Canidae Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 5]

Canidae Dog Food Reviews

It is a challenge to find a super premium dog food in the market.

However, those who know Canidae exists, they know what to look for.

The brand makes some of the best premium dog food products available to customers today.

That is why it is time for our own Canidae dog food reviews.

Below, we will have a look at who is Canidae and who manufactures their foods.

We will, also, go through what makes them gain so much positive feedback, and we’ll try to find out what their history hides.

That all comes before we review their very 5 best products based on ingredient quality, pricing, and overall customer and expert reviews.

Spoiler-alert: Canidae is a great dog food that we usually recommend.

How premium is this brand?

Will it fit the needs of your dog?

We’ll answer these questions down below.

About Canidae Dog Food

20 years ago, in 1997, Canidae Pet Food Corporation started producing and selling premium dog food that we know today simply as Canidae.

They are a family-owned business with a passion for loving and caring for pets.

That is why both their dog and cat foods are premium. (We can also assume that their new Horse feed is premium too.)

However, there is still confusion about who used to manufacture Canidae products.

The company has been so secretive about this and has not yet issued any statement.

However, they have built their own facility, which they called Ethos Pet Nutrition plant.

The company’s motto has since been “pet food made by pet people”.

Yet, some say that the facility is too small to handle all the manufacturing of Canidae’s food production.

This means that they may still be outsourcing some of their manufacturing needs.

That should not be an issue as there isn’t some dark plot being planned in the background.

Canidae is a great advocate for quality over quantity when it comes to pet food.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons many pet experts and owners recommend them whenever possible.

What’s Good About Canidae Dog Food?

There is a lot to say about Canidae as they have been advocating for better foods for dogs since they sold their first bag.

Their passion for making the pet food industry as best as possible is clear when you look at the ingredients used in their dog foods. (We’ll get to that later.)

Here are a few reasons why people love Canidae dog food.

french bulldog smiling over a yard fence

Excited to learn about Canidae!

Fresh Canidae Dog Food Ingredients

Not many brands are proud owners of farms where they get most of the ingredients they need for their products.

Canidae took that step and is now proudly growing their own ingredients in a farm in Texas.

In fact, Canidae often refers to themselves as fresh ingredient obsessed.

They are supposed to harvest about a million pound in 2017, which will all ship to their Ethos Pet Nutrition plant. In other words, they grow their own ingredients and they make their own foods.


Being a family that loves pets, Canidae supports and donates a lot of money each year to foundations and associations whose main goal is to serve and protect pets.

As pet owners themselves, Canidae believes that charity is part of their company’s philosophy.

According to PetFoodIndustry, they even encourage their employees to suggest news ideas and ways to support charities as much as possible.


Canidae is available everywhere both online or in pet stores.

You can order one and receive it at your home a few days later.

It, basically, is available wherever you are looking for it.

They even offer a way for you to find the store near you on their website.

Canidae’s Almost Clean Dossier

labrador retriever having a suspicious look on his eyes

Don’t mind me. I’ll act like I don’t trust them but I am actually IN LOVE with their food.

Canidae Dog Food Recalls

Brands as big as Canidae have dark days.

Without dropping names in here, (although you should subscribe to a recall newsletter), many brands have had many large recalls in the past.

Canidae, on the other hand, has had just ONE!

In 2012, Diamond Pet Food had a voluntary recall which included Canidae products as well.

Although no one confirmed it, it does appear that Canidae outsources some of its food manufacturing to Diamond.

However, except for this voluntary recall, Canidae has a history of clean 20 years of providing high-quality dog food with fresh and premium ingredients.

Canidae Dog Food Product Lines

There are 3 product lines in the Canidae Dog food product list. Each line has many recipes, both dry and wet.

In fact, the number of available dog food products exceeds 30.

Some of them are all life stages, while others are specific diets or breed and age.

Let’s learn more about them:

Canidae All Life Stages

As its name suggests, this dog food line is made for all dogs that you may have at home.

The ingredients are specifically made to have multi-protein sources and include less controversial ingredients.

The focus of Canidae’s All Life Stages is to provide the best quality ingredients for all your dogs throughout their whole life.

The goal is to never change your dog’s diet because of his size or age as the recipes in this line are all designed for all of your dog’s growth stages.

There are 7 dry dog food recipes and 6 wet recipes in this line.

Canidae Under The Sun

Following their philosophy of making the best food for dogs from fresh and farm-grown ingredients, this line is one of the healthiest for dogs.

All recipes in Under the Sun have a single animal protein source that makes it much better for your dog.

Canidae mixes the protein source with fresh ingredients from their own farms.

This makes the taste as well as the quality of the food much better than most of what is available on the market.

In fact, they even price it at a competitive price so that you can afford quality dog food without cutting a whole if your wallet.

There are 4 canned and 7 dry dog food recipes in this product line.

Canidae Grain Free Pure

The recipes on the Grain Free Pure line are divided into two: large and small breeds.

Both of them are made to fit the needs of dogs that have developed a sensitive stomach or food allergies.

These recipes are one of the best limited ingredients dog food (with just 7 to 10 main ingredients used in each recipe).

The small breed recipes, however, have only 5 key ingredients.

Just like all other product lines, there is no corn, wheat, or soy in these recipes.

There are 12 dry recipes and 5 canned ones in the Grain Free Pure line.

There are a lot of recipes and formulas in the Canidae product lines.

Most of which, if not at all, average a 4-star rating wherever you look.

Your vet already knows about that and you should know too.

Down below, we will review the very 5 best we could select based on our own research.

However, please only make a change in your dog’s diet after consulting with your vet.

Although the quality of Canidae dog food is beyond reproach, we simply cannot guess how well your dog can do with their food.

Each dog is individually different than the next.

Here are our picks for the best 5 Canidae dog foods!

The list of our best Canidae products starts immediately with a great food recipe.

ALL Life Stages is a multi-protein Formula that works for all ages and breeds of dogs, especially the active ones.

In fact, it is a best-seller on Amazon, and that’s for a reason!

This recipe focuses on giving your dog more on the minimum required nutrition he needs.

According to the AAFCO, a dog food should provide, at least, 20% protein.

Canidae provides a bit more than that with 24% minimum.

This recipe has no corn, wheat, or soy, making it a premium recipe right off the bat.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • First three ingredients are chicken meal, turkey meal, and lamb meal.
  • The recipe is grain-free.
  • Recommended by most experts.


  • Use of rice is not bad, but it’s not good either.

Based on our review of the food, especially in comparison with other big brands, we are pleased with the overall quality.

In fact, we are awarding it a 4-star rating and highly recommending it for your dogs.

Under The Sun is known as premium dog food formulas made by one of the industry’s most premium brands.

That is why it is also one of the recipes in this product line is one of Canidae’s best products.

As per their philosophy behind this line of dog food, this recipe has only one source of animal protein which is Lamb Meal (which is better than just Lamb).

They add fresh farm-grown ingredients for a better balanced meal.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • There is only one source of animal protein.
  • Lamb Meal as the first ingredient.
  • Fresh farm-grown ingredients.


  • Dry dog food doesn’t last long.

Based on the information we have about the food, we can safely assume that it is a high quality product.

That is why we are awarding it a 4-star rating as well.

The food quality gets better in the canned dog food formulas from Canidae.

The recipes are much fresher in the wet food cans than when they are slowly cooked as dry dog food.

Canidae uses that to their advantage to make one of the best canned dog foods available in the market.

Canidae Life Stages Chicken and Rice Formula is considered a premium dog food by all standards.

DogFoodAdvisor proudly rates this formula at a 4.5-star rating and recommend it to their audience.

The first three ingredients are all from chicken, followed by other good quality ingredients to complete the recipe.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Chicken is the first ingredient.
  • Canned dog food is fresher than dry food.


  • It may seem a little bit expensive.

Considering how Canidae tries their best to provide the highest quality dog food recipes, their canned food formula is one to be proud of.

We are happily giving it a 4.5-star rating and recommending it as well.

The Grain Free Pure line is Canidae best, and that is why this dry food recipe is the second best product on our list.

In fact, it is rated 5 stars on DogFoodAdvisor earning their highest recommendations.

It also has more than 700 positive reviews on Amazon only.

This is not by accident; Grain Free Pure Sky recipe is a premium quality dog food.

Our favorite from this line is the Duck recipe.

The first five ingredients of this recipe are: Duck, duck meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes, and peas.

The inclusion of both duck meal and turkey meal makes the food full of proteins, while the rest of the ingredients make sure that your dog gets the fat and carbohydrates that he needs.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Duck meal and turkey meal as animal protein sources.
  • Canidae always uses fresh ingredients.


  • Use of potatoes is controversial.

We do appreciate the quality of the food that Canidae tries to put out.

Their Grain Free Pure Sky Duck recipe is one of the best available.

That is why it is getting a 4.5-star rating.

The best dog food available from Canidae is Grain Free PURE SEA Canned dog food.

The recipe is a 5-star rated formula on DogFoodAdvisor and is one of the most recommended by vets and dog food experts.

The Salmon and Mackerel Formula is our pick from this formula.

The five first ingredients (Salmon, fish broth, sardines, mackerel, peas) are all great sources of proteins and fat for your dog.

There are very few dog foods that can top the quality of Canidae.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • A limited ingredient recipe for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • There are only 7 key ingredients.
  • Salmon is used as the first ingredient.


  • It is expensive, but you get what you pay for.

As stated before, very few recipes can claim to be better than Canidae Grain Free Pure Canned dog food.

That is why it is getting a 5-star rating from as well.


Canidae dog food is one of the best products available in the pet food industry today.

It is as premium as it can get.

The company uses ingredients that they have grown on their own farm and makes the recipes in their own kitchens.

Although there is still room for improvement, Canidae is trying their best to stay ahead while making the best food for our pets.

Let us know in the comments down below what do you think about Canidae Dog Food.

Have you tried them before?

Are you thinking of making the switch to Canidae?

Tell us below!

Canidae Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


At the end of our Canidae dog food review, I’d like to emphasize that it is a premium food choice. The price may be a little on the expensive side, but it is worth every dollar.

Except for the voluntary recall, this food has no red flags. The ingredients are premium and make the food one of the best in the market.

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