The Top 10 Best Fighting Dogs in the World [SURPRISING FACTS]!

First of all, you should know that we don’t condone dog fighting. Making dogs kill and hurt each other in fighting pits for the sake of human entertainment is one of the worst things humanity came out with. Still, knowing about the strongest dogs in the world doesn’t hurt. We’re doing this for the sake of knowledge, y’all!

Dogs are beautiful and loyal animals, most of them are extremely friendly, especially when they are well trained and socialized. Full of energy, strong, and majestic, these animals can make anyone, even the most cold-hearted person, fall in love with their charm. Small or big, dogs always bring sunshine and happiness to our lives (I dare you to say the contrary).

So, today, we are all going to learn more about the best fighting dogs in the world.

Get ready, it’s about to be a long (and hopefully, enjoyable) ride.

1. The American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier puppy looking at the camera

The American Pitbull Terrier is famous for being one of the most aggressive dogs in the world. But, you should know that these dogs can be very sweet and loving. They only become aggressive when they are trained to be so. His sturdy body and muscly built makes him a perfect fighting dog. But, did you know that the American Pitbull Terrier was actually called the “nanny dog”? Yes, it might be surprising, but this breed is actually a perfect family companion. Sweet and gentle around children, this beautiful breed is actually nothing more than completely misunderstood.

Because of his loyalty and ability to be easily trained, the American Pitbull Terrier has attracted a number of unscrupulous people who want to use him in fighting rings. Still, this dog breed is one of the sweetest you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

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2. The Kangal

Kangal sitting down

Credit: Chris vT / CC BY

The Kangal is one of the most famous fighting dogs there is around. This Turkish breed was long used to protect families against predators. Thus, he is a large and strong dog, with a heavy bone structure and the right instinct to fight off an intruder. This is what made the Kangal such a good candidate for dog fighting (but again, I am in no way condoning this horrible thing).

The Kangal is an alert and territorial dog who doesn’t trust strangers easily. He is defensive, and definitely has the strength to win a fight against a bigger animal. Powerful and quick on his feet, the Kangal was used in Turkey to protect flocks of sheep from predators such as wolves, coyotes, and even bears. This breed is also not too comfortable around other dogs, and will definitely be aggressive towards them, especially if he is trained to do so. A natural pack leader, the Kangal will usually do anything in his power to assert his authority on other dogs that he considers “weaker”.

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3. The American Bulldog

American Bulldog with his tongue sticking out

The American Bulldog is also a powerful contender on this list. Powerful and wary of other dogs, he is one of the most usually used dogs in fighting pits. This dog is part of a hunting breed, and thus, once he has his eye on a prey, he never backs down. Stubborn, the American Bulldog never says no to a confrontation, and this made him an easy prey for people who used dogs in fighting rings.

Stocky, quick on his feet, and extremely powerful, the American Bulldog sure is an impressive canine to look at. His physique can be a bit scary, but, when he is well trained and socialized, he can be as friendly and lovable as any other dog breed.

Back in the days, the American Bulldog was used in farms, where his strength was a great help. He can also be a great family dog, as, in his nature, he is not vicious nor aggressive. He can be extremely sweet and gentle with his family, though a bit defensive and possessive of his people as well. This dog is more often than not happiest when he is living somewhere with a lot of space. He enjoys exercise and playtime, and thus, should not be kept in a small apartment for example.

Wary of strangers and other animals, especially dogs of the same sex, he can be a bit aloof sometimes.

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4. The American Bandogge

American Bandogge sitting next to a man


Another physically intimidating breed, the American Bandogge was first and foremost bred to be a watchdog. Still, a lot of people, especially in the East Coast of the United States, use this beautiful breed for dog fights.

Confident, docile, and extremely loyal, the American Bandogge needs an owner who is active as well as assertive. Because the American Bandogge is a cross between two dominant dog breeds, the American Pitbull Terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff, he needs an owner who can assert himself as the pack leader. Strong, extremely muscular, and silent (the American Bandogge doesn’t bark a lot), he is best used for protection.

The American Bandogge is happiest with a strong and capable owner who can at the same time display authority and offer him a lot of love and affection. When he is not properly trained and socialized, the American Bandogge can be aloof of strangers and aggressive towards other animals, especially smaller ones, such as cats. This powerful breed loves attention and can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety if not given enough care. He also needs his fair share of mental and physical exercise to keep him sharp, strong, and most importantly, happy.

Obedience, trainability, and confidence make this dog a perfect contender for fighting pits, which is why so many unscrupulous people breed him to fight. But, the American Bandogge is most happy when he has a home and a family to protect. And, bonus, he is not half bad around children either. Just like the American Pitbull Terrier, he is gentle and sweet around them.

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5. The Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher, also known as simply the Doberman, is a German dog. He was primarily bred to be a guard and hunting dog, though a lot of people train him to fight in dog fighting rings. Famous for his strength and aggressive temperament, the Doberman is a strong contender on this list.

The Doberman Pinscher is known for being one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, which also makes him easily trainable. Powerful, athletic, intelligent, and loyal, he would do anything to please his owner. Even if that meant giving up his life in a fighting ring. Apart from that, he also makes an excellent military and police dog, and thrives best in an active environment where he can put his talents to work.

Highly energetic and loving, he also makes an excellent family dog. As long as he is treated with kindness and respect, the Doberman will be gentle to everyone around him, from small children to elderly people, and even strangers who happen to be family friends. Trustworthy and loyal, the Doberman is one of the oldest “victims” of fighting rings, which is a shame, because he can be more than just a fighting dog.

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6. The Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu staring at the distance


The Tosa Inu is a massive dog with an impressive and intimidating appearance. Strong, with a heavily muscled body, he is athletic to a fault. Because he was originally bred to be a fighting dog, he is actually banned in some countries where he is considered too dangerous to wander around.

This Japanese dog is loyal and smart, which makes him easily trainable. He can easily follow commands, and was actually bred to be a silent dog, since Japanese fighting rules call for silence. Since this dog is too strong to handle, it is recommended to start training and socialization when he is still a small puppy.

Like a lot of dogs who are naturally dominant, the Tosa Inu needs an owner who is assertive and authoritative. If you ever adopt one of these powerful canines, you will have to show dominance and behave as the pack leader, or you will never earn his respect or obedience.

When the Tosa Inu grows up in a good family environment, he is more than capable of showing love and affection to his people. But, if he is trained to fight and be aggressive, he will be more than excellent at this role. This, of course, is still a bad thing to do, as dogs are living creatures, and should never be used for simple human entertainment.

The Tosa Inu can be aloof around strangers, and is especially aggressive towards other animals, especially canines of the same breed and sex. This is why socialization is important. A well balanced Tosa Inu will not be a threat to the people around him, and can be exceptionally gentle around small children, since he understands how fragile they are.

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7. The Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier, also known as the “canine gladiator” can be quite intimidating. Let’s be honest, this not the most handsome dog. His eyes, which are too far apart, and his long and flat face (some would say egg-shaped), make him a bit scary to look at. Unlike some other breeds on this list, the Bull Terrier was actually bred to be a fighting dog. Still, his temperament can be gentler than other dogs in this article.

The Bull Terrier can be a very affectionate dog who wants nothing more than to spend time with his family. His strength makes him the perfect dog for fighting rings, but today, he is mostly used as a family companion. Still, like some of the breeds on this list, he has a bad reputation.

Energetic, somewhat stubborn, and dominant, he needs an owner who can show authority. This is what makes it difficult for first time dog owners to raise him. He needs plenty of training and socialization, since the Bull Terrier can be quite aggressive towards other animals, dogs or others. The Bull Terrier needs a lot of exercise to be happy, and does not fare well around small children, as he can overpower them easily.

Intelligent and loyal, the Bull Terrier, despite his peculiar looks, has a lot of charm. This dog is a busy body who is always going on new adventures, and your life will never be the same once you adopt one as your family companion.

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8. The Rottweiler

Believe it or not, the Rottweiler is actually more dangerous than the American Pitbull Terrier, and Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog combined. He is actually the scariest dog in the world, and for a reason. The Rottweiler is naturally aggressive and has a tendency of being violent towards anyone or anything he’s not accustomed to.

Calm, confident, and brave, the Rottweiler has long been a favorite in dog fighting pits. Still, when the Rottweiler is socialized early and well trained, he can be the perfect family protector. It all comes down to breeding, as some breeders specifically develop Rottweilers to be either calm and loving or aggressive and violent.

The Rottweiler is a well-known bully and can unleash his aggressive tendencies every time he feels like he or his family is in danger. Overly protective, the Rottweiler is not an easy dog to own. If he is not well-trained, he can become extremely dangerous, especially towards strangers and other pets.

The Rottweiler needs an owner who has a strong presence and is capable of showing leadership when needed. If you are not dominant enough, this dog can and will take over, and this is definitely something you don’t want to happen with this powerful animal.

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9. The German Shepherd

German Shepherd in the sun

The German Shepherd is a beautiful dog who is not aggressive in his nature. Still, he has a natural attack instinct, and this is usually honed by unscrupulous people to turn him into a beast who should be feared by everyone and everything around him. The fact that he is highly trainable also makes him a strong contender to be a good fighting dog, though he is happiest as a working dog.

Considered the smartest dog breed in the world, the German Shepherd is truly a gem. Strong, athletic, and loyal to a fault, he makes the perfect companion dog. He is also famous for being used as a military, police, and rescue dog. If your German Shepherd is well trained and socialized, he will not show his aggressive tendencies. Still, it is always good to keep as eye on this dog, as he can easily knock over a human adult.

Versatile and hard-working, the German Shepherd is one of the most impressive dog breeds out there. He can be used to do good deeds, though some people prefer using him in fighting rings, and thus, do no good to this beautiful beast’s reputation.

Still, out of this whole list, he is one of the physically weakest breeds.

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10. The Akita Inu

Akita Inu standing guard

Don’t be fooled by the Akita Inu’s charming appearance, as he is actually one of the most aggressive dogs on this list. First bred in Japan to protect royal and noble families, the Akita Inu is an extremely loyal dog who will do anything to please his owner (we all know the story of Hachiko, the famous Akita Inu from Japan). Breeders take advantage of the Akita Inu’s high aggressivity and prey drive to turn him into a fighting machine who shines in fighting rings.

Intimidating, strong, and agile, the Akita Inu is also a perfect hunter, as he was used to hunt big animals in his country of origin (Japan), such as bears and wild boars. His stubborn personality makes him fearless, and he doesn’t easily back down from a fight, even when his opponent is obviously stronger.

The Akita Inu has an iron will, which makes him extremely strong, mentally speaking. He doesn’t know fear, and thus, will fight to death. Still, if you train and socialize your Akita Inu properly, he can be an affectionate and loving companion who will do anything to make you happy.

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As I have already stated before, we, as dog lovers, do not condone fighting rings. It’s horrible, vicious, and takes advantage of those dogs’ loyal nature to turn them against each other for money. Dogs should be given love and care, not only because they are beautiful, but also because this is the most humane thing to do. Dog fighting rings have been around for centuries, there are still a lot of them around, still, today, the world is a kinder place to dogs, and we should all work towards keeping it like that.

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