9 Fascinating Facts About The Golden Retriever Husky Mix (Goberian)

puppy goberian golden retriever husky mix

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The Golden Retriever Husky mix is a dog for the lovers of hyperactive pets running around the house.

One of America’s top 10 most favorite dog breeds is a Golden Retriever, and you’ve seen him in more movies than you can remember.

The Siberian is an Instagram sensation with his strong will and never-back-down attitude. He’s a dog that’s not shy to let you know what he thinks.

And if you were to ask him about a Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky crossbreed, he’ll get a tid bit jealous.

The Golden Retriever Husky mix, or the Goberian as we as a species have decided to call him, is a great dog to say the least.

This article is such a treat to you if you are interested in this crossbreed.

You’ll learn all you need to know about him, and get ready to get yours home as soon as you possibly can.

The Goberian’s Parents

Before jumping into this article, we need first to talk about the parents from which this lovely dog descends. The Golden Husky’s parents are two separate unique breeds of dogs:

Siberian Husky Parent

a siberian husky with a grin smile on his face

I know who’s a good boy.

The Husky is a very popular dog who is known for his tremendous positive energy. He is a very playful dog whose existence shines and asserts just by doing his own thing.

Not only is he an ancient dog, he is one of the oldest alive distinctive breeds. The Siberian Husky origins dates back to the time when Chukchi people dominated the extreme northern eastern part of the northern hemisphere. These people lived, and still live in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Therefore, they needed a way to move in that place, and here came the Siberian Husky handy.

They bred the perfect dog to endure those conditions and be healthy and energetic so that he would drag sleds throughout the arctic. That’s why Huskies are even more interesting to watch when it is snowing.

Here is more about the Siberian Husky.

The Golden Retriever

golden retriever looking up with an innocent face

Pretty good looking!

Classed as the third most popular dog breed in the U.S.A by The American Kennel Club in 2017, the Golden Retriever holds the throne for being a very affectionate dog that excels at the retrieving game.

In the good old days of the early 1800s, The British and Scottish people who hunted for a living bred this dog. Here, they selectively bred a dog who is strong and very good at retrieving.

Therefore, The Golden Retriever is a dog who has strong senses of sight and smell. They can track birds and rabbits in long distance.

Throw your ball as far as you can. He’ll bring it, safe and sound. Maybe not safe.

Find out more about the Golden Retriever.

Who is The Goberian?

goberian siberian husky golden retriever mix in the snow

A Goberian in his natural element.

Credit: golden-retriever-guide.com

Now that you know how qualified the parents are, here comes the heat of the Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Crossbreed.

As of writing this, the Golden Husky is not that popular, although he is a combination of the cutest dog breed ever and a playful fella who just wants to please you.

Quick Reminder: Huskies are the best dogs. Fight me.

There are a lot of names for this special crossbreed; some call him Golden Husky, The Golden Siberian, Husky Retriever and many other names. In this article, we will stick with The Goberian because it is the most common name for this crossbreed.

The look of this little fella makes the pains of life go away. He is a charming, cute creature who dazzles and sparkles his surroundings. The moment you get your eyes on him, you find it hard not fall in love. It just isn’t easy not to smile while looking at The Goberian doing Goberian things.

He enjoys a life of 10 up to 15 happy years of sighting, hunting, retrieving, and sled dragging. Pretty known for his amazing temperament, he wins the hearts of the spectators and the surrounding.

9 Facts About The Golden Retriever Husky Mix (Goberian)

1. Looking Big and Good

As we mentioned earlier, The Goberian is medium-large dog. If you are interested in getting one in the future, here is some of what to expect.

He averages a height between 20 - 24 inches and 35 – 80 pounds. His nose is most-likely black. His eyes can either be brown, blue, or a mixture of both.

The head is round shaped and well proportioned, and widens a little around the ears. The ears are most likely to be floppy like you seen on a Goldie.

The coat comes in various colors. It is possible for your dog to be black, white, brown, grey, or cream. His double coat helps him in the harsh extreme weather conditions.

However, you need to know that these are not absolute because The Goberian is a crossbreed. Therefore, your dog can take the physical look of a Siberian Husky or a Golden Retriever. All of this is ruled by genetics and which parental breed dominates.

2. Not A Lot of Shedding

Because The Goberian is not a heavy shedder, grooming can be easy for the owner. His coat is dense and doubled, with long straight or a little curvy fur.

The Goberian is fairly easy to groom if you keep it scheduled. It is recommended that he should be brushed two to three times a week.

It might be a bit difficult for novice owners to deal with grooming and especially to dogs like the Goberian because he has a long double coat. It is recommended to check this guide on how to groom your dog.

Bathing is also necessary but only recommended once per month, and it needs to be after the brushing to make it easier to clean the coat. Bathing also helps your dog by taking off the germs that he picks from digging and sniffing.

In case you didn’t know, you should NOT use human shampoo on dogs. You need to pick a shampoo that is uniquely for dogs which you can buy from stores.

3. A Playful, Alert Watchdog

The Golden Retriever Husky mix is very alert which means he is a good watchdog.

He protects and serves. He is friendly, and loves to socialize with his surroundings. He also loves to play with people, dogs, cats, birds, and basically anything that moves. Therefore, you need to keep him socialized. He’ll both entertain himself as well as others.

He is loyal and you would never have to be afraid. Your dog has your back while still being affectionate. He is smart and intelligent and wouldn’t take a lot of training for a Goberian to learn commands.

The Goberian is an independent dog, and that comes from both parents’ strong independent will. So, consider this to be present in your dog and learn how to properly live with it.

He tolerates all seasons, but isn’t the best dog for a hot summer all year-round. This crossbreed does well in moderate weather conditions, and that’s where he shines.

Are you still unsure of how cute a Goberian is? Meet Kaia.

4. Let’s Get to Training

As expected, your dog needs training to cope with the lifestyles of being part of a human family. Your dog needs to learn the basics so that life would be more convenient.

The Goberian is an easy dog to train, since he is intelligent and reactive, and has an instinctive eagerness to please and learn.

I advise you to start training from an early age, and it needs to be consistent with a firm, yet positive, approach. If you trigger the strong independent side of the Goberian, you may never get control over your dog. Follow strategic methods for efficiency; praise and give traits when he does what he is supposed to do.

Again, genetic will determine whether you are going to have a hard time training you dog or not. If the husky traits are dominant, we recommend you go through a course on how to train your dog. And if the Golden Retriever traits are dominants, training your dog would be fairly easy because the Golden retriever loves to please.

The Siberian Husky is a bit stubborn and independent… and that’s what makes him the best dog ever.

golden husky sitting on the grass in the backyard

Let’s have some fun.

Credit: golden-retriever-guide.com

5. I’m Ready for Exercise. Are You?

As you know, The Siberian Husky and The Golden retriever are big dogs, and they work out a lot.

The Goberian is like his parents; he needs his daily dose of exercise. He has burst energy that needs to be released. So, you need to take your dog out for walks on a daily basis.

It is preferred to take your dog for an hour walk, two times a day. Your dog can have a good psych even with one hour a day, but we love dogs and we want them to have the best life. The walks should be separate, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that you should be an active person as well because your dog will make you work out. If you are a lazy person, having this dog crossbreed is not advised.

Exercises are not only good to take out the excessive energy the dog has, they help keep him in a good shape. Exercises get your dog physically and mentally well.

6. Not So Good For An Apartment

The Goberian is a big dog and he needs space. He is not the best dog suitable for an apartment. It is necessary to have a yard for the dog to play in. As we learned so far, energy relief is the key for a good healthy life for your dog.

The yard and spacious house provides the dog with a good place to roam around and take out that energy.

If you can’t afford a backyard, then a close dog-friendly park is the minimum. While I still discourage you from having such a dog in a confined space because of the horrors he can make, I’d allow it if you promise to walk him twice a day, allowing him to run for a bit and meet new dogs, with a big smile on your face.

7. Love Thy Neighbor, Thy Family, And Thy Other Pets Too

Generally, both Huskies and Golden Retrievers are sociable dogs. The Goberian is friendly friend-needy, too. This crossbreed cannot withstand solitude as he needs others to keep his mind at ease.

It is highly appreciated by the dog if his family has another dog to play with. What makes him very friendly and sociable is his positive temperament. He is playful and loving.

Bare in mind that this happens peacefully with the integration of an early training to the dog. You need to train your dog to live happily and safely around people and other pets.

Also, you need to teach your children how to play with the dog because the training is mutual. Dogs can’t be blamed for the behavior of kids around them, and nor should dogs be blamed for lack of training on your side.

Learn how to socialize your dog.

Your dog, your kids, your home, your responsibility.

8. Pretty Picky and Tricky To Feed

Nutrition is an essential key to keep your dog healthy and happy. This part is a bit tricky, because it is highly dependent on the dominant traits.

Not all dog breeds eat the same type of food. You should check with your vet on what food to feed your Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mix, as well as the recommended daily amount.

When your dog is still a puppy, you should provide him with three meals a day. When your dog becomes an adult, you need to switch to two meals per day. You also need to be flexible when it comes to what to feed your dog.

For example, you buy a certain commercial dog food, if you notice that your dog is less active and feels a bit sick, you should change the brand.

Dogs can easily develop food allergies. Therefore, you should keep switching brands until you find the food that suits your dog. If your dog keeps on feeling sick no matter what you feed him, you need to check with a vet.

If your dog takes on the dominant genes of a Siberian Husky, our article may come in handy. The dog foods we included seem to do very well with the snow dog, and your Goberian may feel the same.

9. Unfortunately, Health Issues Exist

Certain dog breeds develop certain medical illnesses. Because your dog is a crossbreed, he might develop illnesses from both sides.

Some of these health issues include: allergies, bloat OCD, Von Willebrand's Disease, epilepsy, heart problems, Joint dysplasia, eye problems, and cancer.

However, The Goberian enjoys a relatively healthy life. I recommend that you take your dog for an annual visit or two to the vet.

The dog may not like his vet that much.

But hey, all kids hate hospitals, but parents gotta parent.

Before I conclude, here is a sneak peek of a Goberian showing his speaking talents.


To finish up this article, let me just say that this Golden Retriever Husky mix is a magnificent dog. Having him around would definitely bring joy to your life.

His playfulness and loyalty would make it hard to detach from him. He is good with families, and having him would record good memories for you and your family.

Picking The Goberian as a future pet and a friend would teach you a lot about dogs and the reason why they are called Man’s best friend.

If you are a dog lover who wants to get a Goberian, or an owner of this lovable dog, don’t forget to post pictures of your dog in the comment section below.

Drop your questions and comments down below as well. We’d be happy to answer as many of them as we can.

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