Best Dog Ear Cleaner: Learn How To SAFELY Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Dogs – particularly certain breeds – are prone to ear infections and ear issues in general.

A dog ear cleaner comes in handy in this regard, by preventing the most common ear ailments which your pets might be susceptible to.

The best dog ear cleaner should be able to do this without burning a hole in your pocket and that is precisely what this brief article is going to be about.

I know you might be a little tight on time to go through the whole article.

That’s all fine.

To make things super easy for you, here is a navigational table of the 5 dog ear cleaners.

Have a close look at it below.

How To Better Clean Your Dog’s Ear?

big dog ears

My ears are already clean. No need for extra effort here.

That’s the very first thing you need to keep in mind when dealing with dog’s ears.

We have been bombarded in the past with questions about how best to clean dog ears correctly.

While virtually every dog ear cleaner comes with its set of instructions, it would be prudent to just include a brief guide here for your benefit.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy

Your dog is likely to resist at first and the whole process can get very messy. You need to be prepared for it and one of the best things you can do is to ensure that everything you need is at arm’s reach before you commence.

Trim Any Excess Fur Around Your Dog’s Ears

Too much fur around your dog’s ears can make it difficult to see what is going on inside and could also make the entire ear cleaning process a little trickier. To make life easier both for yourself and your pet, ensure that you trim excess fur around your dog’s ears.

Put The Dog Ear Cleaning Solution In Your Dog’s Ear

This is straightforward but make sure you take extra care as this can come as a bit of a shock to your dog the first few times. Spread the fluid in the ear and massage with gentle, circular motions whilst holding the ear straight. After a while clean it out, allow it to dry and switch to the other ear.

If you are too nervous, seek help from someone who has experience in this matters and you could also take advantage of the hundreds of tutorials that are available online.

Why A Dog Ear Cleaner?

dog wondering

I too wonder why?!

As touched upon briefly in the introduction, dogs are susceptible to problems in their ears including but not limited to infections and ear mites.

The best dog ear cleaner works by ensuring that the chances of your dog having ear infections are minimized to a great extent.

Symptoms that your dog may have ear problems:

Terrible Odor

Ear infections tend to be accompanied by a terrible smell in the ears. If your dog’s ears smell funny, it should send alarm bells ringing in your head.

Abnormal Behavior

If your dog exhibits abnormal behavior, then it may be caused by ear issues. Abnormal behavior could include excessive movement and restlessness or, at the other end of the spectrum, unusual silence. This is a little tricky because what you may perceive as ‘abnormal’ may actually be quite normal and caused by something as superficial as a bad mood.

Fluid Discharge

If there seems to be some sort of discharge from your dog’s ears then it could be cause for concern.

Benefits Of Dog Ear Cleaner

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Show me! Show me! That’s why I love my ear cleaners!

The benefits of the best dog ear cleaner are many. Some of them may be enumerated as follows:

No Prescription Needed

Usually, you don't need a medical prescription from a doctor in order to buy the best dog ear cleaner.

No Harmful Antibiotics

The best dog ear cleaner will not have any harmful antibiotics that may adversely affect your dog’s long-term well-being. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the product you're using is beneficial and also safe.

Important Part Of The Grooming Process

It can sometimes get overlooked, but dog ear cleaning is an essential part of the whole grooming process. It helps in maintaining your dog’s overall hygiene, which is imperative to the good health of your dog.

Prevents Ear Issues

An excellent quality dog ear cleaner prevents ear infections, discomfort and the like. It also helps in flushing out harmful ear mites and bacteria. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure!

Improves Overall Hearing

The best dog ear cleaners on the market work by improving your dog’s hearing. This is arguably the most important benefit from the perspective of a dog owner whose dog plays a guard dog kind of role and whose security could be linked to the dog's hearing. Nonetheless, a dog’s hearing is a reasonably good barometer of its overall health and well-being.

Cons Of Dog Ear Cleaner

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But yeah! Nothing is as perfect as it seems!

Dog Ear Cleaners May Contain Harmful Chemicals

Some of the dog ear cleaning solutions that are available on the market contain harmful chemicals which may only exacerbate your dog’s ear problems. The onus is on you to not only ensure that the dog ear cleaner is effective but also safe to use on your dog. The best dog ear cleaner does this.

Vet’s Intervention May Be Necessary

This is not a con of dog ear cleaner per se. Basically, you might misunderstand a symptom or condition and mistakenly assume that a dog ear cleaner will help resolve the problem. This could be potentially detrimental to your dog’s health as the problem may be something else entirely. While the best dog ear cleaners are safe to use on the ear, a visit to the vet does not hurt and is in your dog’s best interests.

How To Choose The Best Dog Ear Cleaner?

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You got it. That’s how you choose the best dog ear cleaner.

The first and foremost thing that you must keep in mind is that the dog ear cleaner contains only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals whatsoever.

This cannot be stressed enough.

A dog ear cleaner with harmful chemicals will likely prove to be extremely detrimental to your dog’s health in the long run.

The most readily available kind of dog ear cleaner that you will find on the market is a liquid solution.

This is meant to be used to massage your dog's ears gently for a bit before gently wiping it out.

These are comprehensive in their ability to clean and are usually good enough for prevent ear infections and cleaning out ear mites.

One other common type of dog ear cleaner is the dog ear cleaning wipes.

Now, the pertinent point here is that dog ear cleaning wipes are not quite as effective as the liquid solutions.

However, what they have going in their favour is that they tend to be much more convenient to use.

Regardless of what product you eventually decide to go for, or the type of dog ear solutions that you use, it would be prudent to consult a vet as soon as you suspect some kind of ear infection.

The best dog ear cleaner is an indispensable tool in your pet grooming kit.

However, professional advice is always preferable, for your own peace of mind if nothing else.

With all that being said, let us now have a look at the top 5 best dog ear cleaners.

Best Dog Ear Cleaner: Top 5 Products Reviews!


1. ZymoxOtic Pet Ear Treatment With Hydrocortisone

This is the number 1 best seller on amazon in dog ear care for a reason.

It is highly sought after by dog owners and is always there or thereabouts on all such lists.

It is a proven weapon against various kinds of bacterial, yeast and fungal infections.

It constitutes three active enzymes which exhibit antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

It doubles up as both a cleaner and a treatment.


  • Potent against antibiotic resistant microorganisms
  • Provides quick relief from inflammation and itching
  • Double duty – can be used as a cleaner and a treatment
  • Only 1 application is required daily
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Ideal for multi pet households


  • Given that it doubles up as a cleaner and a treatment, it is best not to be used as a regular cleaner.
  • Nozzle slightly short
  • Price could be slightly less

2. VirbacEpi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

This works like a charm against both yeast and bacterial infections.

It has a neutral PH formula and an anti-odor technology.

It can be used regularly as an ear cleaner for your pet for best results.


  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Fights both yeast and bacterial infections
  • Special drying feature which is potent against moisture related ear infections


  • Smell is not the greatest despite the patented anti-odor technology.

3. Petpost | Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner - Natural Coconut Oil Solution - Best Remedy for Ear Mites, Yeast and Ear Infection Causing Wax - Alcohol & Irritant Free

If your dog is constantly itching and scratching at their ears, or if there is a foul odor emanating from your dog’s ears, look no further.

This is perhaps the best dog ear cleaner that you can find.

It totally obliterates the bacteria and ear mites and breaks down ear wax quickly.

The best part is that the nozzle that comes with the product is fantastic which facilitates easy application.

It uses only natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing that it is safe to use on your dog.

The cherry on the cake is that even the packaging is environment friendly as it comes in a package that is recyclable.


  • 100 percent happy dog guarantee – if this product falls short on delivering what it promises.
  • You will get a replacement or the entire money back, no questions asked.
  • Alcohol free formula, no harmful chemicals.
  • Environment friendly packaging
  • Effective against ear wax, debris, dirt, yeast infections, ear infections and ear mites.
  • Easy-application nozzle


  • Some might find it a little too oily.

4. Top Performance ProEar Professional Medicated Ear Cleaners - Versatile and Effective Solution for Cleaning Dog and Cat Ears

If you are after quick relief from ear wax, odors and ear infections for your pet, then this product warrants serious consideration.

It is simple to use and only needs to be used once a week and before/after baths.

It is even safe for use on puppies.


  • Medicated formula
  • Reduces odors
  • Breaks ear wax done efficiently and effectively
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol which enables quick drying and prevents moisture related ear problems
  • Available in 4 sizes including 4 oz., 16 oz., Gallon and 2½ gallon


  • May not be suitable for dogs with extremely sensitive ears

5. Particular PawsEar Cleaner for Dogs and Cats with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E

No best dog ear cleaner list would be complete with Particular Paws’ ear cleaner which contains Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E.

Its natural ingredients make it safe for dogs of all breeds and ages.


  • It both treats and prevents ear infections
  • Removes unwanted particles and dirt from the ear
  • Contains only natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Simple to use and easy to apply
  • Promotes cell repair
  • Gentle and non-irritating formula
  • 100 percent hassle free refund guarantee


  • May not be suitable if your dog has very sensitive ears


So, there you have it.

In a nutshell, a dirty dog ear is a breeding ground for some of the worst types of problems.

Ignoring ear infections and improper ear hygiene may not seem like serious issues, but they could potentially lead to something serious.

We have looked at 5 of the best dog ear cleaners in this article.

Given the incredible range of ear cleaning products readily available on the market, it can get overwhelming as a dog owner and this is where this article comes in handy.

However, here is the caveat.

Just like humans, each dog is unique.

Something that works for one dog may not work for another one.

For example, a dog with ear allergies may respond better to more gentle formulas, whereas a dog with considerable ear wax blockage may require something stronger.

It all depends on the kind of problem that you are dealing with, or the kind of problem that you wish to prevent.

With the help of this article, you will be able to choose the right product and follow the right procedure.

To sum up, the whole 5 products are all close when it comes to quality.

The only difference is in your pocket and personal preferences.

Personally, I’d go with ZymoxOtic Pet Ear Treatment With Hydrocortisone, as it is affordable and top notch quality.

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