Cesar Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 5 Products]

Cesar Dog Food Reviews

Cesar Cuisine and Treats is a dog food brand that lines up a wide assortment of wet and dry canned dog food.

Initially, the brand only ran the pates line of production, but it has since ventured into several other lines of products including Gourmet Filets in Sauce, Sunrise Breakfast, Savory Delights, and Treats.

Although the brand’s products are mainly formulated for small dog breeds, the manufacturers are also keen on making the brand appeal to large breed owners.

The mission statement on the official Cesar website states the company has the nutritional needs of canine companions as the front and center of their production plans.

However, as will be revealed in this Cesar dog food review, the degree to which the company remains true to this mission statement is debatable, given the first impression one gets from glancing through any of the brand’s product’s ingredient list.

This is not to say that the brand’s ingredients list is terrible and disappointing.

Cesar dog food ranks more or less than average in terms of overall nutritional value.

Before we get into the meaty greasy of the article and in case you don’t have the time to go through the whole article, here is a quick recap of the 5 products with all their pros and cons.

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Cesar Dog Food In Lines

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Cesar Cuisine and Treats is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, one of the longest standing privately owned blue chip corporation with an annual revenue of about $30 billion.

The company is owned by the the Mars family, and has its headquarters in McClean, Virginia. As an industry leader, it has firmly held stakes to a proportionately sizable piece of the dog food industry revenue pie for decades now, owning many widely used dog food brands like Royal Canin, Pedigree and Nutro pet foods.

The company has several manufacturing facilities spread across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The brand puts together a wide assortment of product lines including:

  • The Original Pates which features flavors like the T-bone steak, chicken liver, chicken & beef, and chicken grilled chicken flavor.
  • The Cesar Savory Delight which features flavors such as the Rotisserie chicken flavor with bacon and cheese, and the porterhouse steak flavor.
  • The Gourmet Filets in Sauce, which has a number of flavors including grilled chicken and New York strip.
  • The Softies Medley that comes in flavors such as softies filet mignon and softies grilled chicken.
  • The Cesar Sunrise Breakfast that comes in flavors such as smoked bacon & egg in meaty juices, and scrambled egg & sausage.
  • Cesar Treats that features formulas such as cookie crunchies.
  • Cesar Meaty Selects that come in flavors such as the beef and grilled chicken.

Cesar Dog Food Pros

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Irresistible Flavors

According to numerous positive reviews about the brand, the brand’s flavors are very tasty and irresistible.

Great Sources Of Amino Acids And Proteins

The brand prioritizes the availability of proteins and amino acids in its brands; all the brand’s products are very rich in amino acids.

Cesar Dog Foods Cons

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Ingredients That May Trigger Allergies

For one reason or another, the company has decided to include allergens in most of the brand’s formulas, and this has been one of the downsides that users have complained most bitterly about. More on ingredients that trigger allergies here.

The Use of Fillers

Most of the brand’s formulas feature ingredients that can most likely be labeled as fillers (ingredients with little or no nutritional value).

Cesar Dog Food Recalls

As of the time this review was written, there were no records on the FDA or AVMA data bases of voluntary recalls of any Cesar dog food product.

Cesar Dog Food Ingredients

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As we’ll soon be shown in this Cesar dog food review, most of the brand’s products are excellent sources of carbs and protein.

These products come with first-rate sources of animal protein such as chicken and beef.

However, these products also source their protein contents mainly from animal by-products.

Since they’re obtained from undesirable animal parts such as intestines and internal organs and are devoid of fleshy animal parts, animal by-products are generally frowned upon across many quarters.

Although the source of these animal by-products are undisclosed, beef by-products and chicken by-products are the two most frequently used sources.

The AAFCO does recognize the nutritional value of animal byproducts, and have categorically defined them as any unwanted animal parts except horns, tooth, hooves and hairs.

However, a number of studies have proved that these animal by-products are actually 30% richer in amino acids and protein contents than fresh, meaty animal parts, and these nutrients are highly essential to your dog’s health.

Besides proteins, amino acids and carbs, Cesar dog foods don’t really have other nutrient that they can boast of having a rich supply of, and this will be further elaborated on in the proceeding sections of this Cesar dog food review.

The other common ingredients have stirred a lot of controversies.

For instance, artificially added food colors not only poses real risks in themselves, but they’re extraneous ingredients, since they neither carry any nutritional value nor make the food more or less palatable.

Nonetheless, the overall balance of nutrients in the Cesar dog food formulas seem to fall short in terms of the average nutritional value expected of any good dog food.

To boot, many ingredients that are regularly featured in the brand’s product lines are highly controversial, including animal by-products obtained from undisclosed sources.

How To Get The Best Bang Out Of Your Bucks With Cesar Dog Foods

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Have these in mind and never outspend your budget.

It’s an all too familiar experience to walk down the pet care aisle of a store and to wade back and forth undecidedly before you finally settle for a product solely because of product’s label and not out of a sound understanding of the product’s makeup.

Without a seasoned understanding of dog nutrition or help from a veterinarian, choosing the most suitable formula that completely caters for you finicky canine can turn out dicey.

Already, the debate concerning which is the better between raw and manufactured dog food seems to never end.

Adherents of raw diets are always quick to point out the inclusion of allergy agents such as soy, wheat and corn in packaged dog food that seems to be the order of the day in the dog food industry.

Proponents of manufactured food condemn raw diets for their tendency to harbor infectious bacteria and salmonella poison.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is that your furball friend’s nutritional needs should be your uttermost priority when considering the most suitable food for it.

It goes without saying that the growth, survival and longevity of your canine friend is primarily dependent on your canine daily nutritional intake.

Cesar dog foods are manufactured with the direct involvement of professional veterinarians and animal nutritionists. They’re hence formulated to offer your dog all its needs to live a long, healthy life, as will be shown in this Cesar dog food review.

Since Cesar dog foods are put together by seasoned professionals, they’re therefore a superior option than homemade natural dog food.

Besides, it is a product of a blue chip company that has enough resources at its disposal to ensure the potency and quality of their products.

The manufacturers run the Waltham Center, a pet nutrition research organization based in the UK.

Cesar dog food is said to be one of the fruits of the researches carried out in that center.

Cesar Dog Food Reviews: Top 5 Products!

Cesar Dog Food Ratings

1. Cesar Meaty selects Filet Mignon Flavor

This product’s ingredient list is passable and not cut out as that of a great dog food.

The first ingredient listed on the product’s ingredient list is meat by-products.

The source of this meat by-product remains concealed from public eyes.

Meat by-products usually draw a dim view from dog owners.

The product is composed of 82% moisture, with water listed as the product’s second ingredient.

The product features animal liver as its third ingredient.

The source of this animal liver also remains shrouded in mystery, but the ingredient in itself is very healthy and highly recommended.

The fourth ingredient is chicken, a great source of protein and other essential elements.

The fifth is poultry by-products --yet another great source of protein whose origin the company has refrained from disclosing to the public.

The product also features wheat flour which can be regarded as a filler ingredient since it holds little nutritional value.

However, the company has stood by its decision to include wheat in the product’s makeup by asserting that wheat is vital to the production of canned dog food.


  • The product has a lot of protein sources like beef and chicken, although the origins of most of the others remain a mystery to the public.
  • Featuring dried plain beet pulp, which is a good source of insoluble fiber, the product offers sufficient energy for metabolic processes.


  • The menadione sodium complex component of the product produces effects similar to that of vitamin K. Vitamin K, according to AAFCO, is an extraneous ingredient in dog’s food.

2. Cesar Grilled New York Strip Steak Flavor With Potatoes & Summer Vegetables

Made with first-rate ingredients like chicken and chicken liver, this product is a great source of protein and one of the best to be rolled out of the Cesar dog food factories.

The product’s top five ingredients list also features wheat gluten, which is arguably a filler ingredient.

This ingredient is also a possible allergy agent.

Another possible allergy agent that make the product unfit for dogs with sensitivity issues is guar gum, which has been rumored to trigger certain health conditions in dogs.


  • The product is made from some top-notch ingredients such as beef, chicken and chicken liver.
  • The product comes with a significantly greater amount of protein, with carbohydrate and fatty contents kept at moderate levels.


  • It contains beef and wheat gluten, which are potential allergens.
  • It also features some controversial ingredients such as corn starch.

3. Cesar Slow Roasted Lamb Flavor with Spring Vegetables

This product features lamb as an amazing first ingredient. Lamb is a great source of protein for dog food.

However, the benefits of lamb as a dog food ingredient has been overdrawn upon in this product, as lamb seems to be the product’s only outstanding ingredient.

Other top ingredients include chicken by-products, which by many standards fall short in terms of the quality and quantity of protein.

On the downside, the product’s ingredients list features ground yellow corn, and brewers rice which are all considered as fillers, although they do help keep the kibble in regular shape.


  • It features lamb (a rare but rich source of protein in dog food).


  • Chicken by-products, ground yellow corn, brewer rice, and gluten corn meal, all contained in the product, are no-nos to some dog owners.
  • The above named controversial ingredients are also potential allergens.

4. Cesar Rotisserie Chicken Flavor & Spring Vegetables

With chicken listed as its first ingredient, this product is as great a source of protein as are the other products reviewed in this article.

Not only does the product use chicken as its main source of animal protein, it also includes chicken by-products in the mix to increase its quantity and quality of protein.

The product’s list of protein sources also includes chicken by-products.

However, Cesar Rotisserie Chicken Flavor with Spring Vegetables contains ground yellow corn, brewers rice and ground wheat which are all considered fillers but which all serve to keep the kibble in regular shape.


  • The product features top notch sources of proteins and amino acids including fresh chicken.


  • Some of the product’s ingredients, including ground yellow corn and brewer rice are all questionable ingredients.
  • The ingredients considered as fillers are also potential allergens.

5. Cesar Smoked Bacon & Egg

This product isn’t actually a high flier when compared with other products in the market, but its nutritional composition does pack a punch of vital nutrients.

This can easily be inferred from the makeup of the product’s first five ingredients.

With a good quantity and quality of protein content, as well as minimal amounts of fillers and by-products, the product makes for an ideal dog food at its going price.

Although there are some unfamiliar and complex-sounding chemicals in the product’s ingredients list, they’re few and far in between, and are therefore not a cause for alarm.


  • The product has a significantly higher quantity and quality of protein and fatty contents than most dog foods.
  • The product’s level of carbohydrate is kept well under the average for dog foods.


  • The product comes with potential allergy agents like beef by-products and chicken by-products.
  • Carrageenan, guar gum and meat by-products are controversial ingredients contained in the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does the brand source any of its ingredients from China?

None of the brand’s products are made outside of the shores of the United States, neither is any of the brand's ingredients sourced from China.

2. Are Cesar dog foods suitable for large dog breeds?

Generally, individual dogs have their peculiar nutritional requirements. However, Cesar dog foods are packaged as single meal servings for small breed dogs. But that’s not say the food is not suitable for large breed.Generally, a dog weighing 10 pounds can be filled with 4 trays of a Cesar dog food product.

3. Does the brand make use of fillers?

Some ingredients used to hold kibbles in firm shape such as wheat and brewer rice may be considered fillers, but not to the fullest extent, since they make the formulas more savory.

4. Do you need elaborate preparations like microwaving before serving Cesar dog foods?

This is totally optional. You can microwave the dog food by placing the tray directly inside the microwave for a very short while. You can store leftovers in a cool dry place at room temperature.

5. What is the average percentage of by-products in any Cesar product?

It has been proven that animal by-products actually contain 30% more protein than fresh animal meat. Nonetheless, most of Cesar dog food products contain percentages of crude protein and other essential nutrients that are higher than the percentages recommended by the government.

6. Should you use supplements in addition to Cesar dog food?

As stated on the Cesar’s official website, Cesar formulas are designed to provide holistic nutritional value. Hence there is no need to use extra supplements in order to provide a balanced diet for your feline friend.


The ingredients list reflects a product of average quality, although the brand’s products are outstanding sources of protein, amino acids and carbs.

If you’re a dog owner looking for budget-friendly dog foods that do not sacrifice basic nutritional value, then this brand’s products are an ideal solution.

The brand’s products have also been known to come in flavors that are irresistible.

Nevertheless, its been shown that the most healthy dog food formulas are rich in protein, low on carb, and contain moderate fatty contents.

Cesar dog foods tend to do well in this respect, and they’ve been widely used by dog owners for a long time now.

Choice time.

If you feel like lost choosing among the three products above, go with CESAR Home Delights Adult Wet Dog Food.

That’s the one we had much success with. Obviously, dogs tastes vary.

Experiment with the five till you hit the one your little friend feels more comfortable with.

Cesar Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


To conclude our Cesar Dog Food review, here are my final thoughts on the company. The overall quality of food is pretty good. Their products prices are pretty good. And their recall history is clean.

The only downside is that they use fillers and some by-products within the ingredients.

Other than, the company has a really great reputation.

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