13 Fascinating Facts About The Corgi Husky Mix (aka The Siborgi)

cute husky corgi mix on a leech

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The best dog is a Husky, but the cutest is Corgi. I think that’s how the song goes. But if we mix it up a bit; we get “the best and cutest dog is Corgi Husky mix”.

What? There is no such song? Oh well! Don’t mind me when I sing it everywhere I go.

We, humans, had issues conceiving what the cutest dog would look like. That was until someone thought of cross-breeding a Siberian Husky with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The results?

A combination of eye catching Husky looking dog, and the tears-dripping, attractive body of a Corgi.

I know that I am stating the obvious right now because you probably already have seen the dog. You had that experience which made you go to the internet and look for more details and information about this wonderful crossbreed. But I just could not resist give you a manifestation of how I feel when I see this crossbreed somewhere.

So, without any further ado, Let’s get right into this article.

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Who is The Siborgi or Horgi?

A cute little dog that captures your soul and rules your home.

This adorable crossbreed dog comes from the lovely breeds of The Siberian Husky and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both breeds are remarkably popular and relatively share a lot of characteristics.

Crossbreed Parents

The Husky

The Siberian husky is a distinctive breed which was officially recognized by The American Kennel Club in 1930. However, this little buddy’s history is old.

He is one of the oldest breeds out there. He dates back to the time where there were no cars, and animals were our only way to travel inland. For those who lived in icy parts of the northern hemisphere, they used dogs to travel.

pack of huskies dragging a man on sled in the snow

Huskies doing the best thing they know how to do: sledging.

Among those dog breeds who were used, there are the adorable Huskies. They are some tough pets, they dragged sleds for long distances; distances that we humans cannot sustain by ourselves under those harsh conditions.

The Siberian Husky excelled in this job because he has a massive level of energy and endurability. The density of his dual-layered coat really helped him undergo the hard atmosphere there. (Read more about this in this article)

The Corgi

The other parent that this adorable crossbreed derives from is The Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This little fella would surprisingly surpass your expectations from the first sight. Tough he is a bit tinny, he is a champion at herding cattle that are humongous in comparison to the dog.

a cute corgi walking on the edge of a pool

There is Cake by the Beach and this Corgi by the Pool!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was originally bred to herd, and he is a working-class dog who has a mystic history that is deeply indulged into the welsh culture.

(You can find more about that in this article.)

All in all, both parents of this delightful crossbreed are incredibly amazing, and they are very popular. According to The American Kennel Club, in 2016, the Siberian husky was the 12th most popular dog breed, and The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was 18th.

I dare you to watch this video and not smile to “the cutieful” derpiness of this playful Crogi Husky Crossbreed.

Now, for the main event. The star of the show. Here are some facts you didn't know about the Siberian Husky Pembroke Welsh Corgi crossbreed.

13 Amazing Facts About The Siborgi!

1. Siborgi Is the Name here

husky corgi mix looking confidently into the camera

Who are you talking about?

Photo credit: animalso.com

As most crossbreeds, The Corgi Husky mix does not have one official name that everyone takes as the unique name for the crossbreed. A lot of people recognize him as the Mini Husky. Some call him Siborgi, others call him Horgi. Also, there are some that call him Husgi.

I have chosen to refer to him in the rest of this article as Siborgi.

In case you are wondering why: simply because the thought of a dog-cyborg is just too cute and funny for you not to press into.

If you want to pick a Siborgi and you are not settled on what to call your puppy, here are some suggested names: Fluffy, Piggy, Howly, Barcky. Anything that ends with the sounds of “e” is fitting for this cute dog.

2. If You Want to Have Your Own Siborgi

You should NOT buy your puppy from “any” pet selling store, because it is difficult to track down whether the parents are healthy or not. You should check if the parents have genetic problems like fluffies from The Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Therefore, you should learn the proper procedure of getting a pet. There are not that much Siborgi breeders out there. So, just a little research will help you find the closest Siborgi breeder to you.

3. What About Shedding and Grooming Your Corgi Husky Mix?

Because The Corgi is a heavy shedder, and the Husky is a high shedding breed, you end up with a dog that heavily sheds and requires two times grooming weekly. If your dog has fluffies, you should give more attention to grooming.

The Siborgi has a dense doubled coat. The undercoat is short and thick, the outer coat is coarser and longer. They can be fluffy with coat of extreme length and exaggerated feathering on the ears, the chest, legs, and feet.

Fluffiness is a genetic disease inherited from the Corgi. The Siborgi is an easy dog to groom thanks to the smooth coat that he has. You will not find issues grooming this dog If you are a novice pet owner. However, it is advisable to learn how to groom your dog before getting one. (More on that in this article.)

4. The Characteristics You Should Be Aware Of

You have to understand that roots of The Siborgi to know why your dog has certain behaviors. The Siberian Husky is a working-class breed, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a herding dog.

So, your Husky Corgi mix can pick any characters from the parents. There are no absolute characteristics that are present in all Siborgi dogs except being super-duper cute.

So, you have to know about the Siberian Husky and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in order to know what traits your dog can pick from the parents. (Use the links provided above to get that information. Also, Huskies are still the best.)

5. A Siborgi Has Good Temperament

As you’d expect, The Siborgi has a great temperament. He is very affectionate, and a lot of people reported to enjoy a great life experience having Siborgi as a family pet. He has a tremendous mind, and he is not afraid to show it.

He is very smart and enthusiastic. He’s ambitious to learn. Having this lovely crossbreed will teach you a lot about dogs, because he is devoted and loyal. He is protective and loves to please.

Overall, he is simply lovable.

Since The Siborgi is a crossbreed, he gets a mixed temperament from both parents. The result of crossbreeding can either be a balanced mixture or a one sided dominant traits of one parent.

Personality traits are hard to guess as the genetics involved aren’t conclusive. However, training and socialization are what will ultimately make the personality of your dog shine.

6. What Class Is This Crossbreed?

The Siberian Husky is a working-class breed, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a herding group dog. Therefore, The Siborgi can either be a herding or a working class.

There is no fixed group that all Siborgis are classified with, it all comes to the dominant traits from the ancestors. You have to cope with your dog’s needs depending on what class he is associated with.

In case you want to know more about dog breeds by groups; this article should come in handy.

However, it is clear that the Corgi Husky mix is an energetic dog who doesn’t like lazying around that much.

7. Adaptability Levels Are Optimistic

corgi husky mix siborgi walking in a cute way

Siborgi puppy in a fancy walk! Cuteness over 9000!

The Siborgi is not by all means a space-needy dog. He can live in an apartment (we have a list of those here). However, it is preferable to have a yard. The Siborgi is very playful and energetic. He requires one long walk a day at least.

Also, playing is necessary, you will not walk away from this one. Playing is essential because it helps burning the energy that this little fella has, and it strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The yard helps your dog spend the gushing energy he has fairly well.

So, three hours in the yard plus the daily walk will do the trick. However, if you do not have a yard, you can take your dog to nearby dog parks and give him that off-leash time to spend with other dogs.

8. Siborgi Stands (and sits, plays, does tricks..) for Friendliness

The Siborgi is a very friendly dog, he is okay with strangers. He can get a bit nippy with little kids but with proper training he becomes a very friendly dog towards everyone.

He is very nice with other dogs. In fact, he coexists with other species as well; that is if you have other species pets.

Just do bare in mind that he might get a bit stubborn if he inherits the herding characteristics. There, you got to show him who is the boss.

9. He Is Not Hard to Train

As you may know training your dog is necessary because it helps creating peace and harmony in your life together. Proper training distinguishes between good dog and a bad dog. The Siborgi is one of the best dogs that takes little to nothing to train. He is known to be easy to train.

Because he is enthusiastic and eager to learn, he is recommended for novice owners. There are a few things that you should your dog to do.

One is the training on the stop command; this one is essential due to the fact of potential nipping. Crate training is advised, though it sounds harsh.

Teaching your dog how to stay at home is crucial, and here shines the crate training. After the crate training, you should not feel worried leaving your dog at home alone. (More on how to train your dog here).

10. Hello, I Want to Play a Game

As we said earlier, you should brace yourself for a storm of playfulness. So, we recommend you buying a Frisbee. If you have a yard, you should set up a flirt pole so that your dog maximized on his play time.

Also, you need to set yourself ready for tugs of war. Tugging is necessary to release the urge to bite. It’s more of a subtle training than playing, and that's why playing with your dog is good.

Most of the recommended games require the basic commands such as fetch, search, and hide and seek.

Praises and treats should be given at the end of the game whenever your dog finishes the required task.

11. Toys Are The Joy of a Dog’s Life

It is not just about the toy; it is about the satisfaction.

The toy brings satisfaction to the dogs needs of chewing and biting. If you do not get your dog a toy, then his mental state would collapse, and the furniture as well.

The toy provides stimulation both mentally and physically. There will be some behavioral disorder if you do not provide your dog with a toy. (More on what toy to pick for your dog here.)


Like any dog, The Siborgi may develop medical problems as he grows up; even if you selectively breed your dog, eventually he might pick up an illness that is common in his crossbreed.

The Siborgi is relatively healthy, and enjoys a happy 13-15 years of his lifespan. However, there are some medical problems that his parents suffer which he can develop.

So, your dog might be prone to multiple illnesses; of which we will mention only the major common ones. The health conditions are canine hip dysplasia, eye defects, intervertebral disc disease, and uveodermatologic syndrome.

To identify some of these issues, a veterinarian may recommend hip, eye, and DNA tests for the dog.

Though this part sounds shady, your dog is most likely to enjoy a happy healthy life because Super-duper cute is not sickness proof.

13. Barking and Howling Like Music To Your Ears

The Siborgi is very vocal because he comes from artistic ancestries. The Siberian Husky is very known for his melodic howling, and The Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners remarked that their dog pretty much barks at anything and anyone.

So, I present to you the perfect combination of high level of howling and barking. If you are not a big fan of noisy dogs, or you live in a crowded place, the Siborgi is unfortunately not recommended for you.

However, this combination is not a big deal because the fact you want to get a dog means that you have barking and howling on your Wishlist.

Now tell me that is not worth experiencing.


The Siborgi is a loving and lovable pet to pick up as a family member. He sure will bring your joy and happiness.

We recommend you get one as soon as possible. He is protective, loyal, enthusiastic and affectionate. He is perfect dog for a family.

Feel free to share your Siborgi’s photos and share with us your experience of having this loving crossbreed.

Let us know in the comments down below if you have a Siborgi, or wish to have one, or which crossbreed are you currently looking for!

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