Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: 5 Stomach Friendly Superfoods

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Do you have a dog with a sensitive stomach?

Are you looking for the best dog food for sensitive stomach?

Have you tried countless foods but none really resonated with him?

Food is medicine! That’s not just a mere cliché.

But rather, something I wholeheartedly believe in.

For humans and dogs alike, food makes all the difference.

What you feed your dog makes him either healthy and illness free or a sweet shelter for all sort of diseases.

This is why picking up the right food is your number one responsibility as a dog owner, especially if your friend is having stomach troubles.

If you have been dabbling around trying to choose the best food for dogs with stomach sensitivity but in vain, no worries.

We've got you covered.

This is where all your questions and concerns about food and stomach sensitivity will meet its end.

What if I tell you that there are a bunch of very tasty and healthy foods available for your dog stomach who's got stomach sensitivity?!


I can feel your little puppy here.

I’ve been in your same boat having had sensitive dog of my own.

A few years ago, I a puppy whose stomach was sensitive to every food I gave him.

It was really frustrating as I tried so many foods, even those labelled as “Special For Stomach Sensitivity’.

Trial after trial, I finally came across five foods that are not only stomach friendly, but also nutritious.

Thanks to my little puppy’s stomach, you now don’t have to go through the same frustrations as I did.

In the lines to come, I will save you the hustle and the trials and errors I'd gone through.

And I will walk you through the exact pros and cons of the foods that my puppy has successfully stuck with.

Signs Your Dog Has Stomach Sensitivity

There are a multitude of signs and symptoms that indicate a dog has a sensitive stomach.

Here are a couple of them:


This one's the most obvious.

But in many cases, vomiting can be a cause of other issues that have nothing to do with stomach sensitivity.

In general, though, throwing up is a valid indicator of a possible development of stomach sensitivity.


This is another major symptom of stomach sensitivity in dogs.


If you have changed your dog’s food recently and noticed that his stool has gone too thin, this might be a sign of stomach sensitivity.

Here are a number of other signs to look out for:

These are the common signs to watch out for.

If you notice some of those, try to tweak your dog’s diet.

Better yet, have a call with your veterinarian.

What Causes Stomach Sensitivity?

sad dog laying down

I'm just not in the mood to do anything.

A dog's stomach is a very sensitive organ.

It can be hurt and damaged by even the simplest stuff.

There are many causes of stomach sensitivity in dogs. However, there are three that are the most common.

Below are the three leading causes of stomach sensitivity in dogs.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus

This is the number one cause of stomach sensitivity in dogs. GDV is a serious condition that, if left untreated, can lead to very fatal problems.

When your dog has stomach sensitivity, this is the first cause that you should look at.

You should have your veterinarian check up on the dog immediately as this demands urgent attention.

Cushing's Syndrome

The second cause of stomach sensitivity in dogs is Cushing's syndrome.

Also known as hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing's Syndrome is a condition where the cortical levels are super high.

This abnormal overproduction of the hormone cortical is caused by a dysfunctional pituitary gland.

In very rare cases, it can also occur as a result of a tumor in one of those glands.

But this is very rare.

In case you see your dogs overeating , drinking too much, and urinating a lot, more than usual, that’s maybe a sign of Cushing's syndrome.


Ascites is a condition where fluids are faultily accumulated in the abdomen.

Ascites can occur as a result of several ailments, including kidney problems, heart failure and liver disease.

Certain Foods

This is one cause that you're probably already familiar with.

There are certain foods that can cause the stomach to get irritated.

These include wheat products, corn and soy.

Nevertheless, you just can’t decipher those causes on your own.

You need to seek professional help.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

cute australian shepherd with sad eyes

Now my intestines are killing me but there's nothing I can do!

Back in the days when I was struggling with the same issue, I found out that selecting the best foods in the market was very challenging, because picking up the right food for dogs with stomach sensitivity depends on so many factors, ingredients and other stuff that makes it hard to nail the right choice.

But again, I’d like to reassure you that things can get sorted out quite easily.

Below are a few things that should serve as pointers when you're considering the best food for dogs with stomach sensitivity.

Your pet is just as delicate and tender as the level of love and care you give him.

It therefore means that when your dog is ridden with upsets, you need to firstly treat it, and secondly pick the most appropriate dog food for the sensitivity problem.

What then should you look out for when buying dog food for your dog who's got sensitive stomach?

Well, here are top tips that can help you pick the right dog food for sensitive stomach.

Should Be Free From Allergens

Begin by ensuring that the dog’s food that you choose should is free from any ingredient that you suspect your dog could be allergic to.

How do you know that your dog is allergic to a given type of food?

Begin by first eliminating the food that was last eaten by your dog before he got into the trouble of stomach upsets.

Choose A Balanced Diet

Above all else, the dog food that you choose should be a balanced diet.

Feeding your dog with a meal that has all nutrients will ensure the growth of healthy bacteria that restore and build strong innards.

Rich In Minerals, Vitamins, And Antioxidants

Minerals, Vitamins, And Antioxidants are vital as they increase the rate at which the food is digested within the gut.

Should Be Free From Grains

Grains are rich in gluten, which is difficult to digest.

If the food you're feeding your dog has grain or gluten, it will certainly aggravate the sensitivity problem.

Should Have Low Fat And Carbohydrate

Fats and carbohydrates are usually not easily assimilated in a dog's stomach because dogs are primarily canine.

Therefore, you should choose a diet that has low levels of carbohydrate and fats.

Should Be Rich In Protein

A meal that is rich in protein is highly recommended for the treatment of stomach sensitivity.

Select A High Quality And Certified Dog Food

Do not just trust the label on every pack of dog’s food.

As far as possible, dig further to establish the credibility of the manufacturer and the quality of the food you want to give to your dog.

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach: Top 5 Products Reviews!


Now you know just what to look for when buying dog food for sensitive stomach. But we've even gone further to make the choices much easier for you.

Here are the 5 best dog food for sensitive stomach that are guaranteed to relieve the stomach upsets.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Dog Food

This formula is made up of natural ingredients that are digestible and most importantly balanced.

The main ingredients include salmon, chicken, and lamb.

It also comes with a blend of apples, carrots, grains, peas, and brewer’s rice.

This blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential minerals in a single diet makes for a highly efficient remedy for stomach sensitivity problems.

The blend also enhances the immune system, making  your dog better fit to fight the stomach sensitivity problems with much ease in the future.


  • Affordable yet highly effective.
  • Easy to digest and has all the essential nutrients.
  • Can effectively treat coat and skin related problems.
  • Highly recommended by the vets.


  • Not recommended for puppies under 3 months.

Have a look at our review of the top 5 products of Hill's Science Diet dog food.

2. Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned

This product is grain free and contains no artificial flavors.

Its well balanced formula provides all the essential nutrients.

Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned incorporate digestible carbohydrates and proteins as the main ingredients.

Wellness also makes one of the best canned dog foods available in the market


  • Has neither flavours nor spices.
  • Can be digested easily.
  • Has good taste and is known to be of high quality.


  • It's a bit expensive.

Read our own Wellness Core Dog Food Review!

3. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

It has a great recipe designed to promote digestion.

In effect, the ingredients are mixed in ratios that favours great taste, in order to increase your dog's appetiteand at the same time provide a balanced diet.

Some of the main ingredients include chicken meal, duck meal, brown rice, probiotics, digestive enzymes and oats.


  • Easy to digest.
  • The digestive enzymes and probiotic enhances digestion.
  • Has protein as major nutrients.


  • A picky eater may reject the food.

4. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

If your dog suffers a lot of pain as a result of stomach sensitivity, you might want to consider using this food as it can numb pains.

It has salmon, oats, and rice as the main ingredients.

It eases itching and promote digestion.


  • Made from high quality salmon to provide the essential proteins.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Has no wheat, corn, or soy that are difficult to digest.


  • Presence of non-chelate minerals.

Have a look at our own Purina One Dog Food Review!

5. Blue Buffalo Basics

The Buffalo Basics makes to the top of the best 5 Best dog food for sensitive stomach because it is unmatched when it comes to promoting digestion and boosting immunity.

In addition, it is grain free and contains turkey as a major ingredient.

But just before settling on Blue Buffalo Basics as the preferred diet, you can first buy the 11 pounds pack to test how much your dog likes it and how well his gut reacts to it.

Turkey, which is the main ingredient in Blue Buffalo Basics, will certainly appeal to your puppy or adult dog.


  • It's a limited ingredient recipe, which makes it much easier to tell if your dog's gut will assimilate the new treat.
  • The major ingredient is the high protein turkey.
  • It's suitable for dogs at all life stages.


  • It's not ideal for treating stomach sensitivity that arises from allergies.


The old adage ‘a stitch in time save nine’ wouldn’t be less true in the context of picking the right food for your dog when suffering from stomach sensitivity.

Getting the right food will treat and reverse the sensitivity problem.

At the same time, these top five foods all balanced formulas, giving your dog an opportunity to build a strong immune system that will make him become more tolerant.

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