9 Important Things You Should Know About the Pit Bull Boxer Mix

Someone looked at the two of the most feared dogs in the world and decided that he could make a more fearsome dog. So, he took an American Pit Bull Terrier, mixed him with a Boxer, and he got himself a Bullboxer-Pit.

Unfortunately for the guy, as much as he wanted the dog to scare people, dog lovers fell in love from the first sight.

How could they not? The dog is big, strong, but still listens to the commands.

He may not be the cutest of all dogs. He was not bred to model for cute dog magazines. He was bred to guard and protect. And it is safe to say that he does that with great success.

It is unfortunate that the Terriers are getting a bad reputation in the media. Crossbreeds may be the solution to ease the tension on such negative coverage.

Hopefully, the Bullboxer Pit is a designer dog that is up to the task of changing people’s minds.

In our article below, you will learn everything you need to know about this crossbreed. You will be sure able to answer all questions related to this dog.

But before that, it is important to know a bit more about his parents.

There is a lot of misinformation and false reporting concerning these big dogs. I’ll try to give you the best and reliable information in quick bursts.

Who Are The Parents of the Bullboxer Pit?

This crossbreed is a mix of two medium-to-large dogs. They are not that popular around the world, and one of them has been banned from streets in many countries.

However, to know your Bullboxer more, you need to know who his parents are. Therefore, let us find out more about them.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

happy brown american pit bull terrier smiling

Look at that smile!

One of the world most famous dogs is also one of the few that are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. This dog has a bad history that keeps following him wherever he goes.

He was bred to fight bulls, and he was so great at it. And then some people decided to make him fight dogs, UFC style. He excelled at that too.

But when the AKC started putting breed standards, the American Pit Bull Terrier was sidelined for being an aggressive, unsafe breed. All he wanted to do (and did) was to please his owner.

Today, Pit Bull owners (and associations) know that this dog is misunderstood and mistreated. He has a big heart and loves to protect as much as he can.

He is big and strong, but he is also considered a companion dog. When trained and socialized well-enough, he can easily become a guard dog.

The Pit Bull (as he is mostly referred to) loves to jump, run, and hike. He is a terrier dog. Laziness is not part of his dictionary.

You’ll want to have enough time in the day to exercise a Pit Bull and keep him busy. He is not really a good boy when he gets bored. Too strong not to make a mess.

More about them here.

The Boxer

brown boxer dog smiling

Yes, we got smiles for days!

The Boxer is another working dog that keeps mischievous people away from your house. But what you might not know about this dog is that he is one of the most mischievous dogs in the world.

Hidden behind that muscular body and angry face is a happy and playful dog. He likes to play around so much, many like to call him “Peter Pan” of the dog world.

His ancestors were hard working, with no lazy time. That is why you need to make sure he gets enough daily exercise to keep him healthy.

But because there is not much work available for dogs today, he is mostly known to be a companion dog. That makes you and your family his job.

He would gladly be the protector of the house with the right training. However, he does not want to be left alone all the time.

Keeping him close to the family is necessary for his sanity. After all, dogs love to be part of the pack.

You can learn more about the Boxer here.

Who Is the Pit Bull Boxer Mix?

Now that we know more about his parents, it is time to learn much more about him. After all, he is the crossbreed of the day.

The Bullboxer is the handsome dude keeping drunk guys from entering the bar. He stands strong and firm. He wouldn’t budge for no reason.

But if you say a word, your puppy will listen. He is a people pleaser. And he wants to please you, the owner, more than anyone else.

This attitude is what makes him the more likable among dog lovers. He is a perfect dog for those who want a dog to play rough with, yet still be gentle with kids.

Yes, he can get a bit aggressive. But that is true for all dogs. We will make sure to discuss more of that below.

Things You Should Know About the PitBull Boxer Mix

Disclaimer: Crossbreed dogs are not easy to predict. Everything about them is related to their genetic pool, the environment they grow up in, and your individual training ability. The list below includes relevant information that can be generalized across the whole crossbreed. However, each individual dog may not correspond to this generalization. You will know your dog better.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to learn more about the Pit Bull Boxer mix.

1 - Big Dog, Sensitive Personality

Both Pit Bulls and Boxers have medium-to-large muscular physiques, and their mix is just as big as they are.

Therefore, you should expect a relatively large dog, standing at around 25 inches and weighing up to 70 pounds. He is a big dog in every sense of the word.

Ultimately, that means you should be careful when you are playing with him. He may overpower you sometimes. He’s got strong paws as well. Be careful with them.

With that being said, the Bullboxer Pill is still a sensitive puppy. He does not like being pushed around, yelled at, left alone, or mistreated.

Your bad attitude might trigger his bad behavior. With a big body such as his, he can do a lot of damage, and he is not easy to control. However, when you play with him, provide treats, cuddles, and a lot of love, he is the easiest to handle.

All he wants is to please you and get some love in return.

2 - Easy to Train, Important to Exercise

As mentioned above, the Bullboxer Pit is not that hard to train. He is a people pleaser, and as long as you keep a positive attitude during training, he won’t be tough to handle.

However, he does require quite the level of seriousness and consistency. If you are not that good at training, you may find it difficult the first time. So, for the sake of everyone involved, we recommend that you check out a professional dog training class.

You should also make sure that he gets enough daily exercise. Two walking sessions every day and some play time around the house should keep your dog on his best behavior.

His parents have a tendency to be destructive when they don’t get enough exercise to burn off the excess energy. And the more he builds it in, the more problems you’ll have later on.

brown bullboxer sleeping like a baby

Yes, that is your guard dog after exercise!

Credit: Cary Bass-Deschenes / CC BY-SA

3 - It Is Vital to Socialize Your Dog

People will be more wary of your puppy than he is of them. But because he senses their negativity, he reacts to it. That is why it is important to get the dog out in the world as soon as possible.

The more he interacts with people, the lesser the chances of him having trouble with them when he grows up.

To help Pit Bull associations have a good argument, you should make sure your dog is always walking next to you. If someone seems a bit afraid of the dog, ask your dog to sit and down immediately. It will make it easier for a stranger to accept that this dog is not violent at all.

You shouldn’t mind people petting your dog, but keep every interaction under supervision. Your dog may be on his best behavior, but humans aren’t the best-trained.

With enough training and socialization, your Bullboxer should be able to control his urges even under stressful circumstances.

4 - Not Really An Apartment Dog

Being a big dog with a lot of energy to burn means needing some space. While he won’t really mind living in an apartment, he would appreciate it more if there is a small yard he could run after a ball and catch it for you.

Also, his Pit Bull parent is known to love to jump. He is pretty agile for someone his size. And the Bullboxer Pit likes to keep that tradition.

Inside the apartment, he will jump every once in a while. That will make it a bit difficult for both of you.

In case you really want one, you should make sure there is a dog park nearby. He would need that space for training and exercise.

A bored, big dog confined in a small space is a disaster waiting to happen. Your furniture ain’t safe.

Also, he does this:

5 - Appearance and Grooming

The appearance aspect of crossbreeds is almost impossible to get right 100% of the time. Not even your breeder can give you any guarantees. This is where genes take over.

Still, we can predict his likely features based on what we know about his parents. Thankfully, they share quite a bit concerning their body structure.

A Pit Bull Boxer is likely to have a strong chest, long legs, all in a compact physique. Basically, a fit bodybuilder. His face will probably be a mixture of both parents features. He’ll have a strong jaw with some wrinkles.

You can find this crossbreed in many colors. They are: fawn, cream, brown, black tan, pure black, white, tan, yellow, black and brown.

They shed on a moderate level. You will need to brush them once a week, and twice during shedding season.

You will need to brush his teeth, clean his ears, and clip his nails as well, and a semi-regular bath.

6 - He Is Safe Around Small Pets and Humans

One of the many misconceptions about big dogs is that they can’t be gentle with smaller pets. In fact, that is completely false.

Most of the time, larger dogs realize that their smaller brothers and sister can’t handle tough love and they adjust accordingly. You will often find the smaller dog dominating during games.

The same thing goes for babies and small children. A Bullboxer Pit (and his parents too) will let the babies play rough with them. They won’t be bothered with how not-so-gentle they can be.

Still, you should teach your children to be careful not to hurt the dog unintentionally. You can show them how to play safely with them. You can’t always take your dog’s patience for granted.

7 - Bullboxer’s Lifespan and Health Info

pit bull boxer tilting his head

Food? Where is food? I want food now!

Your Bullboxer should be a healthy dog if he gets enough exercise and high-quality food and treatment. In good conditions, he can live up to 14 years old.

The health issues this crossbreed may deal with tend to be inherited from the purebred parents. That is why it is important to have access to their medical history before buying a new puppy.

Some of the health concerns are:

  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • ​Eye problems
  • ​Heart problems
  • ​Hip Dysplasia
  • ​Infections
  • ​Obesity
  • Skin problems

8 - What to Feed Your Pit Bull Boxer Mix?

This dog likes to have a big bowl of food twice a day. However, filler food is not what will make him healthy and happy.

You should try your best to find the highest quality dog food within your price range. Large dogs usually require high-protein diets, especially if they are energetic.

Depending on how active your dog is, the ingredients used in the food may differ. What should not change is the 4 to 5-star rating of the dog food.

You should ask your vet before choosing which food to serve your puppy. Sometimes, you can switch it up a bit to keep it interesting for the dog. However, it is also doable if your vet agrees to it and your dog does not seem to mind it at all.

Here are a few suggestions that are great for Boxers.

9 - Getting Your Own Crossbreed

Considering the stigma that follows the terrier breeds, it is important to make sure that you are a good fit for the dog. We don’t advise you to take the risk with this crossbreed.

But if you are sure about having this dog at home, then we advise you check out a dog shelter near you.

There are many Pit Bull mixes available for adoption, and one of them is bound to be the best dog for you.

An adult dog is usually fully developed, which allows you to have a clear idea about his temperament and appearance. There won’t be any surprise there.

But if you are looking for a puppy, you should consider a reputable breeder. Always ask them to show you the medical history of the parents. You should even try to see the parents if that is possible.

Usually, designer dogs are pretty expensive. If the breeder is asking for anything less than $1000, you should call an animal protection association.


The Pit Bull Boxer mix is a great big dog to have around the house. He is funny, smart, and highly-trainable.

The most annoying thing about this cross is the reaction you will get from ill-informed people. Hopefully, with your help, large dog breeds will be more welcome in society.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think of this crossbreed.

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