Kirkland Dog Food Review: Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 5]

Kirkland Dog Food Review

As a dog owner, you're probably aware that it could be quite costly to cater for your dog's needs.

Think about all the trips to the vet for his shots, the toys and accessories he might need, and all the other concerns involved in caring for his needs.

Add that to the ever increasing cost of dog food and you might have to shell out quite a lot of money regularly.

However, we love our dogs and as such, we always want to provide only what's best for him/her.

In dieting, specifically, it has become clear that a limited ingredient diet is probably what's best for our dogs.

It not only keeps our dog safe from reactions and allergies, but also ensures that they get the right balance of foods that makes for optimum health.

But as we all know, quality hardly comes cheap.

And as such, customers often bemoan the high costs of premium varieties of limited ingredient dog foods.

But now, there;;s a good reason for dog owners to smile.

Kirkland dog food strives to provide quality dog food at a less expensive price.

Kirkland makes it easy for you to afford quality limited ingredient dog food.

About Kirkland Dog Food

Kirkland dog food is a limited ingredient dog food brand manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods which is based in the US.

It seeks to provide your dog with the best diet for him/her, at an inexpensive price.

The best thing about Kirkland dog foods is that they have a number of different formulas for all the stages of your dog’s life.

So they provide specific formulas that you can feed your dog with from when he's a puppy, all the way to when he is a grown adult.

This is crucial, because a dog’s nutritional needs varies throughout his life.

The main protein sources for Kirkland dog food formulas are lamb, lamb meal or chicken, and these are all ideal for dogs of all ages.

Fish meal is also used sometimes because of its high levels of omega 3 and 6.

These are very essential components that influence your dog’s physiological processes positively.

They contain brown rice as their main source of carbohydrate, although barley is used sometimes.

These carbohydrates provide a good source of fiber as well as other nutrients.

Kirkland dog food formulas are free from grains that are hard to digest.

This is a great feature especially given the fact that grains are known as the major causes of food allergies and digestive issues.

They also do not contain any animal by-products that are present in a number of dog foods.

These by-products are known to downgrade the quality of the dog food.

However, with Kirkland, quality always comes first!

Another thing we have noticed in dog foods is that a many formulas come with a lot of artificial ingredients like sweeteners.

However vets have observed that these artificial sweeteners are not always good for your dog.

This is another plus for Kirkland dog foods, because they have no artificial sweeteners in their formulas.

So, as you can see, Kirkland dog foods do a great job in ensuring that their formulas are the best for the health and well-being of our precious dogs.

What Is Costco? And What Does It Have To Do With Kirkland Dog Food?

dog food spread out in colors

This is messy! But so surely yummy!

Costco is a retail warehouse club with 729 warehouses spread across the globe --the most of these are located in the United States.

The chain was officially introduced in 1983, in Seattle, Washington.

After merging with Price Club in 1993 and being re-branded as Costco Wholesale Corporation in 1997, Costco went on to become the second largest retailer in the world behind Walmart.

Costco is known for selling enormous volumes of heavily discounted products.

Majority of their goods are bulk packaged sold mostly to large families or businesses.

High volume purchases and an annual membership fee are the key measures that allow Costco to offer such enormous discounts while retaining a high profit margin.

Like many other supermarket retailers, Costco has its own private label for approximately twenty percent of its products.

Just as Walmart has Great Value and Safeway has Signature Select, Costco uses it's Kirkland Signature product line to help set Costco apart from its competitors.

Kirkland Signature is well known for its quality and value.

The Kirkland Signature line features products that range from clothing, to toiletries, and dog food.

The Kirkland Signature Dog Food line, in particular, has a stellar reputation that's recognized by not only dog owners, but breeders and exhibitors as well.

It's designed to compete with other premium brands with a price advantage.

The Kirkland Signature Dog Food line utilizes only natural ingredients and does not contain corn, soy, or wheat.

Additionally, its formulas contain no animal digest, by-products, or artificial preservatives.

Many reviews online even claim that this particular brand of dog food remedies their pets' digestive issues.

Because this product line draws mostly from premium ingredients, these claims aren't far fetched, and are therefore most likely true.

Given the brand's premium ingredients and low prices, and coupled with the fact that it is backed by the Costco Corporation and their Kirkland Signature label, you would be hard pressed to find a better meal for your canine companion.

Benefits Of Kirkland Dog Food Ingredients

excited and happy dogs swimming

yaw yaw! Just had Kirkland for lunch!

Enhances Skin Appearance And Softens The Coat

If your dog has a rather dull looking skin and a rough coat, his diets are usually the main culprit behind this.

And if this is your dog's reality, Kirkland dog foods can be the best remedy.

With the nutrients contained in most of the brand's formulas, the brand is geared to give your dog a lush and smooth coat.

This is something that you as a owner would be extremely proud of.

Eases Digestion Issues

Most dogs have problems digesting some particular grains incorporated in many dog foods.

This often leads to stomach upsets and digestion issues.

But with Kirkland dog foods, things are much different.

The brown rice it contains has been processed into an easily digestible form that ensures that your dog has minimal or zero digestion issues with it.

Reduces Stool Output

Cleaning up after your dog can be quite a tedious task.

I am sure most of us have experienced periods when our dogs stool output is extremely high.

This usually comes as a result of what he eats.

With poor digestion come a lot of stools which are usually loose.

This can never be a good thing.

But with Kirkland formulas, it can all become a thing of the past.

Since they are easily digestible, absorption is also quite easy.

This in turn scales down tools and makes them firmer.

Now, that proves you've got a really healthy dog!

Increased Energy Levels

We all want to take out our dogs for play dates.

It's an essential activity that enhances the bond between the owner and the dog.

For this to happen, your dog needs energy.

Each of Kirkland’s formulas is formulated to support maximum energy output in our dogs.

So, be ready to run around a little with your dog when you feed him Kirkland dog foods.

Cleans Teeth

If you're a dog owner that likes to get up close with your dog (most of us do), am sure you won’t like to be greeted by a bad stench from his teeth.

Kirkland’s dog food formulas contain components that aid in cleaning of your dog’s teeth too.

So, with this product, you can make certain that your dog is free from stinking breathe.

Cons of Kirkland Dog Foods

sad dog abandoned

Oh No! I just can’t imagine this yummy thing has some cons!

Being the quality product that it is, it’s quite hard to find that something is wrong with it.

However there have been a few reported negative experiences.

But all these negative effects occur only when you're introducing this food brand to your dog, and they do not normally last beyond a few days.

These are;

Excessive Urination

Your dog might urinate a bit excessively when you first introduce the food to his diet.

This is probably due to the high water content in the foods.

But as we all know, water is a highly essential part of your dog's diet; he'll probably learn how to tenaciously absorb the extra water intake within a few days.

Running Stools

This is another bad experience that might occur when you first introduce the food to your dog.

This is also down to the water levels in the foods which your dog should get used to within a few days.

Kirkland Dog Food Recalls

In the year 2012, Kirkland recalled most of its products due to concerns that dogs were falling sick after eating their foods.

This is a problem they fixed and they're now producing much better products.

All in all, these cons are not related in any way to the quality of the foods.

Adjusting to something new mostly never happens overnight, as is the case with most people too.

What to Look for When Buying Kirkland Dog Foods

So you've decided to go with Kirkland’s dog food as your choice dog food.

That's a great idea.

But walk up to the dog food aisle and you find a multitude of Kirkland dog food products.

So How Do You Choose? What Exactly Should You Look For?

lonely pitbull dog thinking

Let me teach how I pick up mine!

There are three things you should consider:

Dog Age

Kirkland manufactures different types of foods for dogs at different life stages.

This variety is based on the fact that dogs at different life stages don’t have the same nutritional needs.

So before you buy any of the brand's products, ensure that it is the right one for your dog's age.

Read Labels

Sometimes you don't need to wait for your vet to tell you what your dog likes or doesn't like.

If you're sharp enough, you can ascertain what he likes and what he has an aversion for.

So whenever you go shopping for a Kirkland product, you should always examine the labeling.

The label should inform you about the exact contents of a particular formula.

If you find any ingredient in it that your dog has an aversion for, its best you look for another formula that is free of that particular ingredient.

Consider Your Dog’s Dietary Needs

At any particular time, your dog might have some specific dietary needs. E.g. when your dog is expectant or when she is lactating.

She might need specific nutrients to ensure she stays healthy during such a period.

You therefore need to ensure that the Kirkland product you buy has come with adequate quantities of these specific nutrients.

Kirkland Dog Food Review: Top 5 Products

Kirkland Dog Food Ratings

These top 5 Kirkland products are the best that you should choose from when shopping for dog food.

1. Kirkland Signature Super Premium Puppy Dog Food, Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula

This Kirkland product, made specifically for puppies, ensures steadfast growth and perfect health.

It has chicken as it's main protein ingredient, and contains rice to provide carb contents, all spiced with a blend of vegetables.

It's also enriched with omega fatty acids and antioxidants.


  • Keeps the coat healthy and shiny.
  • Helps to clean the teeth and prevent plaque.
  • Supports the immune system.


  • Some dogs might find it difficult to ingest the rice.

2. Kirkland Signature Small Breed Adult Dog Formula Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

This food is specifically made for the small dog breeds like the Shih Tzu.

It's made up of chicken -- the main protein ingredient; rice --the main carbohydrate ingredient; and contains a delicate blend of vegetables.

It also incorporates omega 3 to boost the immune system.


  • Easily chewed.
  • Contains quality ingredients that boost the immune system.


  • Might take a few days for your dog's digestive system to properly adjust to it.

3. Kirklans Signature Nature's Domain Turkey Dog Food

This is another one of Kirkland’s top dog foods you should go for when shopping for dog foods.

It's an all-stages dog food, implying you can feed it to your dog at pretty much every stage of his life.

Its main protein ingredient, turkey, is coupled with sweet potato -- its main carbohydrate ingredient.

Antioxidants and omega fatty acids are also included in the mix to make it an even more nutritious and healthy formula for your dog.


  • It eases digestion and prevents any digestion issues.
  • Due to its antioxidants and omega acids ingredients, it boosts your dog’s immune system significantly.
  • It is grain-free.


  • Excessive urination may occur during introduction. But it doesn't last beyond a few days.

4. Nature’s Domain Kirkland Turkey and Pea Stew Dog Food (CANNED)

No doubt, this is another one of Kirkland’s top quality dog foods.

Unlike the first two, this one is a wet dog food which is also an all stages feed.

So, from puppies to full grown adults, this food serves an ideal diet.

The formula consists of turkey as the main protein ingredient, with pea stew thrown in the mix to provides the carb contents.


  • It gives dogs shiny and smooth coats.
  • Easily digested because it comes in form of a thick gravy.


  • Some dog's might find the peas problematic to digest.
  • Some vets have stated that the formula would be a much better product if it had a little more protein contents than it currently does.

5. Nature’s Domain Grain Free All Stages Salmon and Sweet Potato Formula

This is one of Kirkland’s top all stages dog foods.

The formula is made from salmon, which is the main protein ingredient, and sweet potato, which is the main carbohydrate ingredient.

Also included in the mix are a few other ingredients to provide a well-balanced and nutritious diet.


  • It is grain-free, hence, it causes no digestion issues.
  • Gives dogs a shiny coat.


  • Requires slow adjustment to prevent running stomachs.


It’s no easy task taking care of our precious dogs, especially when it comes to taking care of his diet.

Personally, I've found it hard trying to find a good balance between cost and quality.

However, Kirkland dog foods indisputably thick both boxes.

They provide top quality food that provide our dogs with highly nutritious diet, at a price that's pocket-friendly to dog owners.

And yes, the brand has had a few recalls. But these recalls  have all been voluntary, symbolizing the brand's genuine interest in providing high quality diet for our dogs.

I have no doubt that Kirkland dog food really ranks up there.

Kirkland Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


As you have seen in our previous sections, Kirkland Dog Food has a vast number of benefits. From teeth cleaning, to ease of digestion and all the way to the amazing look it gives the skin, it just rocks! It seems like they got it all.

But with that, comes a handful of disadvantages, like loose stool, a bit of excessive urination and some worrying recalls. Aside from these, the company really deserves a go!

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