9 Awesome Things You Should Know About the Puggle (Pug Beagle Mix)

tan pug beagle mix puggle in a park

There are two main reasons breeders started crossbreeding: good looks and healthy dogs. The Puggle attempts to be both. And for most of the time, he succeeds.

The Puggle is a lovable, family dog. You probably have seen him at some point in the streets, and you asked:

“What breed is that cute dog?”

To which your dog-loving friend may have said: a miniature boxer.

While that is not true, they do look similar.

(By the way, Miniature Boxers are a designer breed as well. We will cover them in the future.)

As for now, the Puggle is a crossbreed that has a great history of making people smile.

This crossbred dog gets all the love thanks to his cuteness, but that does not mean he will be the best choice for everyone.

In our article below, we will tell you more about this fantastic crossbreed and hope you make the right choice by the end of it.

But before we do that, we need to get to know the Puggle’s parents a little bit.

Let’s jump right into it now.

Who are the Puggle’s Parents?

The Puggle is a crossbreed between a purebred Pug and Beagle.

These two share a lot of characteristics, and that is why they make a great cross.

It is essential to know the parents of any crossbreed because the litter is likely to have the temperament of one parent or both. With enough information on the parents, you can guess how your dog will behave.

Therefore, let’s get to know our purebred dogs of the day.

The Pug

a portrait photograph of a pug’s face

Look at that funny, squishy face!

Pugs are widely known as the clowns of all dog breeds. They are happy and joyful all the way.

They have a lot of wrinkles that cover their faces. And they are also small in size.

This is why many people like to say that Pugs are basically “a lot of dog in a small space”.

Because they are so tiny, Pugs are not known to be the cause of a lot of trouble. But they like to have fun, and they are not the best to train.

They like to bark at anything and everything. He will likely be at your feet wherever you go. He is affectionate, and not really ready to be independent of you.

Once you bond with a Pug, you are forever together. Happy forever after.

Here is more about Pugs.

The Beagle

brown and white beagle looking posing in a park

Look at that serious face he puts on!

These love dogs were bred originally to hunt down small game. Their noses make them among the best dog breeds to follow a scent. And you will see that first hand when your dog smells something interesting.

They are cute looking dogs, true. But they are just as stubborn. They really aren’t happy to be told what to do all the time.

Beagles instead do whatever they like, whenever they like. Training a Beagle is relatively hard, and that’s by professional standards.

You don’t expect such a companion dog to be unwilling to please you. But that’s what he thinks is making you happy.

Of course, he only knows that because you smile every time he does precisely the opposite of what you just asked.

It’s funny, we know.

If you want to learn more about the Beagle, then there you go. Plenty to learn here.

Who Is the Puggle?

By now, you know that the Puggle is born to a purebred Beagle and Pug. This combination of very similar personality traits but different appearances gives us a unique dog.

This a great companion dog for owners that want the challenge. He is small, funny, and not really ready to please.

However, his cuteness makes up for all of that.

a tan puggle pug beagle mix in the living room

That dog is definitely not the most agile! So cute!

Credit: Carol VanHook / CC BY-SA

In the list of the facts below, we will get to know more about this amazing dog.

So buckle up, and let’s get ready to learn more about the Puggle.

List of Facts about the Puggle

Disclaimer: crossbreed dogs are not the easiest to discuss. Their temperament, appearance, health, and overall dogginess is based entirely on a genetic shuffle. The list below contains information we assume is general for most Puggles, although your individual dog may be slightly different.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to know our Puggles.

1 - Puggles Are Designer Dogs

The Puggle is referred to as a designer dog rather than a mixed breed. As that title suggests, designer dogs are bred because there was a specific demand for them.

In this case, the 1990s saw an increase for the Puggle after it was first seen. Because the dog looked just as cute as the Pug, but with a larger body, he won everyone’s heart.

The most important reason that Puggles exist is that breeders tried to solve the Pug’s breathing problems.

In most designer dogs, looks and health are the main reason. And the same applies to the Puggle.

However, this does not mean that all Puggles look the same or have better health. Breeders are required to do selective breeding to make sure the puppy Puggles fit the standards.

As of today, no official kennel club recognizes the Puggle. But we hope in a few years, they will.

2 - He is A Small Size Companion

a brown puggle waiting for his treats!

Here come the treats!

Credit: Scott Schopieray / CC BY-SA

The Puggles’ parents are small dogs, and their litter is relatively the same. On average, Puggles are around 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 30 pounds. If you happen to have a toy Puggle, he is likely to be shorter than 13 inches and definitely smaller than 25 pounds.

This shows exactly how small these dogs are, but it does not tell you about how loving they can be.

The Puggle is a companion dog for all the right reasons. He loves his owner and family but is not much of a protector.

When he is outside, he is friendly with everyone. He loves to get pets and would gladly help everyone have a better day.

You can’t stay mad at a Puggle once he gives you the puppy eyes. Too cute to handle, you just fall in love again and decide to give him a hug.

3 - You Will Need to Keep Him Clean

The parents of the Puggle aren’t the easiest dogs to clean. So, their litter is not easy either.

The Puggle tends to shed moderately, which requires you to brush his coat about twice a week.

He has a short double coat. The undercoat is short and dense, covered by a slightly longer topcoat.

Similar to his Beagle parent, the Puggle comes in many colors. Among them, there is fawn, red, tan, lemon, black, and most of the time mixed with a white color.

It is quite rare to find two Puggles with the same markings. That way, you know your Puggle is almost unique.

As for bathing, you should keep it to a minimum. Excessive showering can hurt your dog. But here is an article discussing how to do it.

What is important is keeping the folds near your dog’s eyes and nose dirt-free. Regular check-up and cleaning are vital as you don’t want your dog getting any infections.

Here is how you can keep your Puggle clean and clear.

4 - Puggles Don’t Do as Told That Often

Neither the Pug nor the Beagle are known for being good dogs when it comes to training. They don’t respond well to training sessions, but that is not a reason to stop you from trying.

You should be ready to help your dog become a good member of the family and society. Although training a Puggle may prove difficult, we have an article you can check to learn how to teach your dog the basic commands.

It is imperative that your dog listens to you, especially in public spaces.

In case you are not sure whether you can handle the dog on your own, you can hire a professional trainer or enroll in dog training classes.

One thing is for sure, you cannot do without training your dog to listen to your commands.

Here is a video of a Puggle arguing to get what he wants:

5 - Puggles Live Long and Happy

Like most happy small dogs, the Pug and Beagle mix can live up to be 15 years old. He is considered a healthy in general but inherited health issues are common.

Usually, with enough care, your puppy should remain a happy, healthy dog. But it is possible that he may get one of the many health issues that one of his purebred parents may deal with.

Among these health concerns, there is cherry eye, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia and environmental allergies.

Most of these are inherited issues. The only way to avoid them is making sure the purebred parents don’t have them.

It is important to ask a reputable breeder to give you as much information on the parents as possible. That way, you can have an idea of the genes your dog is inheriting.

6 - Careful What You Feed Your Puggle

This is a small dog, but he would love to eat as much as you put in the food bowl. A Puggle’s eating habit should be well-monitored to avoid obesity in the long run.

Because the Puggle is a small dog, you are better off when you buy dog food that is specifically made for small-size dogs. Many dog owners have learned the hard way that their small puppies can’t always digest a large dog’s dry kibble. What ends up happening is your dog choking on his own food. Yes, the size of the dry kibble matters a lot.

Not only do you need to make sure the food in the bowl fits the size of your dog, but its ingredient quality as well. Different dogs have different nutritional needs.

Each individual dog is different than the next and understanding that is vital for your dog’s health.

Depending on the activity level of your Puggle, you can ask your vet for which dog food to go for. As mentioned before, Puggles have to deal with allergies, including food allergies. So, before making the big package purchase, let your dog taste the food, and monitor how well he does on that diet.

If your dog is happy with the food he eats (this is how you know), you can then settle for that dog food package deal.

puggle sitting beside a black and white cat

That tux looks great on the dog!

Credit: Martin Ringlein / CC BY-NC-ND

7 - Great With Family and Dogs

Both Pugs and Beagles are great family dogs, and that is one of the reasons they rank high on America’s favorite dog breeds list.

Being a small dog comes with benefits, such as barely anyone is intimidated by the dog. The Puggle is no different, as everyone who sees him wants to give him many, many pets.

However, children and other larger dogs may accidentally harm your puppy.

It is always recommended to keep the initial interactions supervised.

As he grows, the Puggle becomes gentle with all family members. He won’t hurt anyone as all he wants to do is play, play, play.

You shouldn’t worry about your Puggle as a new member of the family as much as you should keep him safe from others in the house. He will do just fine when everyone understands he is small and fragile.

8 - He Loves to Dig Outside And Sleep Inside

This is where the Pug Beagle mix becomes a burden on its owner. Everything else is fun, except that prey drive and digging instinct. However, he is an indoor dog and won’t handle life in the outdoors.

Therefore, if you live in an apartment, you won’t have any problems with the Puggle as long as he gets to be outside for a few moments a day.

Find a dog park next to you and let him run wild. He will dig and run, dig and run, and make new friends.

What is more troubling is how vocal he can be. The Puggle is by no means a guard dog, but he is definitely going to let you know if someone’s at the door. Sometimes, even when there is no one there.

He loves to bark and howl. If someone says their Puggle does not bark or howl, it’s because they do both.

If you can train them to stop on command, you will be fine. Otherwise be ready for some intense singing all day long.

9 - He Is An Expensive & Unique Dog

A Puggle is a designer dog, which means his availability in the market is based on supply and demand. The price can get expensive depending on the breeder and the genetics of the parents.

However, we encourage you to have around local dog shelters. Many dogs are abandoned, and you can find a Puggle awaiting for some love.

You can find Pug and/or Beagle dog shelters and make requests for adopting an available Puggle, or a Puggle that would be brought in the future. Considering how rare crossbreeds are, they may not be immediately available in shelters near you.

Still, because a Puggle’s temperament almost cannot be predicted, many dog owners end up leaving their dogs because they couldn’t handle them.


We love the Puggle, because how can you not love him? That cute look that puts a smile on everyone’s face isn’t something to go overlooked.

So, we definitely recommend a Puggle for dog owners with families.

You can let us know in the comments down below what you think of the Puggle.

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