9 Bewildering Facts About the Pitbull Mastiff Mix (Pit Mastiff)

Pit Mastiff on the grass

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Hello hello folks, as of today, you should know: I am a giant fan of big dogs, which is why I’m so happy I’m going to be the one to be introducing you to the beautiful beast that is the Pitbull Mastiff mix, also known as the Pit Mastiff.

Giant, noble, loyal, and most importantly strong, the Pit Mastiff is the perfect watchdog and guard dog. With one in your house, you will be sure that no burglar will want to steal your jewelry (or, if you are like me, your precious collection of old, expensive first edition books… hey, we all roll differently).

Confident, bold, and protective, the Pit Mastiff is perfect for people who want a dog that will listen to their orders and keep danger away.

So, without further ado, let’s know more about this fabulous creature!

First, who are the Pit Mastiff’s parents?

Like with every mixed breed, we have to know more about the Pit Mastiff’s parents before learning about his most important (and sometimes overlooked) characteristics. As you know, both the Pit Bull and the Mastiff are large dogs, which makes the Pit Mastiff one of the biggest (and scariest, even though, with enough socialization, they can be sweethearts and great family dogs) dogs around. So, let’s learn more about the parents first!

The Pit Bull

Smiling pit bull

Look at this smiley face!

First of all, you have to know that “Pit Bull” is actually not a breed’s name, but more of a term that describes a specific group of dogs (the American Pitbull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier) with similar traits and characteristics. But, to make things easier for all of us, I’ll just be using the term “Pit Bull”.

Pit Bulls are dogs with great mental and physical strength. Highly intelligent, strong, and eager to please, they make some of the most perfect guard dogs for owners who are responsible, active, and most importantly, caring, as Pit Bulls often need a lot of attention, exercise, and most importantly, love!

It is never easy to take care of a Pit Bull, as they demand a lot of time and effort, so it is easier to adopt one if you are already quite an experienced dog owner. They are not made for first time owners who might feel too overwhelmed and end up doing the one thing no dog lover should do: abandoning their dog on the side of the road because he is too much work.

When it comes to training, Pit Bulls are some of the easiest dogs to train. So, it is heavily recommended to take them to training and obedience classes as soon as you can (preferably, as soon as they are up to date with their shots).

Pit Bulls have a lot of prejudice against them, but they are actually some of the sweetest dogs around. They love their owners, and with enough socialization as puppies, they can be great family dogs as well and get along with older children. They are also very playful dogs and enjoy playing catch and going for long walks as much as any other pooch. It might be surprising for you, but they are actually nothing more than big babies who want love (a tad like me, actually). They crave human love and attention and will do everything to get a belly rub from you.

They are also extremely powerful and agile, which means that they do requite a lot of exercise. And, surprise surprise, they are not bad apartment dogs. You might think that, because of their build, they might be too big to live in a flat, but they are always happy to do so, as long as they get their daily dose of exercise. They can be couch potatoes too, so don’t be surprised if your Pit Bull prefers chilling with you on the couch in front of the TV instead of running outside in the backyard.

All in all, Pit Bulls might seem like scary dogs because of their looks, but they are actually nothing more than giant sweethearts.

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The Mastiff

Mastiff laying on the floor

He truly is a gentle giant!

Considered the largest dog breed in the world (he can weigh up to 250 pounds), the Mastiff, also known as the Old English Mastiff, is an impressive dog breed that will surely leave you in awe in front of his noble and quite scary looks.

One of the most ancient breeds in the world, this British dog is truly a wonder to look at. A few centuries back from now, the Mastiff was not only used as a guard dog by English farmers, but, surprisingly enough, also as a companion dog.

The Mastiff is a dog of many talents, he can be used as a guard dog, but also as a rescue dog, a police dog, and even a military dog. He doesn’t shy away from hard work and effort, which is what makes him so popular, not only in the United States and England (where he originated from), but also all around the world.

You might think that, because of his build, the Mastiff is a bully, or an aggressive dog, but he is actually called the “gentle giant”. But, he does have the instincts to be a great guard dog, as he doesn’t even need to be trained to do so, he has it in his genes, and he will protect you and your family from danger, no matter what.

And, do you know what’s even more surprising? The Mastiff is a great dog to keep around children! Due to his gentle nature, and his instinct to protect, he is great around kids. Add to that his patient and watchful nature, and you get yourself the perfect dog!

Mastiffs usually get along with other dogs as well if they were probably socialized as puppies. So, if you have a Mastiff, train him and socialize him the best way you can since puppyhood, and you will be sure that you will have the greatest companion next to you.

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All right folks. So now that we know more about the Pit Mastiff’s parents, let’s dive into the subject, shall we?

Who is the Pit Bull Mastiff Mix?

The Pit Mastiff is the mix of two massive dogs: The Pit Bull and the Mastiff. They might look big and scary, but they are actually strong, gentle dogs, which makes their mix the perfect giant puppy. Loyal, affectionate, and protective, he is the perfect guard dog and will do anything to keep you safe from strangers and intruders. Because of his somewhat scary looks, people who are not experts in dogs are usually terrified by this mixed breed and try to stay away as far as possible from it. This is a shame, because the more you read about this beautiful mixed breed, the more misunderstood it appears to you.

So, let’s learn more about the Pit Mastiff together, shall we? Discover with me a list of facts about this beautiful mixed breed.

The first time, you might not be able to make the difference between a Pit Mastiff and an American Bandogge

Usually, when people see the Pit Mastiff, they mistake it for an American Bandogge. But, these two are not the same breed at all. The American Bandogge is actually a mix between the American Bulldog and the Mastiff, which is why he has a sleepier face, with more wrinkles in it (which is, of course, the result of his Bulldog genetics).

They are very large dogs, which means that they’re not made for the apartment life

Pit Mastiff from profile

I have a thing for big dogs, and so should you!


Both the Old English Mastiff and the Pit Bull are massive, muscular dogs. So, of course, it is only natural that mixing the two will result in a big, large, strong dog. Usually, Pit Mastiffs end up weighing between 100 and 140 pounds, which is smaller than the Mastiff, but still quite impressive. They are also usually between 25 and 29 inches tall (the same as a small pony, I believe, but stronger, and less mean, I guess? Ponies are known for not being really nice).

Given their impressive size, it is not recommended to get this beautiful mixed breed to live in an apartment, as they will need space to move around and play. The ideal setup for these dogs is a house with a garden or a yard where they can run and play, especially that these dogs have quite the energy.

Their size also makes them quite dangerous for small children

Unless they are properly socialized, Pit Mastiffs can be quite dangerous around small children. Sure, they can be good with children, and when they get used to them, they will love them and do anything to keep them away from harm. But, since those dogs are so massive, they could easily knock down little kids and injure them (not on purpose, of course). This is even more true if your Pit Mastiff is a puppy, since these tend to be very excitable and energetic, which doesn’t mix well with small children.

A Pit Mastiff would fit better in a family with older children (10 years old and plus), as long as you or another adult who knows your pooch is supervising the whole situation.

The Pit Mastiff’s personality and temperament will surprise you

When a lot of people think about Pit Bulls or Pit Mastiffs, they imagine this giant aggressive dog who is scary and violent. They couldn’t be more wrong than this. The Pit Mastiff is an obedient dog who is always seeking his people’s attention. Loyal and affectionate, he is not only a great guard dog, but also the perfect companion.

The Pit Mastiff is a loyal family protector, and he will do anything to keep you away from danger, sometimes putting himself in danger just to protect his owners and the people he loves. Smart and extremely active, the Pit Mastiff needs a family that can give him attention, play, and interact with him constantly (he’s kind of needy, but in an endearing way, not in a crazy girlfriend way). If you have a Pit Mastiff and you leave him alone for a long period of time, he might start suffering from anxiety separation and start barking or destroying furniture in the house as a result.

Usually, the Pit Mastiff doesn’t really get along with other dogs, though enough training and socialization can solve that issue. But, this does not work in the case of other animals, since because of his Pit Bull parent’s hunting instinct, he will think of other, smaller animals as prey, and naturally, chase them.

The Pit Bull Mastiff Crossbreed needs A LOT of exercise

A pit mastiff on a leash

Look at this happy giant puppy!

Exercise such as playing, running, and walking is excellent for any dog’s health, and the Pit Mastiff is not an exception. Not only does the activity keep his body healthy, it also keeps his mind sharp and helps establish a strong bond between you and your dog.

A daily running session and a few walks during the day can be enough, but it is always good to also play with your dog, this way, you can give him all the attention he needs, while also having fun (two birds one stone, am I right? Though I honestly never understood the logistics of that saying, but who cares?)

Training a Pit Bull Mastiff Mix can prove to be quite difficult at the beginning

If you are not a patient or firm person, then maybe the Pit Mastiff is not for you Training this mixed breed can be quite difficult sometimes, because of this dog’s strong personality. He is q natural pack leader, so it’s important for you, as the dog’s owner, to show him your leadership and establish yourself as the stronger one. Training and socialization since early puppyhood is a great way to get rid of your Pit Mastiff’s aggressiveness and stubbornness, thus making the dog as docile as possible. Using treats and toys can be a good way to train your puppy, since he will be full of energy and will need to spend that energy somewhere.

You cannot show weakness or even a little bit of hesitation, because your dog will definitely try to take control after that, and that is definitely not a good thing. Always start early in puppyhood, since your Pit Mastiff pup’s habits will not be formed yet, unlike an adult one.

You also need to remember that training this special breed of dog needs time and patience, so do not rush it. Go slow and steady, and you will definitely have a docile dog with you all the time.

Grooming the Pit Mastiff is not so difficult

Two Pit Mastiffs in the streets

Aren’t these dogs magnificent?

Your Pit Mastiff’s coat’s color will never be a sure thing. Like for most mixed breeds, you will never know what your best friend will look like until he is fully grown, which is definitely the best part about mutts. But, if you know your dog’s parents’ coloring, then you might be able to get an idea of what color or mix of color he might have.

The most usual colors are black, brown, red, white, or brindle, and of course, they can also be a mix of these few colors. The coat is usually short and fine, with low or little shedding, which means you will only need to groom your pooch once a week! Also, with such a fine coat, these dongs don’t need frequent baths. You can bath your dog one every one to six months, and he will still be all right. Don’t use normal shampoo, but special dog shampoo, to keep your pooch’s skin refreshed and moisturized. If you don’t know which shampoo to choose, check out our selection here, it might give you an idea.

A healthy diet is the way to go for Pit Mastiffs

If you want your Pit Mastiff to maintain a good form, great mental health, and a generally good physical well-being, then don’t take his nutritional needs lightly. A dog this big needs up to 6 cups of food daily, and it is important that you feed your best friend high quality dry dog food.

You can serve your Pit Mastiff three types of food, spread out in three to four meals a day:

  • Raw food: Did you know that dogs could actually eat raw, organic food? And Pit Mastiffs are no exception. You can feed your dog anything, from vegetables to meats or even fruits. But, always make sure that the food is not poisonous to dogs. If you want to put your dog on an all-natural diet, you can check out our article about human foods that are healthy and nutritious to dogs.
  • Homemade dog food: You can make this type of food from scratch, using ingredients that you can easily find in any supermarket aisle. You can either cook the food, or serve it raw, but always remember to check with your veterinarian first, if you are not sure what you should or should not be feeding your best friend.
  • Quality dog food: Of course, premium dog food is the way to go if you don’t want to risk anything. Not only does it make digestion easy for your dog, it’s also the best way to make sure that your Pit Mastiff is getting everything he needs from his diet. Brands such as Pedigree Dog Food are perfect for this kind of big dogs, but don’t hesitate to shop around and try a few, just to be sure that your best friend is getting everything he needs.

Just like every other dog breed, Pit Mastiffs have their own health problems

The Pitbull Mastiff isn’t immune to harm, or health issues. Most of these problems are usually hereditary, coming from both his Pit Bull and Mastiff parents. Here are a few of them:

All in all, if you see that your dog is not feeling well, take him to the vet as soon as you can. Sometimes, a small health issue can turn big if you don’t take care of it quickly enough.


Pit Mastiffs are not for everyone. They need a strong, caring, and loving owner who will give them enough attention and love. So, if you are not up to the task, I’d say to adopt another breed that is a bit more independent, such as the Shiba Inu.

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