Best Dog Training Treats: The Ins & Outs Of The Top 5 Products!

Best Dog Training Treats

Treats are absolutely a brilliant reinforcement tool for motivating your dog to learn a new trick or refine a certain behavior.

Be it that you are using a clicker or lure and reward form of training, treats would inspire your dog to focus and even better act on your commands diligently.

It’s not only fun to treat your puppy or dog for good behavior and great response but also a foolproof way to have your dog master a new trick effortlessly.

But the problem lies in finding the best dog training treats.

A premium treat for your dog is irresistibly yummy, biteable, not crumbly and greasy, and above all healthy.

It’s exciting to see your puppy pick up a trick.

And at times, you could be lured to give more to reward the excellent response.

Although this is good for the training, it may not be so good for the overall health of your dog.

The treats should account for only a small portion of the diet that you are feeding your dog.

When it comes to training versus overall health, dog owners at times feel that they are walking on a tightrope.

As a result, we have not only an exclusive review of best dog training treats but also have an insight look into what exactly is dog training treats, how to train your dog using treats, what are the benefits, side effects, and what to look for in training treats.

What Exactly Are Dog Training Treats?

candy cheese dog food

That tastes so yummy! Let me have more of it.

Everyone loves motivation, and dogs being loyal and brilliant as they are not exceptional.

Dogs adore delicacies, and as such, treats have remained superior and most effective way of inculcating new tricks.

When you let dogs understand that every time they respond well to a given behavior they get a treat, they tend to show a high level of response.

The best part about treats for training is that they are not only formulated to bring out the best in terms of taste but also package to enhance good health of your dog.

One aspect that premium treats have taken into consideration is the calorie level in every treat that you give to your dog.

However, how much you would want your dog to learn a particular trick, you wouldn’t want to have an obese dog at the end of the training as this would create new health challenges.

It can be particularly hard to pick the best training treats especially when every treat is packaged with a promise to give the best training and health results.

However, you should be ready to go an extra mile in order to choose the most appropriate treat for your dog.

Using treats to achieve the desired results is equally important as using the right treat to bring out the best health results.

Timing, to begin with, is one factor that you should use to your advantage in making your dog pick up a new trick or behavior.

Every time your dog does something right, the treat should be given immediately.

This would help your dog understands that the praise or appraisal they are getting in form of treats is coming as a result of the good behavior.

Other aspects that you should take into consideration while you use treats include using small and tasty treats, you should feed from your hand and not letting your dog pick a treat from the ground, and train using treats when your dog is hungry.

Besides, do not bride your dog but let the treat come as a reward.

How to Train Your Dog Using Treats

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Training Treats?

dog bones yummy food

I just want all of those. Gimme them!

Sort Of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement comes at the top of the best dog training tools as you can train your dog with a lot of ease with treats.

In fact, using treats will not only make your dog pick up new tricks in a breeze but also is equally fun for you and your dog.

Treats can be used together with verbal cues, clickers, and hand signal to rectify a particular behavior or adopt a completely new behavior.

A Good Way To Build A Relationship With Your Dog

Besides, treats instill a lasting bond as well as trust between you and your dog.

Your dog will treat you as your closest confident every time you treat with goodies for good behavior.

The best part is that the bond and the trust will last even after the training is over.

When you use treats, you avoid direct confrontation for bad behavior or the use of force to correct a particular behavior.

Dogs love to be pampered, cuddled, and embraced, and using treats will make them feel that they are well taken care of.

After all, they adore and trust you and so the same should be reciprocated.

They Foster Confidence

As if that is not enough, treats for training dog foster confidence as well as the willingness of your dog to try new activities, meet new people, and visit new places.

Equally, treats make progressive training a lot easier as you can teach your dog simpler tricks and progress to more complex ones.

It is convenient to use as the dogs get to enjoy their best delicacies as they master new cues.

Side Effects Of Dog Training Treats

canine dog bones

And yeah! Those too have side effects.

Every good thing comes with a side that at times can be potentially harmful when you drop your guard.

Treats for training dogs equally has the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Using treats can at times make you overfeed your dog.

The bad side about this is that your dog is likely to get obese and undoubtedly lazy.

Obesity has numerous health effects and therefore should be avoided at all cost.

At times, a dog will get used to treats in order to work.

It does means that when your dog get used to treats, it may fail to perform the necessary behavior in the absence of treats.

In a case where you do not use treats effectively, it may confuse your dog, shifting the all the focus on treat and not on the desired task.

Finally, not all dogs are motivated by food.

When food does not motivate a dog, it means that there is little that you can do in regards to using treats to teach new cues.

Treats are only effective in dogs who are motivated by food.

What To Look For In Dog Training Treats?

dog eating cairn terrier

And now I’ve got this. It is not that bad!

Picking an appropriate training treat that suit your dog can be utterly confusing, to say the least, if you do not know what to look out for.

There are a number of treats that come with different packaging information but as you shop you should check out for the following features:


The most appropriate treats for your dog should be that are easy to eat.

The treats should be small and biteable.

At the same small size treats will provide no distraction to the training session as well as being low in calorie levels.


A clean, easy to carry, and not greasy treat is a more preferable treat as you can put them in your pocket without fear of it getting crumbly.


The health of your pet comes first even when you are teaching them a new cue.

It is therefore important to choose a diet that will not make your dog obese.


Pick a treat that is loved by your dog.

You could pick one full of sweetness, meaty or a treat with crunch.

Whichever treat you choose, ensure that it’s your dog’s favorite.

The video below further explains what kind of treats works better.

Best Dog Training Treats: Top 5 Products Reviews!


Great treats undoubtedly yield great results.

If you would like your dog to master a new trick within the shortest time possible you should use a premium treat.

As a result, we have picked the top five best dog training treats that will leave your dog in great health and with lots of new cues.

1. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Treats

It is known for great taste as well as flavor.

It is really delicious, soft, and exclusively healthy for your dog or puppy.

It is well formulated with an extra 15-hour smoked phase giving it an edge in terms of flavor.

It is beef based therefore loved by your dog.


  • Really delicious and is regarded as a treat for appropriate for extra dog response.
  • Has no wheat or corn in it.
  • They are absolutely natural and healthy to feed your dog or puppy.
  • They come in biteable pieces.
  • They are not sticky or crumbly hence are easily portable.
  • Low in calories.
  • Has no artificial additives and flavors.


  • The premium treat is pricey.

2. Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats for Dogs

The soft aromatic treat made from bacon is just what your dog would love as rewards after completing a task successfully.

They are yummy and soft.

One striking feature about Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats for Dogs is that come in small sizes making it suitable for training.

Besides they are low in calories, therefore, are highly recommended for your dog.


  • Come in perfect size therefore suitable for repetitive rewards.
  • Has low-calorie content making them a preferred choice when health issues come into perspective.
  • Made from natural park.
  • They are portable because of their sizes, not crumbly, and non-sticky.
  • Tasty and nutritious.
  • Has no soy or corn.


  • Not so pocket-friendly in regards to price.

3. Purebites Beef Liver Dog Treats

If there is a treat that has nailed in regards to quality, flavor, and taste, then it has to be Purebites Beef Liver Dog Treats.

It’s a tasty premium treat made from natural liver.

It is grain free and therefore has no gluten.


  • High quality and delicious.
  • Made from natural products.
  • Low in calorie levels.
  • 100% free from grains.


  • They are high quality there are a bit expensive.

4. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats

It’s bound to really throw a round of excitement around your dog as it is really tasty.

It’s made from whole chicken with no fillers or any artificial additives.

It comes in a number of flavors include the peanut butter or salmon flavors.

They come in pea size shape making them ideal for training as they would not distract your dog by making the treat main focus rather than picking up a new cue.


  • Yummy and tasty and are loved by many puppies and adult dogs.
  • Come in different flavor of chicken, salmon, and peanut butter so that you can choose that a flavor preferred by your dog.
  • They come in great shapes that are easily digestible and can be fed to the dogs.
  • It’s not greasy, crumbly and can be easily carried around in your pocket or your bag.
  • Come in a resealable bag that is zip lock.
  • Has really low-calorie levels.
  • Has no soy or corns added.
  • Has no artificial flavors or additives in it.


  • A bit pricey.

5. Wellness WellBites Soft Natural Dog Treats

Wellness WellBites Soft Natural Dog Treats is a great training treat sure to catch your puppy’s eye.

Besides, it has great taste and flavor that will surely leave your dog desiring for more.

It’s loaded with exclusive ingredients that offer your pet premium compliment to your favorite dog’s everyday diet.

You shouldn’t be worried that you are loading your best companion with extra calories, Wellness WellBites Soft Natural Dog Treats is thoughtfully packed with best ingredients for the overall health of your dog.


  • Made from quality ingredients that include salmon, lamb, or meat.
  • It's soft, delicious, and tasty therefore a perfect treat for training dogs.
  • Made from purely natural ingredients with no soy or corn.
  • Has no artificial additives, color, or flavor.
  • Can be divided into smaller sizes.
  • Come with great prices.


  • Not perfectly sized.

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Dog training treats are effective in terms of teaching a new behavior or strengthening an already existing behavior.

Treats are easy to use and have high satisfaction rate in regards to the realized results.

However, when picking a treat for your puppy or dog, always go for a treat that is healthy and is loved by your dog or puppy.

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