9 Important Things You Need to Know About the Pomchi (Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix)

tricolor black tan white pomeranian chihuahua mix pomchi

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Someone, some few years ago, picked up a Chihuahua and the dog bit his nose. He did the same thing with a Pomeranian, and he got a lick exactly where he got bit. So, he asked himself, what if I picked a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix? And the quest for the Pomchi hence started.

This little short story is probably untrue, but I like to believe it is how the first Pomchi came into existence.

A mad scientist doing his research on dogs. It sounds true enough.

Regardless, Pomchis are now a loved crossbreed as they usually have the essence of both purebred parents in them. The sweet and the nappy sides both live peacefully and in harmony in one little toy dog.

This means that the Pomchi’s personality is way bigger than he looks, but more on that later. There is a lot to learn about this amazing designer dog.

At the end of this article, you will be able to answer all the frequently asked questions about this crossbreed. I’ll tell you everything there is to know about them below.

However, before we go there, it is important to know the Pomchi’s parent as well. He is more likely to have one or a mix of their temperaments. So, it is only fair that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Who Are the Pomchi’s Parents?

Of course, naming them is not the hard part.

They are the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua. That is the easy part.

However, we need to get to know them slightly more to cover why the Pomchi is who he is.

The Pomeranian

black and brown pomeranian in a the beach

Chilling out in the summer. Got any treats?

The smallest of the sled dogs, the Pomeranian is a cute and lovely dog. He can only grow to be 7 pounds most of the time, but he does not let that stop him from dominating any other dog in the room.

It is not unlike the Pom to be the boss of the household. He is a family pet, and he loves to play with the family. However, he likes to take himself seriously.

He may look small, as cute as he can be with all that crazy hair and face. Yet, he won’t be easily intimidated by your actions.

Instead, he may throw in a punch or two just to calm your urges to dominance down.

He is easy to train, though. The Pomeranian loves to play, and if the training session is taken as play time, he will excel at it.

In fact, you can even prepare him for agility contests at some point. It’s all fun and games for him either way.

Unsatisfied with the lack of information about the Pomeranian here? You can read all about this dog on DogTime.

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The Chihuahua

brown chihuahua smiling on a couch

Cuteness OVERLOAD!

The nappiest, most aggressive, smallest dog. Those are the words used to describe the Chihuahua by the mad scientist who did not know how to pick up this little dog.

The Chihuahua understands that he is small and he is very sensitive about it. If you know the dog, he won’t have any problems loving and protecting you.

Strangers, on the other hand, need to earn that love and protection.

Every dog lover knows they can rely on Chihuahua to guard their homes more than they can hope for with a Siberian Husky.

The Chihuahua is considered the smallest purebred dog. The same Kennels wouldn’t mind saying he has one of the biggest personalities as well.

His origins, however, are still a mystery. Most everyone agrees that he comes from Mexico, where he was a companion and guard dog for tribes in that area. His ancestors are extinct today, but some remains suggest they used to live in Mexico before the 9th century.

That is not enough about the Chihuahua? How about reading this full piece on him from Wikipedia?

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Who Is The Pomchi?

“Pomchi” is the most used name for the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, but it is not the only one. Other names include Pomachis, Chiranians, Pomahuahuas, and my favorite Chiapoms.

I’m surprised that the last one is not the name commonly used for them. It’s close to “champions”, and they really are champions. Or at least, I think they are.

This is a cute designer dog that is out to get your heart. He was bred out of love, and possibly demand.

The two purebred parents are great dogs on their own merit, and their mix is just as great a dog.

Look at his rounded face!

brown pomchi pomeranian chihuahua mix

That is a small puppy!!

Credit: Jane Cantral / CC BY-NC

The Pomchi is probably one of the cutest dogs to have as a pet. He is ready to love and protect you. And you should be ready to do the same.

Now that we have a small idea about the background of our crossbreed of the day, let’s jump into learning more about him.

Things You Should Know About the Pomchi

Disclaimer: Everything we know about the Pomchi is based on information we have been able to find. However, and like all dogs, each individual Pomchi is different. Most dogs are stereotyped, and as much as we’d like to avoid that, we cannot deny that the breed’s general temperament is found everywhere. Therefore, we understand that there is a chance your dog may be different than what will be described below.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s befriend the Pomchi.

1 - A Small Dog, Big Personality

The parents of the Pomchi are both small dogs, maybe even toy dogs. Pomeranians stand at about 8 inches tall at the shoulder while Chihuahuas are slightly taller, standing at 9 inches.

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is, therefore, genetically unable to be taller than that. That is one thing that we are almost sure of.

I mean, unless there is a hidden gene in both parents that has the potential of giving you a larger dog, there is no way for your Pomchi to be larger than 9 inches.

However, this small dog has a personality 10 times larger than his size.

As soon as a Pomchi walks into the room, everything stops. He demands attention and love.

If he does not get a gentle pet from everyone in the room, someone’s access pass is getting revoked. The Pomchi loves to be the center of attention as he makes sure he dominates all other humans and non-humans in the house.

With such a strong attitude, a Pomchi definitely needs some training.

2 - Training Is Easy and Great for the Dog

Fortunately for you, hopefully, your dog is likely to love the training sessions. His love for attention makes the session more enjoyable for him.

Since everything that happens when training is about how good your Pomchi is, he definitely appreciates a good training session where he gets all the treats and the praise.

Of course, positive reinforcement is the only way to keep a Pomchi interested in the training. Trying to be harsh and rough with him will only trigger his aggressive and defensive sides.

Teaching your dog the basic commands should not be a hard task, especially since he wants to learn them to show off.

However, if you can teach him more advanced agility tricks, he will be more than happy to join in the fun.

Basically, he will try to learn anything that will make your Pomchi feel special when your friends show up.

That being said, if you have trouble with the obedience training, you should enroll in professional classes. That is both helpful for you and your dog.

3 - Socialization Is Vital

The reason why many people reported that a Chihuahua bit them is because they did not know how to handle him. The Pomeranian is not a cuddly dog either.

Because of their small size, these two purebreds can feel threatened by bigger hands trying to pick them up.

The Pomchi is not different than his parents in this context. He is just as sensitive as they are.

The sooner you get him out of the house to meet new people and new pets the better. He can feel safer as he gets more engagement with others.

white maltese playing with a pomchi in a k 9 unit suit

Someone’s been watching TSA training videos.

Credit: lu_lu / CC BY-NC

However, you should also make sure that your humans at home are familiar with how they handle this small dog.

They may unintentionally hurt him during playtime, and he may defend himself with a scratch or a bite.

Still, when your dog is well trained, and when the people and pets he meets and plays with are trained as well, he is a lot of fun.

4 - Great Apartment Dog, Not Good Outside

Many dog owners would love to have big dogs live with them. However, their large size does not allow them to enjoy a small space.

The Pomchi is a small dog that can easily fit in the apartment. In fact, he shouldn’t be left out of the house for long periods of time. His large personality will fill any room in any apartment he resides in.

He is an indoor dog and would like to remain so if you don’t mind. The weather outside may hurt his skin as he doesn’t do well in extreme conditions.

Not only that, but dog snatchers wouldn’t mind getting their hands on a rare dog such as the Pomchi. He is a novelty, and they would like to have him. Although he is wary of strangers, he can’t defend himself because of his small body.

Other than that, he can get a bit loud. He likes to bark at everything. It’s one of his favorite things to do. If you like hearing your dog talk back to you, then a Pomchi is a dog to consider. Otherwise, you can train him to stop it.

Here’s a look at what to expect:

5 - Appearance and Coat Colors

This is where we show off our talents at gambling. There is literally no way of predicting how your dog looks like. We are taking wild guesses here. What we are sure of is they are 100% cute. Not open for debate.

Most Pomchis will have the face of a Chihuahua and the body of a Pomeranian. Therefore, he may look more like a fox than any other dog.

They come in a wide variety of colors. They include fawn, dark brown, white, tan, cream, gray, merle, and sable. Some of the breeders try to get Black Pomchis as they are the rarest of all.

Their coats also depending on the genetic pool. A Pomchi can have long or short, single or double coat. However, their grooming needs remain easy to moderate. More below!

6 - Easy to Groom, but Could be Expensive

The Pomchi, just like his parents, is not a heavy shedder. But he is not hypoallergenic either. He is a seasonal shedder, once between spring and summer.

You can brush him once or twice a week, it’s a bonding exercise mostly.

You will also need to give him a semi-regular bath. Maybe in the sink, but definitely using quality dog shampoo. (Here’s our article on how to bathe your dog.)

You should also trim his nails, clean his ears, brush his teeth. You know, like a full round at the spa. And it should include a haircut as well. As mentioned above, it could get expensive over time.

We recommend you learn how to groom your dog like a professional. Be careful with the scissors.

7 - Toy Dog Food Only

Small dogs have many health issues (we’ll discuss that below), among them are dental and food problems. That is why many dog food providers have their foods made for different dog sizes.

Since your dog is small, or even toy, you should go for food that is made precisely for your dog’s size.

Not only that but feeding your dog dry kibble is relatively better for their teeth. The crunch can help keep them clean and strong. That doesn’t mean you should not treat them to a couple of wet dog food meals every now and then.

It could be for special days when the dog is on his best behavior.

You should also check the quality of the food your dog eats. It needs to meet his nutritional demands.

If he likes to play, run, and move a lot, he’ll probably need a high-protein diet. If he is not that active, then your Pomchi can do very well with normal dog food.

You should consult your vet before making any decision. They should help you narrow down the list of dog food products that will satisfy your dog. And consult the dog as well, he may want a special brand.

8 - Looming Health Concerns

The Pomchi’s lifespan can be anything between 9 and 17 years. Small dog breeds tend to have longer lifespans than larger dogs. However, the Pom and the Chihuahua have enough health issues that can make their lives a bit harder.

While most attempts at crossbreeding are to try breeding healthier dogs, it is not always the case. Most of what the Pomchi will develop as a health problem can be traced back to one or both of his parents.

Some of these hereditary issues include: Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, hypoglycemia, heart problems, open fontanel (small holes in the skull), epilepsy, collapsed trachea, hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), eye problems, dental problems and patellar luxation (floating kneecap).

It is important that you know the medical history of the parents before you take a Pomchi puppy home. The medical bills can add up very quickly.

sleepy pomchi on his owner’s hand

Nope, he is not a fox!

Credit: Jeff and Jeanna Sarmiento / CC BY-NC-ND

9 - Getting Your Own Pomchi

Right now, you are almost sure you want to have your own Pomchi.

In which case, we advise you to get one from a shelter near you. We are proponents of dog adoption rather than buying a new one.

Two main reasons are that older dogs are already developed. You can see for yourself how your dog looks like and how he behaves. It is not a mystery to you whether his temperament is something you can handle.

The second reason is that many breeders are not trustworthy enough to handle crossbreeding. And those who are reputable tend to be pretty expensive.

In case you still want a new puppy, we recommend to be as thorough as you can be. Ask all the questions to your breeder, demand to see medical papers for the purebred parents. If possible, ask to spend time with them as well.


The Pomchi is one of the most good-looking crossbreed dogs ever. His attitude makes him just the more desirable. We like him so much, and we do recommend him as a pet if you feel that’s the dog you’re looking for.

Please let us know what you think in the comments down below. We’d like to hear your opinion as well.

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