

Pure Balance Dog Food Ratings

Now that we know which ones are the products lines, it is time to review some of the dog foods by Pure Balance.

However, we will only consider the best seller products for our list.

pure balance 95% beef and chicken

This dog food is gaining more popularity every day as more dog owners recommend it after use.

It is canned dog food, which ultimately makes its overall quality above-average.

Also, it is not that expensive in comparison with other dog foods with almost the same ingredients.

In fact, DogFoodAdvisor gives 95% Beef and Chicken 3.5 stars out of 5 and recommend it to dog owners whose pets wants more taste with their meals.

The ingredients in this dog food include beef, chicken, beef broth and beef liver.

These are all ingredients that promise quality dog food with a lot of nutritional value.

Here are some pros and cons about Pure Balance 95% Beef & Chicken:


  • Fresh ingredients.
  • Grain-free.
  • Not that expensive.


  • Canned dog food doesn’t last long.

The 95% product line is of really good quality, and we can only recommend this recipe like a lot of others did.

That’s why we will give it 4 out 5 stars.

You can buy your pack of 24 cans of Pure Balance 95% Dog Food from Amazon here.

pure balance wild and free bison pea and venison

By this point, it is common knowledge that PB’s Grain-Free product line is probably their best one.

The ingredients’ quality is far above-average, and the dry food is way better than its competitors.

It is for that reason that DogFoodAdvisor has rated this food recipe 4.5 stars out of 5.

It is highly recommended for dog owners with an almost guarantee that dogs will love it right away.

The ingredients used in this recipe include Bison, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Dried Ground Peas.

The list goes on, but the quality is always above-average.

Here are some pros and cons!


  • No Corn, wheat, or grains.
  • Real Bison as the first ingredient.
  • Food lasts long.


  • Dry dog food needs preservatives.
  • It’s a small package for its price.

Pure Balance Wild & Free is a great recipe that your dog is most likely to love.

Some even say that their dog is willing to do tricks for it.

That’s why we will also give it a 4.5 stars rating.

You can get your own bag of 4lbs from Amazon here. Or you can get a bigger bag of 24lbs here.

They also come in packs of 2 bags of 24lbs or 4 bags of 4lbs.

pure balance chicken and brown rice

The third and last product in our list of Pure Balance dog food reviews is the Chicken and Brown Dry food recipe.

It is one of PB most popular recipes, and that’s for a good reason.

According to many reviews, this recipe is a premium dog food sold for a low price at the retail store, which is exactly the aim of Pure Balance brand.

It has gotten 4 stars in according to DogFoodAdvisor, and they could’ve gotten more if it weren’t for the use of rice.

This brings up to the ingredients list that this recipe uses. It includes Chicken, chicken meal, brown and brewers rice.

These ingredients have enough nutritional value for your dog to be happy.

Here are the pros and cons of this dog food recipe:


  • Chicken and chicken for more proteins.
  • Corn-free recipe.
  • Dry dog food lasts for long.


  • Controversial use of rice.
  • Not Grain-free as advertised.

Although the use of rice is controversial, we do believe that it is much better than the use corn.

That is why Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice earns a 4.5-star rating.

You can get your own bag of 5lbs from Amazon here or get a pack 6 bags here.


Pure Balance Dog Food is a premium quality dog food that Walmart, against all common business sense, offers for a low price in comparison with all their competitors in the dog food industry.

Although questions arise about the origins of such quality, we still believe that the recipes are well-made and we recommend them to dog owners.

How about you? Does your dog love Pure Balance?

Or does he hate it?

Have you tried it yet?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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