5 Best Canned Dog Food Products Your Dog Will Appreciate!

Best canned dog food: food bowls for good dogs

In any conversation about dogs, someone has to mention wet dog food.

This immediately throws everyone in a debate about what the best canned dog food is.

Although I am tempted to settle that debate once and for all, I will have to be super biased to do so. Therefore, I won’t.

What I’ll do, however, is list out the very 5 best canned dog food products that you will definitely find on the shelves of any pet store or you can simply order them online.

The list will be based on customer reviews found on the WorldWideWeb, not just Amazon’s review section.

What Is Canned Dog Food?

Canned dog food is exactly what you think it is: dog food that is put in cans.

This type of food is always compared to dry dog food for convenience and quality as one is much more costly and less convenient than the other.

However, based on the opinion of thousands of dog owners, canned dog food is an excellent choice, especially when you pick the best canned dog food products from the shelf.

four empty dog food bowls

Who’s gonna fill those bowls up with the best canned dog food?

Considering how expensive they are, you definitely want the best in your price range, which is usually better than dry dog food but doesn’t last just as much.


Down below, I’ll let you know what’s best and what’s not so good about canned dog food. So keep on reading!

Wet Food vs. Dry Food

What Are The Benefits Of Canned Dog Food?

I have mentioned that many dog owners prefer wet dog food.

It is not an easy choice to make considering the amount of money it costs to have your dog on this regular diet.

So, why have these dog owners make the conscience choice of buying canned dog food?

This article lists out 13 benefits of canned dog food, but I’ll summarize them in short:

Better Ingredients

The high price of canned food is simply the higher cost of having more proteins in your dog’s diet.

Wet dog foods are known to have more meat chunks in them, which eventually gives your dog more protein and less fat.

They also have fewer carbs and fewer preservatives.

That means your dog is mostly on a healthy diet, as close to natural as commercial food can be.

Easy to Eat

Thanks to its high moisture content and soft texture, canned dog food is generally easier to chew, especially if your dog has teeth problems.

Wet food is also easier to digest and reduces bloat.

Therefore, your dog is happy.

That’s why canned dog foods are…

Dog Approved

Many dog owners have noticed that their dogs prefer wet dog food rather than dry food.

In fact, open a can of dog food and watch your dog run as excited as ever.

That is because canned dog food smells better, tastes better, and makes your dog feel better after eating it.

What’s Bad About Canned Dog Food?

So, canned food may seem perfect for your dog, but like everything else in life; nothing is perfect.

It sure seems like your dog will appreciate canned food.

However, there are a few things to consider before making your first purchase.

Cost Ineffective

Simply put, it costs a lot of money to buy quality canned food, but it will only last a couple of days maximum.

Once you open that can of food, you have about a day or two before you have to throw it away.

This is definitely not convenient, unless if you have more than one dog.

But then, you may have to buy more cans than you can afford.

Can’t Go Back

Usually, after your dog tastes the wet food, you’ll have problems feeding him anything else.

Although you can mix the variety of tastes from the best canned dog food sellers, you won’t be feeding him dry food any longer.

Ingredients List

Although I have said that ingredients in canned dog food are better than dry food, you always have to check the ingredients list.

It is actually a general rule of thumb for any dog food product, but it’s more important when it comes to wet dog food.

That is because you would want the source of the meat put in your dog’s food can. This is what MAY go into making your wet dog food.

Watch this video to learn how premium quality wet dog food is made:

What To Look For In Canned Dog Food?

Now that you know the dog food industry is not to be blindly trusted, you should know what to look for when buying the best canned dog food for your buddy.

So, answering the question is relatively simple once you read this fantastic article.

However, basically, you should make sure that the protein source is listed first on the list.

Also, ensure that the product specifies which part of the meat is used in their product.

Avoid byproduct as much as possible and don’t even consider canned food products with unspecified animal sources.

Best Canned Dog Food: Top 5 Products Reviews!


5. NUTRO ULTRA Wet Dog Food

Nutro is a generally premium pet food company that boasts about the quality and safety of their products.

That’s exactly why they are among the best sellers on Amazon and everywhere else really.

However, their history isn’t as clean as they may claim.

Still, more people praise their products rather than criticize them.

Therefore, they must be doing something right, and indeed they are.

Here are few of the pros and cons of Nutro Ultra wet dog food.


  • Good quality ingredients
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • No byproducts included


  • Recalls because of excessive minerals in previous products
  • Low protein in comparison with other products
  • Use of a few controversial ingredients

Although it is not as clean cut as the products that will follow, Nutro Ultra is still one of the best canned dog food available in the market.

For that reason, we will give a strong 3.5 stars out 5 for this one.

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4. Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Dog Food

WellPet has been around for years, and their latest launch in 2008 has made them one of the leading companies regarding pet food.

That extends to their Wellness Complete Health canned dog products that many dog owners recommend to their dog owner friends.

They have a near perfect history, except for a lawsuit because of marking their products as “human grade” and a few recalls in 2011 and 2012.

So, how good are they? Let’s find out:


  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients.
  • Near “human grade” products
  • Almost perfect records


  • Product recalls in 2011 and 2012
  • A bit more expensive

Considering the love and appreciation Wellness Complete Health gets for its quality, we will give the product 4 stars out of 5. They really deserve it.

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3. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

Slightly better than Wellness Complete Health and one of the most positively reviewed canned dog foods on Amazon, Natural Balance is considered among the best brands that produce high-quality dog food.

This product, in particular, is a dog owners’ favorite canned dog food.

Here are a few reasons why (and a couple of why not):


  • No byproducts
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Different flavors (Beef, Lamb, Chicken)
  • Best price for high quality


  • A little bit too much potato
  • Use of Canola oil and carrageenan

Accordingly, after reading many reviews from both previous and current buyers as well as experts, we give Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food 4 Stars out 5.

Have a look at our honest and unbiased Natural Balance dog food.

2. Merrick Classic Grain Free Canned Dog Food

The runner up, being one of the leading experts on pet care and nutrition in America and the world, Merrick really has one of the best canned dog food products in the market today.

Vets would likely recommend their products as their quality is always praised.

However, their recent history should keep you alerted.


  • No by-products and no fillers
  • Products made in few steps
  • All ingredients are local from farmers


  • Few product recalls in the early 2010s

As I have mentioned above, experts do recommend Merrick Classic canned dog food to almost all dog owners.

That is why we will also recommend it by giving it a straight 4.5 Stars out of 5.

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1. Blue Buffalo Homestyle and Family Favorites Recipes

We have intentionally left out the best for last.

Blue Buffalo canned dog food is possibly America’s best in the market.

DogFoodAdvisor.com gives it a 5-star rating, and so do many other dog food reviewers.

So, it is fair to say Blue Buffalo has gained a lot of trust.

Here is how Blue Buffalo gained its popularity in the form of pros and cons.


  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients.
  • High in protein
  • Tastes so good, you may want some 🙂


  • Seriously, we don’t have any this time.
  • Don’t trust anything perfect, I guess?

Based on our own research about the product and how many positive reviews Blue Buffalo gets, we have to give a straight, big 5 stars out of 5.

We couldn’t find a reason why not to do so.


What’s there left to say?

Canned dog food is basically what you want to give your dog to keep him healthy and happy.

It’s not gonna be financially convenient for you, but your dog’s health is definitely worth every penny!

We recommend any of the products we listed above as they are top notch, high quality, premium dog foods.

However, always check with your vet before you make any rash decision.

In the meantime, tells us in the comments down below; which of these ingredients do you think is the best?

Have you tried any yet?

Which one do you recommend?

And do you have any other recommendation we didn’t mention?

Let us know in the comments below!

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