11 Incredible Facts About Blue Nose Pit Bulls That Will Amaze You!

blue nose pitbull with white marks on his body

Blue is a rare color in nature. This is an undeniable fact. And the same thing goes for Blue Nose Pit Bulls. They are hard to find.

Still, they've gotten more and more popular lately. Their ‘exotic’ color makes them more favorable to a world that fears the sight of Pit bulls. This means that over the next few years, Blue Nose Pit Bulls may help reduce society’s fear of a dog with a bad reputation.

It is well-known that Pit bulls are banned in many countries in the world. The American Pit Bull Terrier is not even recognized in the American Kennel Club. This tells a lot about the reputation that such a dog breed has.

But like anything rare in nature, there are some misconceptions about the Blue Nose Pit Bulls. Many just do not have enough information about them, and trusting breeders is not always the right choice.

The article below will tell you everything you need to know about the Blue Nose Pit Bulls (and other Pit bulls in general).

Before we get started, however, it is important to point out that Pit bulls are not the aggressive dogs they're made out to be. At least, that's not their nature. A dog trained to be aggressive does not mean the whole dog breed is aggressive and should be banned.

Who Is The Blue Nose Pit Bull?

Its name gives it away; it is a Pit bull with a blue nose. That is basically it.

However, to get such a color variation is the hardest part of breeding this dog. He is very rare in nature, and but his parents aren’t. This is why their price in the market is increasing every day. There is a high demand for the dog, but the breeders are simply unable to supply enough of them.

The Blue Nose Pit Bull is a cool dog to have. He is great with family and friends and looks less terrifying than your everyday American Pit Bull. Once you notice the strange nose color, you are immediately inclined to check the dog and pet it.

Still, this does not mean that there is not much to say about this dog.

Below is a list of facts you need to know about the Blue Nose Pit Bull.

Facts about the Blue Nose Pit Bull

If you have seen a strange Pit bull strolling around on a leash with his owner, you will be tempted to ask the owner a few questions. After all, it is not usual to see a big dog with a blue nose walking beside his owner.

But the owner may not know as much about this dog as he hopes he should. The information about them is scarce, or so it is thought to be. Let’s get to know our Blue Nose Pit Bulls more.

1 - They Are Pit Bulls

No, I do not mean they are different species of Pit bulls. They are just like any ordinary American Pit Bull Terrier. Except for the color on their noses, there is literally no difference.

Everything that you know about Pit bulls (assuming that it is not heavily influenced by the unfair reputation they have) applies to the Blue Nose Pit Bull.

The only thing that is different is how they are bred. Since the color comes from a rare recessive gene, this dog is rare to find in nature. There are not many of them walking around.

Breeders will try to convince you that this is a “super dog”. Please understand that he is no different than any other Pit bull in the world.

But you’re right. This is a unique and rare dog. You can show off with a Blue Nose Pit Bull. Still, if you knew how they come into existence in so many numbers that even mother nature doesn’t approve of, you won’t be showing off a lot.

2 - They Don’t Always Have a Blue Nose

The Blue Nose in the name of this dog refers mostly to the recessive gene that they have. This does not ultimately mean they will have a blue nose every time. They can have various colors.

Your Blue Nose Pit Bull can have red, black, or simply incomplete blue noses. These felines are still considered the same dog.

Again, there is no difference between a standard American Pit Bull Terrier, a Pit bull with a blue nose or one with a red nose. They are all the same and have almost the traits and possibly the same temperament.

You cannot predict what nose color your puppy will have. Everything has to do with the genetics of the parents. DNA plays an important role in the color variations of the dogs.

You can only know if your puppy has a blue color nose after he is born. Anyone who tells you otherwise is most likely guessing or lying.

3 - Breeders Are NOT To Be Trusted

If you plan to buy a newborn Blue Nose Pit Bull, you should make sure the breeder is well-respected and knows what he or she is doing. Considering how rare these dogs are, breeders resort to inbreeding to increase the chances of having a litter of Blue Nose Pit Bulls.

If you don’t know why inbreeding is wrong, this article should help explain it further. However, if you see any sign that the breeder is not being one hundred percent forthright with you, then please don’t buy from them.

Breeders have been slowly increasing the prices for their new puppies, and they are advertising them as super dogs. Now you know that they are not. Even more importantly, you know that the condition in which they were born is not healthy or safe.

Please be careful where you buy your Blue Nose Pit Bulls. We would like to recommend adopting one from the shelter, but adult Pit bulls, in general, aren’t the easiest to deal with.

In any case, if this is not your first dog, please consider rescuing a dog.

4 - They Suffer From Many Health Issues

Because of the actions of so many breeders, Blue Nose Pit Bulls can have many health problems as they grow. Inbreeding increases chances of health issues that new puppies inherit from parents.

The most known issues are: heart diseases, immune disorders, neurological disorders, and (crossing my fingers this never happens), cancer.

Hopefully, if you have a medical history of the parents, you can predict what kind of issues to expect. Also, you can always be careful and work to prevent these health problems.

Even though the hereditary health issues a Blue Nose Pit Bull may face are almost unavoidable, they can be planned for ahead of time. They usually tend to show up when the dog is mature enough for treatment.

By being cautious, saving up to deal with the medical costs, and preparing a healthy lifestyle for your dog, you can make sure he enjoys as much of his life as possible.

four blue nose pitbulls playing in the dog park

These furry friends were playing together with no incidents.

Credit: Eileen McFall / CC BY-NC

5 - They Love Humans, Not So Much Other Dogs

blue nose pit bull brown coat looking into the camera

Coco is a nice puppy. Don’t you think?

Credit: Meighan O'Toole​ / CC BY-ND

Blue Nose Pit Bulls have the same reputation that Pit bulls have; aggressive dogs. However, that is not always true. Breeders and dog owners usually train them to be aggressive.

The dogs themselves are not aggressive towards humans in any way. In fact, they will love and protect you all the time. With enough socialization, they can learn that not all strangers should be attacked or barked at.

But when it comes to other dogs, they are likely to be more rough. Pit bulls, in general, are not known to be very friendly with other furry friends. They tend to play a bit rougher to show their dominance. Considering how they are built, you can be sure that they always win.

Still, with enough training and socialization, your Blue Nose puppy can grow up to be less aggressive to other dogs and more friendly with other humans. Although interactions should always be supervised, you can be sure that those muscles are not as big as the dog’s heart.

6 - Blue Nose Pit Bulls Are NOT Good Watchdogs

If you got yourself a Pit bull thinking this dog breed will guard your house against strangers, be ready to be surprised. Blue Nose Pits love to play with humans by nature. Unless you trained them to scare away strangers, they would run towards them asking for pets.

Of course, the sight of a big, muscular, giant canine with a wide mouth and sharp teeth will make any thief think twice. Still, your Pit is most likely to go playing with his new friend than guard your house.

Since you want your Pit to protect your house, it is best to train him to alert you when strangers get closer. Although you should be careful with such training as you may be rewarding bad behavior.

Your dog will do anything to please you, and if it means attacking random people, he will do so. Therefore, we encourage you to seek professional training to make sure your dog is safe to be around even when he is on duty.

Basic Command training is necessary, but it is not enough. You should be careful with how you deal with your dog. With a Pit bull as your furry friend, you would want to be ready to stop him from destroying your house.

7 - They Love to Jump

With those muscles on your American Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier, you would think he is either a couch potato or very grumpy dog. The truth is that he is a playful dog. He loves to run and jump. Mostly jumping, though.

And still, you are thinking how high a large dog could jump. Probably not too high, right? Wrong. They hold records in climbing walls and free jumping.

Watch Molly in the video below.

8 - They Require a Lot of Exercises

With all of that energy available for them to jump, you can clearly see how much exercise they need to burn it all up. If your Blue Nose Pit feels bored at the house, you will see this jumping up close. Too close even.

It is recommended that you take your dog for a walk every morning. An hour around the block and back is enough for the morning. Still, later in the day, you will need to bring up his favorite toys and play outside.

Considering how the public opinion about Pit bulls is pretty unwelcoming, you are better off keeping your dog on a leash wherever there are people, dogs, or other animals. If you have trained your dog well enough, you can be sure to let him play in the park with large dogs as well.

As long as you stay close and ready to intervene, your dog should keep on having his fun and burning his energy that way.

9 - Pit bulls Do Sweat A Lot

With all that activity, American Pit Bull Terriers tend to sweat more often than any other dog breed. But that is not a big problem since they love the water too.

Usually, it is not recommended that you bathe your dog more than once every couple of month. Excessive bathing can end up hurting your dog’s skin. (I talk about that here.) However, your Pit bull may require a little more than usual to keep him fresh.

Your Blue Nose Pit Bull will likely be a cuddly dog, and you don’t want him to have a bad smell. So, take care of your dog with a good dog shampoo, and he will be alright.

10 - Blue Nose Pit Bulls Are Large Beasts

When Pit bulls were first bred, they were about 30-40 pounds. This qualified them as medium-size dogs. However, breeders who loved to see dogs fight were eager to make them bigger. So, Pit bulls started to grow up to 70-80 pounds of sheer muscle and strength.

Today’s Blue Nose Pit Bulls are anything between 30 and 70 pounds and can be up to 2 feet tall. And this size can be a bit bigger if he eats more calories than he burns.

He can live up to 12 years of age. Others have reported that their Blue Nose Pit Bulls lived a bit longer and were very happy.

This big dog often recognizes his size. That is why he can handle playing with kids gently. Considering their endurance and tolerance to pain, your dog can survive the harsh treatment of your kids. He won’t even growl at them. Still, this does not mean that you should allow them to do so. Keep both your dog and your children under check.

11 - What to Feed Your Puppy?

I’ve mentioned above that this dog can easily gain more weight than he needs. He loves to eat when he can, and this can lead to overweight problems.

It is your responsibility to be careful what you feed and how much you feed your dog.

If you notice that your Blue Nose Pit loves to play a lot and barely rests, then he needs a lot of calories to burn. You can try a dog food that is made for large, active dogs. But if he is laying on the couch most of the day, which is rare but not unusual, you should go for low-calorie foods.

Before making any food decision that can alter your dog’s diet, you need to contact your vet and ask for advice. They will have more to tell you about your dog’s individual needs.


Blue Nose Pit Bulls are regular American Pit Bull Terriers with a rare recessive gene. Their temperament is simply the same as any other Pit bull. Therefore, you need to make sure you trust the breeders before making the purchase.

These lovable beasts already have a hard time proving to society that they are gentle dogs. Their bad history precedes them everywhere, and hopefully, you can help make their future much better.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about these dogs.

Do you own one? What have we missed in this article?

We’d love to hear from you below.

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