EVO Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 5]

Evo Dog Food Reviews

The EVO dog brand seeks to provide dog food with timeless and tireless nutritional values.

This simply implies the formulation of nourishing dog foods made from nutrient-rich ingredients.

In line with this principle, the brand was one of the first to venture into the formulation of grain-free kibbles in 2004, and proceeded from then on to make all of its products grain-free with richer nutritional contents.

The brand strives to offer potent natural food made with ingredients sourced directly from farmlands.

The brand offers wholesome formulas for small and large dog breeds at all life stages made with fresh fruits, veggies, first-rate animal protein sources, and whole grains.

As will be revealed in this Evo dog food review, the brand’s dedication to high quality dog nutrition is telling on all its formulas.

Before we get into the very gist of this article, I’d like to make things clearer and easier for you.

If you don’t have time to go through the whole article, here is a quick recap of the very 5 top product the company has ever produced.

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Company Info & A Rundown Of The Brand’s Formulas

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That’s interesting! Evo rocks!

The Evo dog food brand has been successively taken under the wings of three parent companies.

The brand’s original parent company was Natura Pet Product, which was acquired by Proctor & Gamble down the line. In 2014, Protor & Gamble sold Natura Pet Products to Mars Inc, which is the brand’s current parent company.

Mars Incorporated is one of the largest corporate bodies privately owned by a single family.

It is a dog food industry leader in both the local and international market, with an annual revenue that grosses over $30 billion dollars.

Mars Incorporated competes in the dog food market from pole position, owning a number of highly successful brands including Pedigree, Royal Canin, Sheba, Greenies and Nutro.

When compared to the other more popular dog food brands of Mars Inc, the Evo brand isn’t one of the largest or best-selling brands.

Also, in comparison to the numbers of formula among the brands owned by the parent company, the Eva dog food brand has a very sparse catalog of formulas.

It offers just seven formulas: five dry foods and two wet foods. Five of them are analyzed in this Evo dog food review.

Perhaps the small variety of products is necessitated by the brand’s dedication to the highest possible quality.

All the brand’s formulas pack a punch of essential nutrients, and outshine average kibbles in almost all the attributes of a dog food.

The brand’s five dry foods are actually just three, with two of them, Turkey & Chicken formula and the Red Meat recipe, modified into two slightly different formulas suited to large breeds and small breeds.

The third dry food formula, the Herring & salmon formula, is geared for adults.

The brand’s wet food product line consists of just two formulas.

They are the 95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned, and the 95 Beef Recipe in Gravy Canned food.

And as far as dog nutrition is concerned, this product line is an all-in-one purveyor of essential nutrients.

Pros of Evo Dog Food

1. The brands formulas come with top-draw ingredients that fill the products with above-average levels of protein, fat and other essential nutrients to give your dog a very wholesome diet.

2. While offering industry-best levels of essential nutrients, it keeps to low carbs levels in all its formulas.

3. The brand offers dog foods that are excellent replicas of raw, natural dog food obtainable in the wild.

Cons of Evo Dog Food

The brand’s spares no expenses to obtain the finest and freshest ingredients for its industry-best formulas, hence it inevitably attracts a higher-than average price.

Evo Dog Food Recalls History

Evo’s original commitment to making the finest dog foods is evident in all of its products.

Mars, a well-grounded multi-billion dollar corporation, has put in place all the resources and facilities necessary for the production of the finest dog foods.

The production lines of the Evo brand run a gauntlet of over a 100 quality control measures.

But in spite of these, a few botched releases have happened upon the brand’s product lines.

Evo has voluntarily recalled a number of formulas from the markets in recent years.

Evo dog foods were subjected to an FDA recall issued in June 2013 for certain pet foods, borne out of concerns for a potential salmonella contamination.

A number of dog food product units with best-before dates earlier than June 10, 2014 took a major hit from this FDA recall.

Another FDA recall hit the brand in November.

But this time, it was specifically for Evo’s Grain-Free Turkey & Chicken Formula dry cat food, because of some discrepancies in the validation process for the product’s vitamins and mineral composition.

Overview of Evo Dog Food Ingredients

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Great list of ingredients!

The Evo brand’s DNA is replete with high-quality ingredients.

The brand’s products offer above-average levels of nutrition.

A significantly smaller quantity of any of Evo’s nutrient-packed kibbles can provide your feline companion with industry-best nutritional value.

All of the brand’s products have first five ingredients lists that feature top-notch ingredients such as fresh fruits and veggies, wholesome fats, whole grains, highly potent animal protein sources, etc.

Thankfully, the excellent quality of the product’s ingredient list isn’t marred by questionable ingredients and allergens like wheat, corn, soy, artificial additives, and preservatives.

All the grain-free dry food formulas are made with rich sources of animal protein with moderate levels of allergen-free carbohydrate.

They also come with aromatic natural flavors.

A staggering 95% of the two wet food recipes are composed of animal protein sources such as chicken and beef.

This renders the products which are already highly digestible and richly nutritious with irresistible flavors.

The collective protein contents of Evo dog foods make up 47% of the brand’s collective ingredients, while 24% of the group of ingredient is made up of fats --implying a 50% fat-to-protein ratio.

These figures point to a 22% collective carbohydrate contents.

Choosing The Most Suitable Evo Dog Food For Your Peculiar Feline's Nutritional Needs

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Those are just things to never miss.

As will be seen in this Evo dog food review, all of the brand’s products feature ingredients of finest qualities that are formulated into nutrient packed recipes.

These formulas offer a balanced composite of protein, carbohydrate and fat contents, and are also excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

To further guarantee that buyers get the most nutrients out of every dime spent on the product, the manufacturers have incorporated rigorous quality checks in the brand's production lines.

However, these features come at a higher than average price.

Evo Dog Food Reviews: Top 5 Products

Evo Dog Food Ratings

1. EVO Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This product is primarily formulated to cater to your dog’s red meat cravings, featuring five different sources of fresh meat.

These meat sources have excellent protein contents, and are great sources of other essential nutrients such as amino acids.

In addition, they’re also easily digestible.

That means your feline friend gets to quickly absorb rich nutrient contents from a very sumptuous meal when you feed it with this product.

The animal meats contain nutrients that strengthen bones and muscles.

The product is also grain-free, and that implies the formula has moderate carbohydrate content to leave more room for other essential nutrients.


  • It is composed of 78% animal protein sourced from five different sources including beef, lamb, and pork.
  • It contains Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids that are highly beneficial to skin and coat.
  • It is also made from fresh fruits and vegetables that are great sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • The formula is grain-free and easily digestible.


  • It is costlier than the average dog food.

2. EVO 95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Food

According to the brand, this product is perfectly formulated to serve a direct replacement for raw, natural dog meal.

The product offers the best of modern nutritional value and ancient diet.

As inferred by the product’s name, 95% of the 95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Food is composed mainly of animal protein.

This protein content is sourced from high quality animal protein sources such fresh chicken. This fresh meat content makes for a balanced diet that allows your dog to maintain a sleek, healthy shape.

In addition to being packed with nutrients that make for a perfectly balanced diet, this product is also highly digestible.

With all these features, the product is a top-notch replacement for traditional dog food.

Evo 95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Food has fresh chicken as its first recipe. It is a well known fact that the fresh chicken used in any dog food contains 70% moisture, and this evaporates during cooking.

But since the protein content is also sourced from fresh turkey and chicken liver as well, this loss of chicken content due to cooking doesn’t really impact on the ultimate quantity of protein available.


  • The product has an impressive line up of protein sources that include fresh chicken, fresh turkey and chicken liver.
  • The formula is grain free and only 1% is composed of crude fiber. This makes the product very digestible and suitable for dogs with sensitivity issues.


  • The product’s main source of fatty content is fish oil, the origin of which is yet to be disclosed to the public.

3. EVO 95 Adult Grain Free Beef Recipe in Gravy Canned Dog Food

This formula features an irresistible beef flavor and is packed with proteins, fats, and other vital nutrients.

This fresh meat content is easily digestible, and provides the highest quality of nutrients.

The meat content is also a great source of amino acid and other vital nutrients that are essential to the maintenance of sturdy bones and muscles.

The product is also grain free, implies a moderate proportion of carbohydrate and abundant quantities of other essential nutrients.


  • With 95% of its contents derived from fresh beef, the product makes for healthy and compact muscle mass.
  • It enhances skin and coat health with antioxidants and other vital nutrients.
  • The formula is free from grains and gluten, meaning it is allergens free and dogs get to easily absorb its rich nutrient contents.
  • The nutrient rich formula also comes with an irresistible flavor.


  • It is a high end dog food.

4. EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

This product is primarily formulated to replicate dog food obtainable from the wild.

It is replete with premium animal protein and devoid of grains and gluten.

With 78% of its contents composed of top notch animal protein sources such as salmon, eggs, and herring, and 22% percent of it comprises fresh fruits and vegetables, the product is formulated to provide wholesome nutritional contents that keep your canine champ in top shape.

The various meat products aren’t the only ingredients that enhance bone and muscle health.

The product also features glucosamine and chondroitin which fortify joints.

And it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that enhance skin and coat health.

This makes it an excellent replacement for dog food.


  • The product has an industry-best percentage of crude protein content -- 42%.
  • The product’s fatty content is sourced primarily from animal sources and secondarily from sunflower oil.
  • It features fresh fruits and vegetables that have an abundant supply of vital nutrients.


  • It is a little costly.

5. EVO Turkey and Chicken Formula Large Bites

With fresh turkey and fresh chicken as its first ingredient, this product is another excellent source of high quality protein.

However, the chicken is made up of 80% moisture which is lost during cooking, resulting in a much less quantity of protein contained in the final serving.

Nonetheless, the product seeks to make up for the potential loss of animal protein contents with the inclusion of chicken meal as its third ingredient.

Chicken meal is a meat concentrate three times richer in protein contents than fresh chicken.

In addition to these protein-rich ingredients, the product also contains salmon meal and menhaden meal, which are also excellent sources of protein.

A quick glance down the product’s ingredients list reveals the product is indeed an above-average dog food. With 47% of its contents made up of protein, 24% made of fat, and 21% percent made of carbohydrates, the product strikes a balance between all the essential nutrients required of a top-draw dog food.


  • The formula is grain free, making it very digestible and suitable for dogs with sensitivity issues.
  • The formula is very balanced and therefore provides sufficient nutrition for healthy and disease-free living.


  • It is costlier than average dog foods.

Evo Dog Food Frequently Asked Questions

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Yep. I can still see doubt creeping in. This section will clear them.

1. What are the indications of a safe and balanced vitamin and mineral content in dog food?

There is no way of making a 100% accurate assessment of the safety levels of a product’s unit. Since most ingredients including meats and bones have natural mineral contents, the final recipe might contain some vitamins and minerals other than those added to the formula by the manufacturer. However, if your dog has special nutritional needs, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a veterinarian in choosing dog foods with the right mineral contents.

2. Is there any instance where Evo dog foods must be used along with supplements?

The brand clearly states that its cardinal objective is the provision of wholesome diets that are completely balanced nutritional value. There’s therefore no need to supplement the formulas with additional nutrients.

3. How much by-products ingredients are contained in Evo dog food formulas?

The Evo brand strives to use only the finest and freshest ingredients, and by-products are generally considered as low-ball ingredients. The Evo brand does not make use of by-products in any of its formulas.

4. Does the Brand source ingredients from China?

All the brand’s ingredients are sourced directly from farmlands.

5. What percentage of fillers are used on average in Evo dog food formulas?

Fillers have little or no nutritional content. However, all ingredients used by the brand are excellent sources of essential nutrients including proteins, fats, carbohydrates,and vital vitamins and minerals.

6. How does a product’s conformity to AAFCO nutrient profiles help ascertain the right product for a dog’s specific nutritional need?

Any dog food manufacturer that claims to make products that have a completely balanced nutrient profile for a certain life stage must have its claims validated by laboratory analysis and sometimes, laboratory analysis coupled with feeding trials. Once these AAFCO validation processes have successfully proven these claims to be true, then you can be rest assured that these products are suitable for your dog’s needs.


As we’ve seen in this Evo dog food review, the Evo brand doesn’t boast of a wide variety formulas, but it certainly does an outstanding job in terms of delivering the product of remarkable quality.

Each of the formulas have first rate sources of animal protein as their first ingredients, together with great sources of fats and grain-free carbohydrate. Also, this Evo dog food review has shown that the brand’s cardinal production objectives focus not only on producing nutrient-packed kibbles, but also on catering for skin and coat, bones and muscles health as well.

The brand’s products are also well known to be highly digestible and to come with irresistible flavors.

And if you are clueless which among the five products above to go with, we suggest you shoot for EVO Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

And again, that’s a personal reference my dog really enjoyed. You can try other options until you're set on one that satisfies both your dog’s taste and nutritional need.

EVO Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


And here comes the last part of our Evo Dog Food Review. My last words on this company is that their food are not really that high of a quality.

Their ingredients focus mainly on meat, most of the time. And their recalls history is not super clean.

The one thing I see really is good with this company is their prices. They are within the reach of almost every pocket.

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