Best Dog Food for Huskies: Food Boredom Issue Resolved [TOP 5]

Best Dog Food for Huskies

Huskies are my love.

I’m pretty sure I said that once somewhere.

That’s why I am keen on always finding the best dog food for Huskies and making sure it fits their nutritional needs.

As the market is full of dog food products that range from the very best to the worse food you could give to any dog, it is my duty to find out what the best food for my favorite dog breed is.

I know his eating habits and patterns.

I know why he eats and does not eat a certain food.

I know why he skips a meal or why he eats more than usual.

In other words, I know my Huskies.

And before I review the 5 best dog food products that you can give to your Husky, I will let you in on what you need to know about your Husky’s ways of eating.

I will also break down their eating habits so that you can keep your dog as healthy as possible.

There is a lot to know, so strap in.

Siberian Husky Facts

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

Their friendly wolf-like look makes them attractive to a lot of dog lovers.

Or at, least, that’s what I like to believe as a Husky lover.

The breed originated in the snowy lifestyle nature of Siberia (hence, Siberian Husky).

They were bred to help hunters gather their food.

That’s why the modern day purebred Husky is an active, medium size dog that is always ready to serve.

a puppy Husky playing in the snow

Who’s a good boy? I’m a good boy!

They are playful dogs, both with pets and family members, including children.

They love to play when it’s snowing, as that’s their ancestor's natural habitat.

As part of their breeding, they are used to traveling long distances in the snow and rocky mountains, sometimes with a light load on their back.

However, they do not consume a lot of food.

That’s because the environment was harsh enough to train them to eat less and work much harder.

Therefore, their metabolism has become so efficient that one meal a day is more than enough for them.

Learn more about Huskies from DogTime.

A Husky’s Eating Habits

If you own a Husky, or you are in love with the breed, you would know that they are not picky eaters, but they are conscious of how much and what they eat.

In other words, a Husky wouldn’t just eat all that’s in his food bowl because you put it there. He is smart enough to know when to stop and when not to eat at all.

In fact, Huskies know how much food they need to have just enough energy for their day to go by as smooth as possible.

If they are active, they will eat a little bit more than usual.

If they feel like couch potatoes, they eat as little as they possibly can.

You can’t force your food into his day.

He’ll eat (or ask for food) when he is hungry and stop eating when he is full.

For some reason, a Husky is able to adjust his needs to his lifestyle, understanding that being overweight leads to a shorter lifespan.

There is more about that down below as well as on The Nest.

Boredom with Food

A common issue with Huskies is that they can get easily bored with their food.

In some cases, they’ll just don’t want to eat the same brand anymore.

That is why it is important to keep the food bowl full of interesting additions every now and then.

You can add a few vegetables or fruits that your Husky can eat without any health issues.

You can also slowly change his food after he gets too comfortable with.

For example, if you have been feeding your husky the same products for over a year, it may be a good idea to start mixing it with a new one.

Otherwise, you may risk your dog not eating at all.

an adult Siberian Husky yawning

Bored or tired? What’s the difference?

Vets recommend that you do not abruptly change your dog food’s diet as it may lead to an upset stomach.

One good practice would be to add extra ingredients that can change the flavor and the taste of the food.

However, you should keep the calories in the bowl just the same as before by taking out the equivalent of what you add in.

You should also keep in mind that a Husky has a great food memory.

If he doesn’t like food once, he probably won’t like it ever.

They can tell the difference between good and bad quality dog foods.

You are better off always choosing the highest quality you can afford.

Watch this video of Steel, the Husky trying different fruits and vegetables.

How to Feed a Husky?

Feeding a Husky is as tricky and complicated as it can get.

It’s really like following your own diet.

You have to watch the calories, the carbs, and everything else.

With a Husky, the task gets even more complicated as he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He just knows when he is full and when he is hungry.

It is entirely up to you to figure out how to make his diet healthy.

Considering that he is not a picky eater, but a conscious one, you need to feed him high-quality dog foods all the time.

Many have noticed that the Huskies eat less in comparison to dogs their size, which makes your task even harder.

I’ve said above that a Husky can enjoy one meal a day and never ask for more food.

However, do NOT confuse that with a healthy meal plan, because it is not.

An adult Husky needs to have a diet of at least 1500 calories a day, with very high percentages of proteins, fats, and other macronutrients.

Poor quality dog food may give the required percentages, but your Husky will most likely be full by then.

That is why buying high-quality dog food that has high protein and fat levels in small scoops is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy Husky.

What to Look for in a Husky’s Food?

Now that you have a general idea of how complicated the lifestyle of a Husky is, it is time to know what to look for in his dog food.

adult Siberian husky sitting in a green field

Yes, tell me more about the food!


Not only should the source of your dog’s protein be named and of high quality, but the percentage should also be relatively high in comparison with the other products.

That’s because a Husky wouldn’t eat as much as medium size breeds but needs more protein than they do.

In fact, in his adult life, while he is energetic, he’ll need up to 40% proteins in his diet.

The average dog food would have just 25% maximum.

That is why we always advise you to get your Husky the best quality dog food you can find.


Usually, in the wild, the dog would be fine eating meat they hunt.

At least, that’s what their ancestors used to do before being domesticated.

Today, with all of the industry around dog food, companies will use fillers that won’t really help your Husky at all.

Therefore, try to avoid the cheap ingredients as much as possible as they will have a very poor percentage of carbohydrates.

That means your Husky will feel full and will no longer eat before he can get what he can get the calories he needs.

Fish Oil

Fats are extremely important for your dog, and when they are from Fish Oil, you can be sure to have a healthy dog.

The health of his coat and hair depends deeply on the quality of the oil he gets from the food.

That is why you should be excited to find a quality dog food with good ingredients that include fish oil.

Here’s a great article about a well-balanced Siberian Husky Diet.

What to Avoid in a Husky’s Food?

It is just as much important to know what to look for in your dog’s food as it is to know what you should avoid.

If you see anything of what is mentioned down below in the ingredients’ list, please put it back on the shelf and look for something else.

angry Siberian husky showing his teeth

Don’t make your Husky this angry!


Huskies have a strong allergy toward dairy product.

Unless you want to earn the Worst Dog Owner Award of the year, please do not feed your dog anything of the sort.

Other than the pain he’ll be feeling for days after you take him to the vet, there is a chance he may not make it back home with you.

Cooked Bones

Some dog food products use cooked bones in their ingredients list as large dog breeds like that taste.

However, a Husky is more likely to reject that dog food than appreciate it.

In fact, dog owners have reported digestion and health problems after their Husky has had a bite of products with cooked bones in them.

The least you could expect from a Husky after having had cooked bones in his food is a bad attitude.

That’s on top of the attitude he already has as an active, independent dog.

Grains, Soy, & Other Fillers

These are ingredients that we, personally, do not like our dogs to eat.

They are not harmful, but they certainly add no value.

A good quality dog food would have as little of these as possible.

That is why you don’t have put back bags of dog food that have fillers, as long as they are not used as primary ingredients.

Best Dog Food For Huskies: Top 5 Products Reviews!


The following products are considered to be the best dog foods for a Husky as they match what the breed needs regarding good quality ingredients and aren’t too expensive.

We have selected them based their ingredients list, pricing, and overall review from dog food experts and dog owners reviews.

Note: Before making a purchase based on our recommendations, please make sure to check with your vet first.

We cannot be held responsible for any health issues that your dog may suffer from buying one of these products.

Although, we’d appreciate it very much if you could let us know down below so we can take the product off of our list.

5. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Puppy Formula

Wellness Core Natural is one of the best dog foods we know in the industry.

In fact, if this was about German Shepherds, this food will get an instant 5-rating.

It is a customer’s favorite on Amazon.

This formula does a great job in giving puppies enough energy to keep running all day.

It is no surprise that this recipe is a 5-star rated dog food on DogFoodAdvisor.

Using deboned chicken and chicken meal as the first two ingredients helps to make this recipe easily digestible for your puppy.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Chicken as the first ingredient.
  • It is grain free.
  • Specific for puppies of large breeds.


  • Wellness has had a few bumps and recalls in the past.

Based on the information above, you can safely assume that we like this dog food.

That is why we are awarding a 4-star rating as well.

Have a look at our FULL REVIEW of Wellness Core Dog Food.

4. Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food

This is another one of the great dog food companies you may find on pet store shelves.

Canidae offers a grain free recipe that most Husky owners really like.

Although there have been some concerns since they added Cellulose to their ingredients’ list.

Nevertheless, both DogFoodAdvisor and Insider agree that Canidae is an above-average dog food.

That is based on the high-quality ingredients, especially the first five you find on their list.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • It is Grain free.
  • Fresh Bison is the first ingredient.


  • Dogs react differently to Cellulose.

Based on what we know about Canidae dog food, we are pleased to give it a 4-star rating.

Have a look at our FULL REVIEW of Canidae Dog Food (TOP 5 PRODUCTS).

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

The Life Protection product line from Blue Buffalo has more than 20 formulas.

Each is for a different breed at a different life stage.

That is many vets recommend this breed, especially for Huskies.

As it turns out, many dog owners vouch that their Huskies love the taste of Blue Buffalo and aren’t bored with it.

This dog food is already solving one of the most irritable problems of owning a Husky; food boredom.

According to DogFoodAdvisor, Blue Buffalo Life Protection has some formulas that are rated 4.5-stars.

Our favorite, however, is the Lamb and Brown Rice Formula.

The five ingredients in this recipe are Deboned Lamb, Oatmeal, Whole Ground Barley, Turkey Meal, Whole Ground Brown Rice.

And that’s indicative of why Huskies love this dog food so much.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Deboned Lamb is the first ingredient.
  • No corn, soy, or artificial colors used.
  • Well-recommended by vets and dog owners.


  • The kibble may be too small for a Husky.

Based on the information we have, we would also like to recommend Blue Buffalo Life Protection dog food.

That’s why it is getting a 4-star rating.

2. Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food

This Limited Ingredient Formula by Orijen is one of the best on the market today.

There are fewer ingredients in their recipe in comparison with the other brands.

Also, almost all their ingredients are local.

Orijen recipes are all grain free and have one source of protein.

That’s why they are as good as everyone says they are.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • The first ingredient is a named animal source.
  • It’s all grain free.
  • The ingredients are limited.
  • Huskies love the natural taste.


  • It is only available online.

Accordingly, and since no other brand can actually compare to the whole meats formulas of Orijen, we are rating 4.5 stars.

Read our honest and unbiased review of Orijen dog food.

1. Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream Formula

This company is one of our favorites, that’s why we mention them a lot.

Their Pacific Stream Formula works wonders with Huskies.

The flavor makes a Husky wag his tail in excitement for his meal.

So, it is no surprise we have it on this list.

According to DogFoodInsider, Taste of the Wild is a 5-paw rated product.

That is as high as their rating can go.

The ingredients in Pacific Stream Formula are high quality as they provide most of the necessary nutrients for the Husky.

These five ingredients; Salmon, ocean fish meal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and peas, make sure that your Husky gets the best from the kibble.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Salamon is the first ingredient.
  • Fish oil makes the coat healthier.
  • Very well-balanced.


  • It is made by Diamond, which is a concern to so many.

There is no reason this dog food wouldn’t be our favorite on this list, too.

In fact, we are giving a 5-stars rating and highly recommending it.

Read our FULL REVIEW of Taste Of The Wild Dog Food.


As much as I love Huskies, it is hard to deal with their eating habits.

That is why I believe the 5 dog foods above will do exceptionally well with your Husky.

Let us know in the comments down below if you have tried any of them.

Or tell us what food you feed your Husky.

Also, how do you deal with eating habits?

Let us know below!

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