9 Amazing Facts About the Pit Bull Lab Mix (A.K.A. the Labrabull)

Someone somewhere thought of a crazy idea: A Pitbull Lab mix!

The two dogs are completely different breeds. One is America’s favorite, and the other is getting banned everywhere in the world.

Mixed American Pitbull Terrier with a Labrador Retriever is such an interesting crossbreed, but it is not a popular one.

It is understandable why this designer dog is not getting the recognition he deserves. After all, one of his parents is not a friendly dog, according to many statistics and studies.

However, no dog is a bad dog. They are just the results of bad training and lack of socialization.

So, before you blame an animal for his attitude, consider what has led to him acting in such a way.

Now, before we go on about the Labrabull, why don’t we get to know his parents a little more?

Let’s start.

The Labrabull Parents

When you are considering a crossbreed dog to be part of your family, you need to know more about his own parents. Most of the time, his temperament will reflect either one or a mix of both of theirs.

We understand that each dog is different, but we can make educated guesses about this cross breed by looking at the parents.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

white american pit bull terrier full of red lipstick kisses

What’s so threatening about this cutie?

In the last few years, Pit Bulls have gained a lot of bad reputation. And the singer Pitbull isn’t helping either.

According to Dogsbite, this breed is the cause of 63% of the all-canine fatalities in the last 13 years. That is because the Pit Bull is considered aggressive by nature.

Still, it is important to note that these dogs are not voluntarily attacking people. Most Pit Bulls get treated roughly, are not well-trained, and most often bred for fights.

The Pit Bull is a strong dog, and many use him for winning illegal dog fights. You can, then, assume how bad this dog is treated on an international level. In addition to that, a lot of the dogs in the shelters are Pit Bulls.

Most of them are rescued from these dog fights, and some are found in the streets, where they're usually left to die by their owners.

So, next time you hear a Pit Bull attacked someone, ask what led it to do so.

More about the Pit Bulls here.

The Labrador Retriever

black labrador retriever relaxing under the sun

There is a reason why he is so loved!

On a lighter note, the Labrador is still stealing hearts worldwide. He has been America’s favorite dog for the last decade or so. He is a kind, loving, and hard working dog.

Most of the time, you’ll see him as a companion. He is considered the best at making people smile and brightening their day.

Behind those joyful eyes, an energetic dog is looking forward to working when he can. He was first bred in Canada to help fishermen before he became America’s most loved house dog.

Today, he loves fetching stuff whenever he can. If it can be thrown, run after, caught, and brought back, that’s his favorite toy.

Also, chewing is one of the most important parts of his daily life. He loves to chew on anything that can fit in his mouth and wouldn’t hesitate to tear it apart if he has the ability.

Overall, the Labrador Retriever is a lovable dog that will make your day that much better.

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Who Is The Labrabull?

There are many names to the Pit Bull Lab mix. Some call him Pitador, others like the name Bullador. Still, the most known name for this crossbreed is the Labrabull.

He is the result of mixing an American Pit Bull Terrier with a Labrador Retriever.

The two dogs were working dogs when they were first bred. Today, the Lab is stealing heart out of love, while the Pit Bull is scaring people away.

However, the Labrabull makes a great dog that, hopefully, and most often, has the loving and caring features of a Labrador and the strength of the Pit Bull.

In other words, he is a giant teddy bear. He loves to hug, but he has too strong paws. So, you don’t have to worry about scaring people away. But they will, for sure, notice that this is not a dog to irritate.

But treats are welcomed. Bring treats with you, and you instantly become a best friend.

Do you need to know more about the Labrabull?


Below is a list of facts that we know about this awesome crossbreed.

List of Facts about the Labrabull

The list below will give you quick facts about the designer Pit Bull Labrador mix. However, you should know that these are characteristics based on informed guesses only. No one has all the knowledge about a Labrabull until he is fully grown.

1 - Not as Threatening as His Parent

Most of the time, your Labrabull will not scare people away. He does not look terrifying like a Pit Bull. Even when he takes after his parent’s physical appearance, he still holds on to some purebred Labrador loving traits.

The Labrabull will, however, need to stay supervised until you are 100 percent certain about his temperament. This especially applies when you take him to the park.

While the Labrador loves all strangers, the Pit Bull is not that much open-minded. Their mix can be a moderate dog who is fairly curious. Or it can be a stranger-loving dog like the Lab, or a protective beast like the Pit.

In any case, keeping an eye on how your dog interacts with the outer world is important both for his safety and other people’s.

2 - Socialization Is More Important Than Ever

Pit Bull owners are afraid of getting their dogs out in the street (probably because it is illegal). However, that does not make the dogs any safer.

Actually, it makes them even more dangerous as they're less accustomed to meeting strangers, both people and animals.

Socialization is an important part of a dog’s training, and it is highly important for a Labrabull too. It will help your dog gain more self-confidence around others he does not know personally.

If you start socializing your dog at a young age, he won’t be in a constant state of fight mode when you take him outside.

Of course, your dog should always be supervised, especially at a young age. You need to supervise humans more than the dog, in my opinion. Many are just not good with dogs and don’t read properly his body language.

So, make sure you take your dog out as much as you can. The sooner you start, the less of a problem he will pose. The Labrabull will be more of people’s dog if he meets enough of them.

Also, always give out treats. Keep him in a positive mood always.

3 - The Labrabull is a Huge Dog

tan labrabull pit bull labrador mix

Titan is the name. Titan is the size.

Credit: ​dogbreedinfo.com

What you are usually getting from mixing a Lab with a Pit Bull is putting all the big muscle of the latter on the large body of the first.

The Labrabull can grow to be 90 pounds and stand as tall as 24 inches. By dog standards, this is a colossal size.

That body is of sheer strength. You don’t want your dog playing around the house when he is bored. With such a large body and strong muscles, your house will never be a safe space to release all the extra energy.

Therefore, it is best to keep this dog outside for most of the play time.

If you have an apartment, then daily walks to the park are necessary.

4 - Grooming Is Fairly Easy

The Labrabull loves to chew on everything. You will need to make sure his teeth are always clean. We have a list here for chew toys that your dog may enjoy and will keep him healthy.

As for brushing, he is not a heavy shedder. You’ll need to brush him regularly though. Usually, more than once a week, and daily in shedding season. It is an easy task after all.

Bathing him will be a struggle because of his size. Hopefully, the Labrador’s love of water can help your Labrabull be less afraid of taking a bath. Always use dog shampoo, and only bathe him every once in a while. Maybe once every couple of months. Excessive bathing will hurt his silky skin.

5 - He Won’t Be That Hard To Train

A Labrabull loves to play and will work for treats. So, when you decide it is time to train him for the basic commands, just bring out his favorite treat.

He will listen and follow your commands carefully. Although he has an independent personality, he will try to please as much as possible. The Labrabull is an intelligent crossbreed so it won’t be hard to teach him the basics.

After that, you will need to start teaching more advanced tricks as well. These training sessions should be daily and follow a consistent pattern.

It is not recommended to have a Labrabull as your first dog. He is not the easy type of dog to handle. But if you are willing to get professional dog training courses or hire a professional trainer, then go ahead!

Watch Bella have fun fetching a ball below!

6 - Life Expectancy and Health Concerns

The Pit Bull Lab mix lives up to 14 years of age. With a loving and caring family, they can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

However, there are some health concerns that you need to know about.

Usually, crossbreed dogs are safe from most of what their purebred parents may deal with. Still, your Labrabull is likely to have some health problems throughout his life.

First, brushing his teeth and cleaning his ears should keep him safe from infections. That is also part of the grooming process.

Second, if you are buying a new puppy from a breeder, you need to ask for the paperwork about the puppy’s parents. Many health concerns are hereditary, passed down to your fur buddy. Of course, these aren’t issues you can control, but you can plan for ahead of time.

Third, making sure your Labrabull gets enough exercise will save from getting fat or having to deal with muscle problems. Considering his large size, joint dysplasia is something that occurs often.

And lastly, make sure your dog’s food is exactly what he needs. Digestive problems can lead to fatalities, and that’s not something any of us here want to happen.

Keep your dogs safe, y’all!

7 - Not Too Bad With Kids

harley the chocolate pit bull labrador mix

Harley is a good dog. She loves playing with kids!

Credit: dogbreedinfo.com​

How good any dog is with kids is not a simple question to answer.

There are just too many variables involved.

What is sure, though, is that with enough socialization and training, your Labrabull will play gently with the small humans and larger ones alike.

This is most important since one of the parents is considered aggressive by nature.

However, the other parent is a natural, gentle good boy. While that is the general consensus, both the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Labrador Retriever are good with children when they are trained to be so. Parents still need to teach their children how to interact safely and politely with the dog - but this is the same with every breed.

So, keep your mixed dog under supervision most of the time. You don’t want any accidents to happen, nor any of your children, including the dog, to get hurt.

8 - Not too Good With Apartments

I’ve mentioned above how the Labrabull is large size dog that should not be left in the house bored. That is simply because he is too big and strong to be left alone and unsupervised with your furniture, clothes, and shoes.

He can feel bored and lonely if left in an apartment. A better place for him would be in a house with a backyard he can use every now and then.

It will allow him to use his big paws and large body to jump and run around freely. And if you have a ball or a frisbee, that’s even better.

If you live in an apartment, then it will be a bit harder to keep the Labrabull in relaxed living conditions. He will probably demand his own room.

He won’t sleep in it, but he wants space in case he needs it.

If you are looking for apartment dogs, this list may come in handy.

9 - He Is A Great Family Dog

All in all, the Labrabull makes a dog that your family will love and enjoy walking, running, and even hiking with. He will provide protection and security if that is your concern.

He will play with the kids until they get tired, and that’s how you can exercise both the children and the dog at the same time.

There is no denying that he requires a lot of attention and needs a strong pack leader. Still, he tries so hard to be a gentle giant and will surprise you if you give him a chance.


The Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier mix is a dog that does not get as much praise as he deserves. He is a great companion, good protector, and overall goofy.

You will have a lot of fun stories to tell and pictures to show when you have a Labrabull in the house. Most of them will be about how funny that face he made was.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about the Labrabull.

We love hearing your feedback and personal stories.

If you own a Labrabull, please tell us about your experience.

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