Top 11 World’s Dumbest Dog Breeds To Steer Clear From!

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Ever heard of the dumbest dog breeds? Do you have a dog or planning to get one but afraid of falling for the wrong breed?

Look! At one point in life, most of us have had the experience of getting a dog that we found so challenging to train.

Such dogs are hard to teach, and don’t obey your commands at all. But worst of all, they leave your entire house full of holes in the floors, urine all over the furniture, and a total mess.

And you're wondering how dumb you must have been to get a dumber dog.

Please don’t take this as an offense. But that’s the truth. Here is the deal! Certain dog breeds are easy to train while others just suck. That’s a fact and neither you nor I can deny.

If you're yet to adopt a dog, then take a look at the list of the dumbest dog breeds below that you should steer clear of at all costs.

Before we review them one by one, here is a navigational menu so you can easily navigate to any one that stirs your interest the most:

1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu eating a cookie

I can see you ha! I am not dumb!

This one is the dumbest among all the others, but is conversely very popular in the U.S.

In fact, according to The American Kennel Club, it is ranked as number 15 of the most famous dog breeds in the U.S.

This dog breed doesn't actually lack in intellectual capacity. However, its essence of existence requires very little to no brain power.

Shih Tzu's sole purpose of existence is to provide nothing but affection. Back in 1368, Shih Tzu was the lapdog of the Meng royal dynasty in China. Being showered with undeserved affection, the dog breed soon had its sensibilities diminished.

If you are planning to get a dog to provide you with boundless affection, go for it.

You can find out more about this breed here.

2. Beagle

Cute Beagle staring

I am just stunned to find out I am among the world's dumbest dogs! What a hard luck!

This is the second dog breed you should avoid if you're not prepared to spend hours training him.

This one will give you a pretty hard time to train. Cute, cuddly and very warmhearted. Yes! That’s not something to deny. But hey! If you've already acquired this one, it is guaranteed. He will drive you nuts.

It is not that they are that dumb. The problem with them is that they're very stubborn and they cling fast to their independence.

And you know how hard it is to get an independent entity to conform to your rules. It's almost mission impossible!

One thing for sure! If you are looking for pure love and constant affection, this dog breed will shower you with great affection. Fortunately, there are a ton of beagle dog toys that can help ease the process of training and keep this breed healthy and happy.

But if you don’t have the inclination to spend hours training him patiently, just forget about the Beagle. It's just not the right dog breed for you!

If you're interested in knowing more about this breed, see this page.

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hound closes his eyes

I am dumb okay? Just leave me alone!

This one is the product of France. The Frenchmen who created this breed gave much thought to giving it big ears but not so much thought to its grey matter!

Just look at his face; his big ears and petite legs and clearly show exactly what I'm talking about.

If you're really sharp, you'll instantly realize this one is plain stupid from the very first moment you set your sight on it. If you are a hunter, take the Basset Hound on an expedition to test its intelligence. Do doubt, it'll easily trace a prey's scent to the prey. But making a return back home? I doubt that. Unless it's guided by a GPS implant and that’s unlikely!

Here is a comprehensive article about this dog breed.

4. Mastiff

The mastiff in awe!

My name is Mastiff and I am proud to be dumb. Okay now? Good!

We are so used to dogs bigger in size being very intelligent. But I am afraid that theory has some exceptions, at least in this case.

Ask any dog fanatic and they will tell you that this is one of the biggest dogs -- if not the biggest one. I am exaggerating here, though. But a Mastiff can weigh up to 129 lbs!

But to be fair to our Mastiff comrades, they're are great guards. But in training, they knock the crap out of their trainers. That’s a fact that even the Mastiffs can't deny.

If you're a novice in dog training, 

If you're a novice in dog training, there's all the likelihood that you'll have a very hard time training the Mastiff. If you can control your nerves while training this dog breed, I must tip my hat for you. I myself just can't! 

Check out more about this dog breed here.

5. Pekingese

Beautiful Pekingese looking up

I am all ears with no brain!

This one is very similar to the Chinese Shih Tzu. The main purpose behind raising the Pekingese was to provide companionship.

Pekingese originated in China as well and were very respected; they were even named Lion dogs, as they bear much semblance to some of the famous guardian dogs in the ancient Chinese stories.

Opinions vary on this dog breed. Some say that they're independent, and others think their stubbornness and independence is a show of sheer arrogance.

Either way, these creatures are really hard to train. Think of the Pekingese as a spoiled brat. I doubt you want to deal with such trouble!

In America, their rank has taken a hit. Before, they were ranked as the 37th most famous dog breed, but now, they're ranked in 77th position.

And we rank them as the fifth least dumb dog breed.

Here is more about the Pekingese.

6. Bloodhound

Bloodhound with big ears

I am a scent tracker. Therefore, I'm kinda not dumb at all!

At first, I am a little confused as to whether to classify Bloodhound as a dumb dog breed or not.

Bloodhound is lightly intelligent when it comes to scent tracking. Bloodhound has a nose that's very sensitive.

In fact, Bloodhound could track a scent that’s ages old! 

But when it comes to training, I just can't advise you get one. Man! You'll sweat hard! This dog breed is very independent, firm and to a great extent, very determined not only to drive you crazy but also to say a NO NO to all your commands.

Again patience is key to deal with it. And if you don’t have this virtue, you'll run into a huge wall in training the Bloodhound.

Learn about this dog breed here.

7. Borzoi

Cute white Borzoi

I am fast and furious but dumb and stupid. That’s just me!

And off to Russia. Russians are known to be very shrewd, right? But in this regard, I doubt they are. No offense here fellow Russians!

As its name suggest, Borzoi is fast. Very fast indeed. But it doesn't perform with enviable speed when it comes to brain activities.

This dog breed is often reckoned a nice dog. It is very affectionate, kind and athletic, and it's used mostly in hunting activities. Some people love the fact that it's very independent. But it's a really bad idea to take a shot at training it.

The best way would be to outsource this task to a professional trainer out there. I am sure there are many. Find one and save yourself the headache of dealing with such a dilemna!

Have a look at this guide for more about the Borzoi.

8. Chow Chow

Little Cute Chow Chow Panting

Intelligence varies. I dig emotional intelligence!

Jealousy, attention, affection; these are what you need to gain the chow chow’s heart. Similar to ladies, right? But don't get your hopes high when it comes to mental abilities; many people do think so.

Look! This one is not stupid at all. But this depends on the way you view stupidity. If you view intelligence as blindly following rules, Chow Chow is definitely dumb.

But if you see stubbornness and determination as a sort of intelligence, Chow Chow is very shrewd. In fact, one of the most intelligent creatures out there.

One thing to keep in mind is that this dog breed is an attention seeker.

Chow Chow always wants to be the center of attention and at times acts as very dominantly.

Watch out of this behavior of his!

Here is more about Chow Chow temperament and personality.

9. Bulldog

The English Bulldog big dog

I am strong. I am compassionate. What else do you want from me!

When strength and affection are combined in a creature, the product is nothing other than the Bulldog. These folks are really strong but at the same time very compassionate.

The name of this dog originates in the UK and it is named after a very ancient sport in Britain, Bull-baiting.

This sport was eventually banned, because it involves a lot of bloodletting, but the Bulldog remained one of the best dogs to look to when considering a dog for security purposes. As for affection, they've consistently developed this trait every passing year.

Here is more about Bulldog.

10. Basenji

The Basenji feeling sorry

I am just shy, not dumb.

This is not dumb at all. He just has some of the qualities that make training very hard.

Basenji is often compared to cats. It has almost all the qualities a cat has, in addition to a quality only humans possess, or to be exact babies posses.

Ever heard a baby cry or laugh? Listen to a Basenji crying or laughing and I am sure you will think that it is a baby who is crying not a dog.

As for training and bringing up a Basenji, you will need so much time just to groom it. Their inclination to independence is quite hard to alter, and that makes the possibility of training them a far cry.

Learn more about the Basenji.

11. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound with long hair

My hair rocks! What else do you want in me. I just don’t have a brain, get used to it.

Afghan Hound is just hard to train. Two characteristics make him a hard pain in the neck for trainers.

One is his independence. Afghan Hound won’t respond to a single command you put across to it.

Two, Afghan Hound is very sensitive. And you know how hard it is to deal neurotic people, let alone dogs. If you want to lose your mind, get one of these. Training the Afghan Hound is really hard. If you don't have a pocket deep enough to hire a trainer, just steer away from this dog breed. They are not for you!

Here is more about this dog breed.

And here is a video on YouTube about the top 10 most difficult dog breeds to train (least intelligent dogs)!


And there you have it guys. A list of top 11 dumbest dogs to steer away from. What do you guys think about them? What other dog breeds do you suggest we add to the list? Have you ever had any experience with any of them? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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