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cute dog with nelly toy

Best Chew Toys for Puppies: Keep Your Dog Busy The Healthy Way!

A few years ago when I first had the great fortune of becoming a dog owner, I walked into my house after a long day of work only to find the living room in utter shambles. My cushion covers had been bitten all over, my new branded tennis shoes (which had cost me 300 USD […]

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english bulldog with a leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash: Get Your Dog Excited And Still Leashed!

One of your most important duties as a dog owner is to make sure that they get enough exercise; and among the best forms of exercise for your dog is walking. Taking your dog out for a walk has tangible benefits not just for your pet, but also for you. When you walk your dog, […]

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Dog Bark Collars Review

Dog Bark Collars Review: Stop Excessive Dog Barking [TOP 5 Products]

The worst thing that your neighbor may hate about your dog is his uncontrollable barking. And to be frank, you may hate it too. That’s why I decided to write this dog bark collars review.These are what others would recommend to help out with the barking issues that you may have with your dog. Whether […]

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Podenco dog eating a bone.

Best Bones for Dogs: Top 5 Products Every Dog Owner Should Have!

One of the oldest chestnuts about dogs is that they love to chew on bones. I am pretty sure that if you are a dog owner like me, you must be aware of this too.Dogs are pets that need constant stimulation. If you you need to keep your dogs busy while you go off on […]

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candy cheese dog food

Best Dog Training Treats: The Ins & Outs Of The Top 5 Products!

Treats are a absolutely brilliant reinforcement tool for motivating your dog to learn a new trick and for refining a certain behavior. Whether you’re using a clicker or lure and reward form of training, treats inspire your dog to focus and to quickly respond to your commands diligently.Not only is it fun to treat your […]

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