15 Fantastic Facts About the Border Collie Lab Mix (AKA Borador)

I am really surprised that the Border Collie Lab mix isn’t yet the most popular crossbreed in the world.

The Labrador is reportedly America’s most popular dog breed, while the Border Collie is collecting every smart dog breed award.

Mixing these two breed can only result in a dog that loves to protect you while he learns new words every day.

Did you know that a Border Collie holds the record for the largest vocabulary learnt by a dog, and by large I mean 1022 items!!

So, If you’re thinking that mixing these two dog breeds would most likely result in a smart and cuddly dog, then let me tell you this:

You’re right!

And his name is the Borador!

Who is a Borador?

The Borador is a crossbreed between Labrador and Border collie. Being a medium size dog, he is relatively healthy and expected to live 15 years. He averagely weighs between 35 and 45 pounds. He is 17 inches tall and 29 inches long.

The Borador’s coat is beautiful, and it comes in all colors of the rainbow. The coat can be solid black, or black with a few white spots here and there, commonly on the chest and above the eyebrows. Another eye-catching color is the tan. All coat colors make it almost impossible to walk past this dog without noticing it.

Basically, your dog can pick up any color that occurs in the parents. Both of which are known to have diverse colors.

The Borador’s coat is short, and sometimes it can be medium; it is smooth and gentle to the hand.

This beautiful creature is amiable and fantastic. Though he is a recent crossbreed, the Borador is fast becoming very famous. He originates from Northern America, where he was and still is primarily bred to work with the police and search and rescue organizations.

The Crossbreed Parents

Before we dive deep in talking about this hotshot, we need to talk about his origins and history.

This crossbreed’s parents are The Labrador and The Border Collie. Both breeds are popular and unique in their own way.

The Labrador

yellow labrador retriever smiling

No wonder he’s the most popular!

Back in the early days of the 1800s, some aristocratic English and Scottish men brought the Labrador from the Labrador-Island of Canada for sports purposes.

The 2nd Earl of Malmesbury and the 5th Duke of Buccleuch were the people to start the kennel for this breed. The dog was officially named Labrador in 1839. He was named after his place of origin.

Today, the Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the United States (according to AKC). His temperament and personality are the reason why he is very popular and likable.

Here’s a complete guide for more.

The Border Collie

a border collie sitting down in a pile of hay

He loves this farm for sure!

The Border Collie is an old dog who dates back to the Roman times. In the first century B.C., The Romans conquered Britain and brought their dogs with them.

The Vikings had their dog breeds with them as well, and crossbreeding the two brought the Border Collie to life. Since his early times, the Border Collie was an eye-catcher.

All modern dogs of this breed are children of one dog named Old Hemp. He was a champion at sheepdog trials.

From his first time competing till he died, he never lost a championship. For this reason, the Border Collie is considered the smartest dog breed.

I’ve written a detailed breed guide about the Border Collie that will give you more insight about him.

To sum it up, the Labrador is popular, the Border Collie is the smartest, and the Siberian Husky is the best.

Now that you know about the parents of the Borador, it is time for you to dive deep in the Border Collie lab mix and learn all that you need to know about the Borador.

So, get yourself a drink, buckle up, and enjoy the rest of the article.

15 Facts You Didn't Know About The Border Collie Lab Mix

1 – UnClassified

The Borador is class-inapplicable. The parents of this crossbreed are part of different classes. The Border collie is a Shepherd, while The Labrador is a retriever.

The crossbreeds that come from parents is, therefore, not classified. However, your dog can do what both his parents do. He can retrieve better than any other dog, presumably, and he is pretty darn smart.

In fact, if your dog has dominant traits of a single parent, he might be of such class; not on the papers but behavior wise.

2 – Get Ready to Exercise More

Both the Border Collie and the Labrador require a ton of exercise. Their crossbreed, unsurprisingly, is a mediocre active dog who needs daily walks about 90 minutes per day plus other activity sessions.

It is recommended to have it after the afternoon to have free time for the dog to go to dog parks in the morning. You need to know that these 90 minutes do not include the play time.

3 – Smart Dog to Training

As it is obvious, training is essential for your dog to have a balanced life. We recommend you start training your Borador from an early stage. Due to their high level of intelligence and trainability, they partake in such hard jobs.

This article about training should help you out, especially if this your first time owning a dog. However, considering how intelligent half of this mix, we recommend a professional trainer to help you out. The Border Collies aren’t the easiest to train.

In the meantime, this video should help you get started:

4 – Easy to Groom

Your Borador is a relatively low shedder. You only need to brush him once a week. The brushing is an easy task, and the fur is gentle on the hand. If this is your first dog, we highly recommend this one. Dogs tend to cause a lot of mayhem just by shedding.

Being a low shedder makes him good with families that have kids. You won’t find balls of fur all over the house that might endanger the safety and health of your kids.

Also, cleaning is much more comfortable, you won’t find yourself continuously floor brushing your home.

5 – Bathing Isn’t a Problem

The Labradors are known to be famous swimmers, and the Borador is the same. You will never find trouble bathing your dog because they are big lovers of water.

The only issues that you will find yourself handling are trying to get your dog out of the shower after you are done cleaning him.

We recommend you bathe your dog once a month. Excessive bathing might result in your dog losing his natural oils that protect his skin and fur. But moderate bathing helps your dog stay clean and healthy.

I’ve written a guide to dog bathing to give you more ideas about this.

6 – He Loves to Play

The Borador is such a wonderful dog; his natural playfulness makes him the center and the highlight of the moment. Sometimes, you will find yourself sitting and watching your favorite show, and out of nowhere a playful mouth comes slowly and gently towards your hand gesturing for you to play fetch with him.

Natural retrieving instinct manifest in his love for playing fetch. So powerful and energetic. Yet, he tenderly and softly plays with your kids.

Labradors are famous fetch players, and the Border Collie will amaze you with his olympic talents. So, their mix is without a doubt a playful dog that will blow your mind.

It is necessary to give your Borador at least two hours of playtime in the yard. This is apart from the daily walks.

7 – Give Him Toys, A Lot of Toys

The Borador is a fetch-loving dog, you need to give him a toy to bite and chew on as well as a toy to fetch and retrieve.

The biting toy gives your dog the stimulus that takes away the urge to bite. It can be anything from a ball to a stick. As long as he can safely play with it, it’s fine to have. Although, you’ll need many toys ready.

If he gets bored with one, you’ll need to bring another. If he tears one apart, you’ll need another. Otherwise, your furniture may be the next target.

If you do not provide these toys, you will find your Borador’s level of energy going down, and his mental health collapsing.

black border collie lab mix catching a ball

Look at that height! He’s amazing!

Credit: kennykunieCC BY

8 – He is a Great Family Dog

The Borador’s playfulness and intelligence make him a good family dog. They result in beautiful moments between you and your family members with this lovely fella.

His high level of intelligence helps in training your dog to become suitable to live with. The basic training makes your dog safe to live around.

A common misconception is that smart dogs are easier to train. The truth is, the smarter the dog is, the more advanced the training has to be. While he will easily learn how to sit and stay, you’ll soon require to teach him to jump and catch.

9 – Anywhere Is Fine As Long As He Can Play

Among the reasons why the Borador is a perfect dog of the majority is that he is adaptive. Your dog can live in an apartment as well as a house with a spacious yard. However, you need to provide him with his needs of running and playing around.

If you live in an apartment, you will not find issues with your dog. You will not come to home finding your dog sabotaging the furniture. If you give him his daily walks and play time, you will not find trouble with your dog.

If you live in a house with a yard, you should give your dog his daily walks and additionally, two hours of playtime.

Getting lazy on the daily walks will find your dog digging holes in the yard and getting aggressive in general.

10 – Friendly, Lovable Dog

Another reason why the Borador is such a great dog is his friendliness. Being the descendant of the Labrador, he will try to please anyone he trusts and loves. His natural playfulness and positivity give him his kindness.

If you already have a dog and you are thinking of getting another one to accompany yours, we most definitely advise you to check the Borador. Not only he is dog-friendly, but he is also safe with cats and other pet species.

This dog’s nature is calm and peaceful, his positivity helps to bound him and his family members.

You do need to make sure that his Shepherd instincts are in check all the time. Border Collies are known to herd families and other pets for fun. We’re not sure you want that.

black labrador border collie mix standing

He looks ready to protect!

Credit: kennykunieCC BY

11 – An Excellent Temperament

This canine’s temperament is simply the best. He is friendly, calm, friendly, and sociable. Additionally, his intelligence makes him perfect. He tends to bark when something is off.

He is rarely seen aggressive towards strangers. He is balanced and affectionate. Providing him a job will make him the best that he can be. His qualities altogether elect him for guarding and securing.

He might get a bit nippy if not trained properly. The herding instincts are the ones to blame for nipping, though. If your dog has dominant Border Collie traits, we suggest you get a professional trainer on the phone.

12 – He Eats a Lot

As most hyperenergetic/energetic dogs, the Borador needs between two and a half and three cups of dry kibble. This big meal is due to his burst energy. He needs to eat as much as possible, (considering here only high quality dog food), to stay energetic and not get too lazy.

He is very active. Therefore, he needs more food and nutrition. If your dog feels off, you need to change the kibble brand, because not all foods are suitable for all breeds.

13 – Cutest Puppies You’ll See

It is time now for us talk about the best thing about dogs which is puppies. The Borador can deliver up to nine newborns. This little pup-heads are adorable and tender.

They will surprise you with their playful energy though they are young. Even the tiny ones that are only a few weeks old are very energetic and playful.

They look more like Labrador than a Border Collie. Scheduled training, walks, and exercises you should be introduced from early stages.

The foundation of training should be settled when they are 4 weeks old. The actual training starts when he is 12 weeks old.

When it comes to food, you should give your dog ¾ cups per meal twice a day. Throughout his growth, the rate should increase to become 2.5-3 cups per meal when he is a year old.

14 – Some Common Health Problems

The Borador is relatively a healthy dog. However, because he is a crossbreed he is prone to some parent-inherited illnesses, but that does not mean your dog is going to be sick no matter what.

A lot of people reported that their dogs never had health problems in their life.

In worse cases, your dog might pick up some of the following illnesses: cruciate ligament rupture hip and/or elbow displace, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, wobbler’s syndrome, and panosteitis, canine hip dysplasia, and some minor health problems.

Scheduling a biyearly visit to the vet will definitely keep your mind at ease, and your dog safe.

15 – The Borador is a Great Companion

Having a Borador as a family member will definitely cheer up the mood and make the family hype. His nature is critical to his success in becoming one of the most loved dogs out there.

Boradors have helped a lot of people that go through tough times like depression and all mental situations.

He is a fun, smart, lovable dog. He is your best friend, and you are his.


The Borador is an excellent dog who excels at friendliness and positivity.

His success is due to his adaptiveness. He is a good family dog, as well as singles and couples.

His trainability makes him the best dog for anyone.

Novice owners are highly advised to pick him up, he picks up commands and tricks in a relatively small number of repetition.

An overall rate for the Borador would be 8.5 bones, 7.5 tennis balls out of ten.

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