Best Heartworm Prevention for Dogs: The Easy Way Out Of Heartworm!

Best Heartworm Prevention For Dogs

As a proud and a loving dog owner, you must be wary of the dangers of heartworm disease.

So you must be really interested in finding the best heartworm preventive measure for your dogs.

If this presumption is indeed true, then I'm glad to have you on board!

I’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to break a sweat or spend a lot of resources in search for the right medicine. We've got you covered on all angles.


Heartworm is a disease that affects dogs quite frequently.

It's a disease that always poses a potential threat to your pet's health.

But the good news is, heartworm is a preventable illness. In fact, the number of heartworm medications available in the market increases by the day.

In the subsequent sections below, I'll walk you through the pros and cons of heartworm preventive measures.  I'll also show you how to choose the most suitable measure from a list of the 5 best products available today.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, here is a quick summary of the 5 best heartworm preventive measures for dogs.

Check them out:

Pros Of Heartworm Preventions

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Thankfully, I have the best preventions. Heartworm really sucks!

Overall Safety

This is the very first thing you need to consider, especially if you have more than one pet at home.

By preventing heartworm in your dog, you safeguard the well being and enhance the longevity of your pet.

Immunization not only protects a pet against ailments, but also prevents it from jeopardizing the health and safety of other animals and humans it comes in contact with.

Animals are just like humans; they require annual "check-ups", where a veterinarian inspects the overall health condition of your pet and dispenses preventive shots against harmful infections and diseases.


This is another great benefit of the best heartworm prevention measure.

It is fast-acting, taking effect instantaneously.

In an instant, your feline friend bids goodbye to pain for good.

Easy To Give

This is another great pro of an excellent heartworm preventive measure.

They're easily administered.

You won’t run into any difficulty administering it to your puppy.

Super Tasty

Dogs react the same way kids do to medications; they just detest them.

And the best way to induce them is by having them take the bitter medication along with a sweetened food, or better yet, serving them medication with a nice taste.

And if you combine the yummy taste with these safety tips, you won’t have any problem with your dog.

However, if you not sure about should be the best timing for the  administration of heartworm prevention medication, this video will be of great help.

Cons Of Heartworm Preventions

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So they have cons as well! That sucks!

Hard To Metabolize For Some Dogs

A possible con is that any collie family dog breed may have a genetic mutation that affects their ability to metabolize some heartworm prevention medications of the ivermectin family (like Proheart or Heartgard). However, this issue does not affect Bichons.

Monthly Expenses

Another con is that you need to spend money every month on a prevention medication, whether your dog is exposed or not.

But you can take it as some sort of insurance against infections borne out of infected mosquito bite.

And always keep these possible risks in mind.

What To Look For When Buying Heartworm Preventives?

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So, follow these to find the best heartworm prevention.

There are things that you should always have in mind while you consider buying the best heartworm preventive medications.


There are various forms of heartworm preventives.

Among the most common forms are topical medication, shots, and chewing tablets.

They come in various forms that make for easy administration. But before purchasing the medication, you need to consider the behavior of your pet.

If he has an aversion for injections, stick to chewing pills.

Topical medication is the best choice for dogs that are intolerant to strange flavors.


The main reasons for giving dogs heartworm prevention is to keep away infections.

Preventives are costly. But as pet owners, it's our obligation to see to the optimal well being of our fido.

However, a costly drug can dent a household's budget.

You need not buy product based on pricing alone.

Sometimes, the cost doesn't even infer the efficiency of a product.

Rather than considering cost, look out for the drug's composition and check whether it has the right components and active ingredients.

One can also consider primarily a drug's viability against different parasites.

The greater the assortment of parasites a drug terminates, the more beneficial it is to you and your dog.

Weight And Age

Nowadays it is recommended to weigh your pet before purchasing any heartworm medication.

Most of today's medications are manufactured with dog age and weight specifications.

Giving your pet any medication without accurate knowledge of its age and weight may result in fatalities.

For instance, giving 1 entire bite to a 6-week old dog can cause an overdose.

Measuring your fido's bio data in a timely manner can help avert costly mistakes.

The correct knowledge of its age and weight is one of the basics of a proper, seamless prescription.

A common rule of thumb is the heavier the pet the greater the amount of solution needed.

This is more true if the solution is in a powdery form.

If the quantity of the medication administered to a big dog is insufficient, a potential infection from various parasites remains imminent. 


A product's list of ingredient determines the product's effectiveness.

Certain ingredients are known to prevent possible complications from attending the drug administration, like a dog being susceptible to some prescriptions.

It’s always advisable to consult your veterinarian about possible allergic reactions to a chosen dog medication.

The most widely used ingredient in heartworm medications is Ivermectin --an anti-parasitic substance that eradicates heartworms, scabies, head lice and other types of infestations.

Moxidectin is also widely used. It eradicates intestinal worms. Another is Selamectin, repels insects, ear vermin, sarcoptic mange.

It is always better to purchase an item that eradicates more than 1 sort of parasite.

Best Heartworm Prevention For Dogs: Top 5 Products!


1. Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control Treatment

Most of us know that Advantix flat out repels fleas within twenty-four hours.

Most of us are also aware that this medication make a dog's skin inhospitable to ticks.

However, most of us are not aware of some Advantix most outstanding qualities.


  • This medication is cheap. A monthly dose amounts to about $15 at most. $15 a month is a very cheap price to pay for the peace of mind you'll enjoy knowing that your pet is going to be happy, healthy, and protected from fleas, ticks, and other menacing pests.
  • When you apply the medication to the back of your dog's neck, it doesn't just sit on top of the skin; it is quickly absorbed into the glands under the dog's skin. It's slowly released from the body over the course of a month. Since it is stored under the skin It's a waterproof product that sits underneath the skin and stands up to the bathing water when you bathe your pet.
  • K9 Advantix has flea prevention qualities that are great for area with large mosquito population. K9 Advantix kills both adult fleas and larva, breaking their life cycles. The product kills ticks and repels mosquitoes.


  • The insulation that K9 Advantix provides is ineffective against physical contact with cats and in pregnant or nursing dogs. For older or sick dogs, consult a specialist before using K9 Advantix to fight fleas.
  • Sometimes flea eggs are much susceptible to this product.
  • The pet may feel temporary irritations on the application site. In the case of a protracted irritation, seek out veterinarian assistance as soon as possible.

2. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies

Frontline Plus effectively repels fleas and flea eggs. It also kills brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, as well as lone star ticks.

The spot on treatment lasts a full 30 days and remains effective after bathing your dog severally.

Frontline Plus controls chewing lice and helps control sarcoptic mange of dogs eight weeks and older.


  • Assists in controlling sarcoptic mange infections.
  • Due to its waterproof property, pets can swim and get bathed after administration.
  • It offers protection against fleas and ticks for an entire month.
  • It eradicates the invading fleas, ticks and chewing lice within 18 hours of administration.


  • Your pet will likely feel some temporary irritation on the application site. In case of a`prolonged irritation, seek out the assistance of your veterinarian.
  • It doesn't have great coverage against intestinal parasites. Thus, it is known to treat tick effectively, but to fight intestinal parasites ineffectively.

3. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

One dose of Capstar kills adult fleas within 24 hours, even if your dog is heavily covered with fleas.

Capstar has no immediate side effects, but offers instant relief. And a follow up application makes for a long-lasting treatment.  


  • Capstar takes effects quite speedily. Once a dose is administered, you can expect Capstar to begin eliminating adult fleas in less than 30 minutes.
  • Capstar contains nitenpyram, a substance which interrupts the transmission of distress signals through the insect's nervous system, ultimately leading to death.
  • Capstar can be taken with or without food, and can be safely combined with other medications.


  • It causes itching. An aggravated itching may result as a consequence of the effect of the medication on the flea's nervous system.
  • You mustn't bathe your dog for at least forty-eight hours after applying. This is very very crucial to the administration.

4. 8in1 Safe Guard Canine Dewormer

Safe Guard is the most widely used heartworm medication for dogs.

It is produced by the animal health company Merial.

It is recommended for use in dogs of all weights, sizes, and breeds, including Collies and other potentially ivermectin-sensitive breeds.

For dogs, Safe Guard is available in a single-tablet monthly dosage, and a beef flavored chewable. It contains ivermectin as the active ingredient.

There are dogs that normally swallow whole treats but Safe Guard tablets can also fed dogs in broken pieces.

It's also an effective protection against roundworm and hookworm in dogs.


  • One of Safe Guard's main advantages is that it is easily consumed.
  • It's made by the same company as Frontline, so sometimes you can get a rebate if you buy both at the same time.
  • A single tablet of the medication can effectively treat all worms, including hook worms and round worms.
  • The tablets don't have a delicious flavor like other medications do. However, you can go around this simply by mixing it with food or treats to make it palatable to the pet.
  • Safe Guard is just as effective as a brand medications in preventing heartworm. They contain the exact same medicine and dosages. Generic medicines are put through the same safety procedures as brand drugs. They're devoid of any unusual side effects.
  • It's less costly. Safe Guard is a generic version which is considered to be less expensive.


  • Safe Guard comes in various doses of ivermectin formulated for dogs of various sizes, and is given monthly. A higher dosage can cause dilated pupils, weight loss, tremor, and possibly death.
  • The medicine works not by totally eradicating heartworms in the host animal, but by eliminating only the worms on tissue stage, stalling their development into the harmful bodies.
  • Large dogs may find it easy to swallow the rectangular shaped pills, but puppies may have a hard time swallowing it.

5. Bayer Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs

This product is for external use. It relieves painful flea bites.

This fast-working flea control medication prevents fleas from biting the host after three to five minutes of application, and kills the fleas after twelve hours.

It can prevent infestations for up to 4 weeks.


  • It's fairly easier to use. You only need squeeze the content of one tube onto the back of your dog’s neck. It will spread over your little friend’s body and will provide protection for up to 1 month.
  • It's an effective flea killer for dogs. But it works best if you use non-detergent shampoo when bathing.
  • It's a product which takes care of both flea and heartworm, so you don't need to buy two different products to treat both infestations.


  • Don't forget that you musn't bathe your dog for at least forty-eight hours after applying.
  • Bayer's effectiveness particularly suited for tick prevention. Therefore, the product isn't ideal for heavy infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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And these are some of the concerns you may have.

Is it necessary to give dogs heartworm medicine?

Yes. They're a necessary prevention measure against possible health complications.

What's currently the best heartworm medicine for dogs?

K9 Advantix. When applied, it is quickly absorbed by the glands under the dog's' skin, and remains steadfast when bathing water splashes over it.

Are heartworm pills necessary for dogs?

Yes. You need to get them once a year. But in most cases, you must stick to the medications prescribed by the vet.

When should I use natural heartworm medication?

For starters, natural solutions prevent infections quite effectively. These can come in the form of good regular diets and regular exercise for dog.


In conclusion, not all mosquitoes are infectious, But one that does carry this infection transmits larvae into the animal's tissue, and these circulate inside the animal's bloodstream.

When not stamped out immediately, the larva develops into adulthood and latches on to the host's vital organs.

Oftentimes this results in a fatalities.

And again, if you're not sure about which suits you best among the five products, we advise you to either go with the first or second in the list. These are the ones we had so much success with.

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