11 Amazing Facts About the Chihuahua Yorkie Mix (A.K.A. Chorkie)

Chorkie on the street

Hello people, I am back again, yet with another article about a beautiful mix breed, the Chorkie. This dog is the perfect cross between the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier (also known as the Yorkie, and this is hands down the cutest name ever). Extremely cute and annoyingly adorable, the Chorkie is an animal that is full of surprises.

The first Chorkie was first bred in the 1990’s, and since then, they have been taking over the dog world, one small bark at a time. Today, it is one of the most demanded and popular small mixed breeds, and we can naturally all understand why. He is the perfect cuddly companion, he is active, and most importantly, he has a big personality that can charm anyone in the matter of seconds.

The Chorkie is an adorable little ball of fur, and he will leave you in awe over just how cute he is. He melts hearts, a bit like a dog version of Don Juan, and he knows it. They are one of the cutest breeds of designer dogs out there, and they charm with their good looks and happy personality. Like every mutt though, you can never know what a puppy Chorkie will look like until they grow into fully adult dogs. But, by the time they do, you will have fun watching them try to discover the world as brave little puppies.

But, before we start talking about the Chorkie, let’s first learn more about his parents, shall we?

Who are the Chorkie’s purebred parents?

Both the Chorkie’s purebred parents, the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier, are considered toy dogs. Small and cuddly, their mix makes a great dog, but first, let’s learn more about them.

The Chihuahua

Chihuahua laying on a bed

Ah, my poor heart can’t take so much cuteness!

Small, but with the personality of a Rottweiler, the Chihuahua is definitely not a dog that shies away from life. Known for being the world’s smallest dog, the Chihuahua still has the biggest personality and the strongest character among his peers. His larger than life persona makes him charming and appeals to everyone around him. The Chihuahua is a star and he definitely knows it.

The Chihuahua never shies away from a bit of fun, in the contrary, he loves nothing more than playing with the people he loves. He is the kind of dog that would follow you all around the house, just because he wants to spend time with you. This is why it is sometimes difficult to leave this breed alone: they are so attached to their owners that they can easily develop separation anxiety and turn into destructive little pets.

And, not only can Chihuahuas make the best housemates, they are also extremely intelligent and easy to train, if training and socialization start early in their puppyhood. They don’t respond to harsh training though, so the best way to make them listen to you is by using treats and praise. Since they are so small and have a busy mind, they are always trying to escape, but this is part of the Chihuahuas’ undeniable charm. But, this could be dangerous for a Chihuahua, as he might go into a fight with a larger dog and end up seriously injured. So, if you are a proud Chihuahua’s papa or mama, always make sure to have an eye on your pooch.

Some people also think that because they are so small, Chihuahuas could get along with children. But, the truth couldn’t be farthest from this. Small kids don’t know how to behave with dogs, and since the Chihuahua is so fragile, he can easily get hurt playing with children who don’t know how to handle dogs.

Another surprising little fact about Chihuahuas is that they make great watch dogs. They might not be able to physically attack an intruder, but they will definitely do their best to warn you of danger. This is mostly because Chihuahuas do not trust strangers easily, unless they have been socialized to people at an early age. Same thing goes for dogs, since Chihuahuas usually tend to forget how small and weak they are and try to start fights with larger dogs if they are not properly socialized to them.

All in all, Chihuahuas make great companions for people with small apartments who want a dog and have time to take care of him. They are sweet and loyal, and they will definitely make you happy.

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The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie in a forest

Look at how majestic this tiny pooch is!

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkie, is another toy dog breed that delights people with its fantastic personality. Feisty, and stubborn, yet extremely loving, he is not a dog for the weak of heart, no matter what his small size tells you. Stylish and glamorous, the Yorkshire Terrier attracts attention wherever he goes, and he loves it (he’s a bit of a diva, to be honest. Watch out, Mariah Carey!).

His long beautiful coat is actually what makes him so attractive. The Yorkshire Terrier always looks like royalty, all in a steel blue and tan coat. But, the looks are not all there is about Yorkshire Terriers. What truly charms people is this dog’s big big personality. The Yorkie has the character of a big dog in a small body, always wanting to go on new adventures and trying to play around. And, since he was bred as a companion dog, the Yorkshire Terrier has heaps of love to give to his people, and only his people. After all, he has terrier heritage, and that makes it hard for the Yorkie to trust strangers. This is why, like the Chihuahua, he should be socialized and trained early in his puppyhood, so he can learn to behave and not bark all the time.

Yorkies are also quite aggressive against other dogs and smaller animals, especially squirrels. And, just like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers have a soft side too. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety, because they love their owners so much they can’t get separated from them for too long.

Yorkshire Terriers also don’t do well around small children, given their tiny stature, and how fragile they are. They would match better with a family with older children who know how to respect dogs and behave around and with them. And, even though these small balls of fur are apartment dogs, they still need daily exercise, either in the form of a playing session in the house, or a nice walk around the neighborhood.

In the end, the Yorkshire Terrier is just a dog who wants to be loved. If you do so, you won’t regret it, because your pooch will give you all the affection in the world.

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So, now that we know more about the purebred parents, let’s find out more about the Chorkie.

The Chorkie

Like most mixed breed dogs, the adult Chorkie is usually a surprise to everyone, from his owner to the people around him. You can never know what he will look like as a fully-grown dog, mostly because most mixed breeds’ coat changes color as they grow older. But, since we know a bit about his purebred parents, we can guess some of his physical characteristics.

1. The Chorkie is a small small dog

Since he comes from a mix of two toy dogs (I will never cease to be amazed at how funny this name is, honestly), the Chorkie will naturally be quite the tiny dog, even as an adult. Usually, the Chorkie is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, weighing between 5 to 9 pounds, and only slightly bigger than the Chihuahua. Sometimes though, if he takes more from his Chihuahua parents, the Chorkie can be even smaller, which definitely makes him the cutest thing around the house.

2. They have a unique look to them

Chorkie on a sofa

You can’t resist the cuteness, can you?

Credit: Jimmy Snell / CC BY

When it comes to their looks, Chorkie pups are usually the perfect combination of their two purebred parents. They often have silky long hair, inherited from their Yorkshire Terrier parent. They also have a small head, with long triangular ears, just like their Chihuahua parent.

For the body shape, you will also never be sure how your Chorkie will end up looking. For example, when it comes to the legs, he will either have fairly tall legs (thank you, Chihuahuas genes) or love their whole life with shorter ones, thanks to their Yorkshire genes.

All in all, the look of a Chorkie is usually a gamble, because, like every mutt, you will never know what he will look like until he is fully grown.

3. Their coat color is a gamble as well

Usually, the Yorkshire Terrier comes in a few, limited colors, such as tan, black, and grey. But, this is not the case for the Chihuahua, which has more unlimited options, going from creamy white to light gray, brown, or even red.

So, when it comes to the coat, the Chorkie usually inherits his from his Chihuahua parent, thus coming in a lot of different colors. But, he also inherits the thickness of his coat from his Yorkshire Terrier parent, which definitely makes him one of the cutest dogs around.

4. Caring for the Chorkie is important, and you will need to follow a few, specific steps

When it comes to brushing and shedding, you should know that the Chorkie is known for being a non to light-shedder. This means that brushing your little pooch’s hair once a day is enough to make sure it doesn’t get matted or all tangled up. This also make this cross breed perfect for people with allergies, since they don’t shed enough to trigger a full allergy attack.

Chorkies usually have sensitive skin, so bathing them once a week is actually enough. Always use special dog shampoo, since human shampoo and soap are too strong, and might irritate or dry your best friend’s skin. You can shop online for it or go to a pet store, and if you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at our own list of the best dog shampoos on the market. After all, nothing beats a good review.

Because of their Chihuahua genes, Chorkies tend to grow hair really fast in their ears. This should be carefully taken care of, since if the hair is left to grow too long, it might lead to ear infections and Chorkies are quite prone to these (more about it later). If you are scared of trimming your Chorkie’s ear hair on your own, take an appointment with a professional dog groomer, they will definitely know what to do.

Finally, you should know that your Chorkie’s nails might grow really fast, which is why they should be trimmer every two weeks. You can either use the services of a professional or trim your dog’s nails yourself. If you chose the second option, then we have a little something for you.

5. Chorkies can mix well with children

Chorkie on rocks

Chorkies get along with kids as long as they are properly socialized.

Credit: Stephen Hynds / CC BY-SA

…as long as they are properly socialized and trained, of course. Since it’s such a small and affectionate dog, he can mix well with children at home. Fun loving, friendly, and playful, he will want nothing more than to run around a house, with a child on his heels.

But, if you have very small children, then always make sure to supervise their interaction with the dog. Since the Chorkie is such a tiny pooch, he can easily get hurt. so, make sure your children know how to play with the dog without injuring him.

All in all, with a bit of socialization, your Chorkie will be able to interact with other humans and pets without a lot of difficulty. He will be able to warm up to other people and pets in no time, and you will thankful for it.

6. The Chorkie is the perfect apartment dog

What’s great about the Chorkie is how comfortable this dog feels inside an apartment, or any other living area, really. Usually, most dogs require a bit a space to run around and play, such as a backyard or a garden. But, a Chorkie will be perfectly happy in your living room, chilling on the couch with you and your family.

But, if you live in an apartment building, make sure that your Chorkie isn’t barking too much, since that could be a hassle for the neighbors. After all, no one likes being woken up at night by a small dog’s yapping, not even hardcore dog lovers like us.

7. The Chorkie has too much energy for his tiny body

Just like his two purebred parents, the Chorkie is a dog who is full of energy. He loves life and enjoys nothing more than a good exercise session with you. This is quite important, because if this tiny ball of fur doesn’t get enough exercise, he will turn into a miserable depressed dog, and no one wants that.

One thing though: when you go out for a walk with your Chorkie, know that he won’t be able to walk as much as a bigger, more powerful dog would. They tire out much faster than, let’s say, a Blue Nosed Pit Bull, and will need you to help them a bit from time to time.

8. Even though they are small, they still need quality food

Since Chorkies have a level of energy that is unusual in small dog breeds, they need an extremely high-quality diet. This should consist in premium, nutritious dry or wet dog food, that can offer them protein, mineral, vitamins, far, and carbohydrates all at once. A brand such as Nulo Dog Food is perfect for this small dog breed, but don’t hesitate to shop around and ask for your vet’s advice as well.

9. They are stubborn, yet easy to train

Chorkie smiling at the camera

What a precious creature!

Credit: Jeremiah John McBride / CC BY-ND

Because both the Chorkie’s parents are smart, this mixed breed is actually quite easy to train, despite the stubbornness that comes with its Chihuahua parent’s genes. You’d have to start training and socialization early into puppyhood, using techniques such as positive reinforcements, praises, treats, consistency, and firmness.

Keep in mind that Chorkies thrive more in the indoors than in the outdoors, so you will have to potty train your small bundle of joy if you don’t want him to smear poop everywhere around the house or pee on furniture. Start potty training since an early age, this way your dog can form a good habit.

10. They are affectionate watch dogs

Yes, you might think that because of their small stature, Chorkies wouldn’t make the best watch dogs. But, you would be wrong. Sure, a Chorkie isn’t as strong as a German Shepherd, and will not be able to stop an intruder who is trying to go into your house. But, because the Chorkie has inherited his barking capabilities from his Chihuahua genes, he will definitely let you know when he senses danger.

Both Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers make excellent watch dogs, mostly because they are mistrustful of strangers, and that is what makes them so good at warning their owners about danger.

But, Chorkies also have a soft side to them, just like every other dog breeds. Even though they are playful and full of energy, they also like nothing more than hanging out with you on the couch and cuddling up. Chorkies like spending quality time with their owners, and might suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They like and require attention at all time, so be sure to be up to the task before adopting a Chorkie.

11. They might suffer from some health problems

Just like every mixed breed, Chorkies suffer from their own health problems, usually inherited from their purebred parents. Here are the three health issues they are the most prone to suffer from:

Usually though, Chorkies tend to live long, healthy lives (they can live up to 15 years) given that they are properly taken care of.


Chorkies are a beautiful dog breed that we still don’t know much about. They are extremely cute and will turn your life into an action movie as soon as they can, and you will love it. They need a lot of attention though, so if you can’t give it to them, it is better to adopt another breed of dog, such as the Rottweiler.

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