Dog Shaking Myth: Get To Know The Real Reasons Behind The Shaking!

Wet dog shaking

Do you see your dog shaking a lot but have no idea what to do about that nor the slightest idea what that means? Are you afraid that your dog shaking may turn into something to worry about later?

Either ways, welcome aboard.

The like of the questions above are something every dog owner struggles with. If you are in that league well, you have just found the right place to get a good understanding of what your dog is telling you when he is shaking.

In this article, we will go into detailed interpretation of your dog’s shaking. But before, I have something for you.

To make the navigation of the article easy and simple for you, I created the menu below that you can easily use to get to the part of the article you are most interested in.

Have a look at it and let’s get you through some of the cases where shaking can be something you should worry about, as well as types of shaking you just need to ignore, as they are pretty normal.

We will divide the article into two main parts. In the first part, we will talk about the cases where shaking is a normal behavior and you don’t have to worry about.

Then, in the second part, we will talk about the three cases you definitely see your vet, as those are really serious cases!

Let’s start with the common and normal dog shakings:

Shaking To Simply Dry Off The Fur

dog drying off through shaking

“let’s all shake it baby!”

This is the very first thing you don’t need to worry about. When your dog is shaking, most of the time, it may just mean that a good amount of water has invaded his fur. The way out? Absolutely not a drier. As he doesn't have the privilege to have a dryer and dry off himself. He’s got one thing only. Shaking!

That’s something you should not at all worry about. In fact, it is a good thing. If he doesn’t do that, and the water remains in his fur, it means that catching a cold is just around the corner.

So, next time you see your dog wet and shaking like crazy, no need to panic. Just save yourself and anything else that might get wet and let him have his fur dried off.

Shaking As An Attention Seeking Behavior

Dog seeking attention

“I am here man! Can’t you notice me even if I shake!”

Look! We all crave attention, affection and love. And dogs are no exception. Just like a child, when he needs you to be around or misses your arms around him, your dog may retreat to shaking to get himself noticed.

This is the second way your dog may opt for shaking. Again, don't’ worry if that’s the case. And simply reach out to him with a big hug or a simply good smile would do the trick. Your dog will instantly stop shaking.

Sheer Excitement Shake

excited dog shaking

“We are having fun here! No big deal!”

This one I am just so much in love with. When we are excited, we jump, laugh and just bubble with energy. Dogs, on the other hand, have a very different way of expressing their excitement. Ad I guess you guessed it. Yes. It is shaking. That’s one of the ways dogs retreat to to express how excited they are.

Again, no need to be so worried about this. Next time you catch your dog shaking right in the middle of a fetch game, all you have to do is simply let our puppy express his excitement and maybe you could do the same. No shaking here. You can jump though!

Those are cases where you don’t really have to worry about your dog shaking. But , unfortunately, there is another face to the coin. That you definitely need to take into consideration.

Let’s get to the very first case where dog shaking is really something to worry about.

Off to the very first case:


stressful dog shaking

“Now it is getting tough!”

Obviously, dogs can be stressed out as well, the same way as we humans. The stress may come from different angles. Your dog may get stressed out simply after a ride in the car. Or maybe a trip to your vet. To be honest, this one is really scary. I too hate doctors. Who doesn’t?! Sorry doctors, no offense here!

Another thing that may scare your dog and cause the stress hormones to skyrocket is the past experiences. He may have gone through so many past experiences that stress has become something inherited in his nervous system.

One thing that helps lower the stress levels for dogs is training. If that doesn’t work, please don’t waste any more time and check with his vet.


Cold dog shaking

“Can’t you just throw in a coat on me?! I am freezing here!”

This one is obvious. In fact, this is the most common cause of shaking for dogs, especially in winter. If you see your dog shivering and shaking without any obvious reasons mentioned above, it is likely to be a sign of the cold, especially if you go outside for a walk with him and it's freaking cold.

In that case, all you have to do is simply get him a dog, a sweater and you are all set!


Old dog shaking

“I am not that old! It is just shaking! Nothing more or less!”

As your dog ages, you will start to see that he is exuding a couple of signs. Shaking is one of those. That’s normal and that’s part of their aging process. But that’s not an excuse for you to check with his vet. You need to first check with his vet to see if that’s part of the aging process, or it has more to it!


sick dog shaking

“Now I am sick!”

The very same way we shiver and tremble as we catch a cold, so does dogs. When your dog is shaking, trembling and shivering without any of the reasons listed above, it is probably a sign that something is not going the way it should be. In other words, it is a sign of sickness. But what type of illness? Many! Here are some that can cause your dog to shake like crazy:

As for the solution, nothing else you can do except seeing his vet asap.

That’s all for the dog shaking. The video below further clarifies the dog shaking behaviour!


Bottom line is to always take this seriously. While there are cases where your dog shaking may not be serious, as we have explored in the first three cases, you don’t need to rely on your instinct and put your puppy in danger. The best way to approach shaking is simply to get in touch with your dog’s vet. This way, you avoid any undesirable effects later.

Now, here comes your turn guys. See that handsome comment box below? Have it hit and tell us how you really deal with your dog’s shaking?

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