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american alsatian playing shaking off water and sand in the beach

13 Outstanding Facts About the American Alsatian Dog Breed!

If you ask anyone where dogs come from, their immediate answer is that they come from wolves. And it sure looks that way for the American Alsatian dog breed.The thing is, scientists agree that dogs and wolves are not the same. They may share a common older ancestor (don’t we all?), but dogs are not […]

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13 Awesome Facts About the New Kangal Dog Breed (NOT the Anatolian)

Most of the Shepherd dogs that you will read about are herding dogs. This means they like to keep the flock together as a main task. The Kangal dog breed is a slight different type of dog. He likes to mix and look over the sheep rather than herd them. Having a big dog among your […]

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White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd: 12 Facts You Need to Know Before Adopting One

Pure and beautiful, the White German Shepherd is truly a wonder to look at. Just like his name suggests, this dog’s coat is completely white. So white, actually, that he could easily blend in the snow. When most people see a White German Shepherd for the first time, they think it’s an albino standard German […]

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Two dogs fighting

The Top 10 Best Fighting Dogs in the World [SURPRISING FACTS]!

Credit: Steve Mullis / CC BYFirst of all, you should know that we don’t condone dog fighting. Making dogs kill and hurt each other in fighting pits for the sake of human entertainment is one of the worst things humanity came out with. Still, knowing about the strongest dogs in the world doesn’t hurt. We’re […]

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Havanese with brown eyes

Discover here the top 10 best long haired dog breeds in the world

We here in DiamondPup try not to discriminate between dogs, as all of them are worth our live and care. Still, some dogs are objectively more beautiful than others, and for me, long haired dogs are definitely the handsomest. Imagine with me that beautiful long hair, curly, wavy, or straight, just flowing in the wind, […]

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