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puppy husky pomeranian mix white black dots

11 Astonishing Facts About the Pomsky (Siberian Husky Pomeranian Mix)

Credit: Dwight Sipler / CC BYWhat do you get when you mix my two favorite dog breeds? A Pomsky! You get the Siberian Husky Pomeranian mix. Otherwise known as the cutest dog ever!The Pomsky looks like a fake dog when you see pictures of him. He looks photoshopped and unreal. But, and I will blow your […]

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black and tan chihuahua dachshund mix chiweenie

11 Outstanding Facts About the Chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund Mix)

Credit: Barron Fujimoto / CC BY-NC-SASome people just need a travel buddy. Well, the Chihuahua and Dachshund mix is exactly that. Formally known as a Chiweenie, this lovely dog can fit anywhere and would look good doing it.This crossbreed has been around since the 90s, and its popularity is increasing every day.The Chihuahua is considered the smallest […]

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white Maltipoo Maltese poodle mix on a white sofa

13 Surprising Facts About the Maltipoo (A.K.A. Maltese Poodle Mix)

Credit: Jonathan Silverberg / CC BYThere is no limit to cuteness when it comes to small dogs. And a Maltipoo is slowly climbing to the top of the list. The Maltese and Poodle mix is strikingly beautiful, and its size just makes him a dog you’d want to cuddle with all day long.There is a reason […]

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black female pit bull lab mix

9 Amazing Facts About the Pit Bull Lab Mix (A.K.A. the Labrabull)

Credit: Luiza Bittencourt / CC BY-NCSomeone somewhere thought of a crazy idea: A Pitbull Lab mix!The two dogs are completely different breeds. One is America’s favorite, and the other is getting banned everywhere in the world.Mixed American Pitbull Terrier with a Labrador Retriever is such an interesting crossbreed, but it is not a popular one.It is […]

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boxador (boxer lab mix) puppy holding a stick in its mouth

11 Interesting Facts About the Boxer Lab Mix (A.K.A. The Boxador)

Credit: Greg Hirson / CC BY-NCIntroducing the Boxador: A Boxer Lab Mix. This crossbreed is one of the most famous in the world.How could it not be?Both the Labrador Retriever and the Boxer are on the top ten of the United States most popular dog breeds.There is a reason why both these dogs are getting so […]

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