Authority Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, Recalls, Ratings [TOP 5]

Authority Dog Food Reviews

Are you looking for tested, an honest and unbiased Authority Dog Food review to give you all the details you need to know? Are you in need of a company that provides top notch food for you dog?


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In the lines to come, I will walk you through all you need to know about the company and the very top 5 products to pick from.

But before, if you don’t have the time to go through all the article, here is a quick summary of the 5 product to help you easily make the choice:

Authority Dog Food Company Overview

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Authority Dog Food is a brand of dog foods that is owned and marketed by PetSmart, one of the largest pet chains in North America. It was founded in 1986 as Pacific Coast Distributing Inc., and by 2014 it had 1300 stores. The Authority brand was launched in 1995 and aims to provide products that are nutrient-dense and high in both protein and fat.

The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. While most of the products are manufactured in the United States, the company is known to use factories in China and Thailand.

Why Authority Dog Food?

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Here is why we think the company is worth it:


Authority dog food products come at an affordable price while keeping a decent quality. There are various products to choose from in different sizes: 15-ounce, 13-ounce and 6-ounce and are cheaper than most high-quality products.

Various Products

Authority brand has a wide variety of dry and wet food for dogs as well as different treats. These products come in different flavors: chicken and pea, lamb and rice, chicken and rice, beef and rice and turkey and chickpea. The wet products are divided into several lines: Savory Cuts, Pates, GNC Pets and Ground Entrees. They all contain real meat including beef, chicken,and lamb.

High Protein Content

Both dry and canned formulas are very rich in protein content as well as other important vitamins and minerals. The chicken flavor formulas contain dry chicken meal which has a much higher protein content than the fresh ingredient. Protein is extremely important for the dogs’ health. More on why protein is important here.

Pros of Authority Dog Food

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Get to know why this is a great one to bet on.

There are two main advantages that the company offers dog breeders. Here are some:

Provides High-Quality Content For Their Price Range

When we talk about dog food, the total price of the products relates to the ingredients used. Authority products do a very good job at maintaining a balance between ingredients’ price and health benefits. Yes, we would all like to buy food for our dogs that are 100% safe, high-quality meat but can we afford to pay for it? Authority offers products at a low price while still maintaining an acceptable quality.

Authority Foods And Treats Are Usually Well Accepted By Dogs

This is an important issue because it can be be next to impossible to convince a dog to eat something he doesn’t like. The wide variety of dog foods from the Authority brand are easily accepted by dogs.

Cons of Authority Dog Food

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What?! Are these, with all the great stuff they provide, still have cons?!

And here are some disadvantages to consider as well:

Corn Or Wheat As Fillers

Authority dog foods use either corn or wheat as fillers in many of their products and both these ingredients can cause problems for dogs. The use of corn in dog food is subject to an intense debate: while some state that corn is a nutritious dog food, others claim it can pose problems for dogs.

The reality is that corn has a high glycemic index, can cause allergies, creates digestive problems for dogs and doesn’t offer much in terms of nutritional value, vitamins or minerals. In others words, corn is a cheap product that is widely used in dog food rather due to its availability and price rather than quality.

Bottom line is that without corn or wheat fillers, Authority dog foods would be much more expensive.

Possible Allergies

Authority dog food formulas contain corn and corn gluten meal and thus can cause allergies in some dogs. Some products can also contain eggs, which can cause gastrointestinal upset.

Here is a detailed guide to better understand dog allergies.

What to Look For When Buying Authority Dog Food?

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There are three things you need to consider before getting your hands on your CC. They are as follows:


While the main ingredient in most dry and canned Authority pet foods is meat, sometimes they use a lot of questionable fillers such as corn or wheat. As some dogs have various allergies you have to read all the ingredients list to make sure none can be bad for them. The foods often contain eggs and gluten meals which can cause allergies.

Check the Adequacy Statement

Most of the Authority dog foods have been designed specifically for a type of dog and for a specific purpose. For example, some products can be specifically designed for puppies, other for adults or small breed dogs.

Some products are designed to improve bone or brain development, the digestive or the immune system or the dental health. You should always keep in mind for what type of dog or situation that particular food was created.

Guaranteed Analysis

The guaranteed analysis provides useful information regarding the minimum amount of fat and protein and the maximum amount of moisture and fiber. This way you can distinguish between products based on the nutrient content.

Authority Dog Food Recalls

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Oooho! Recalls? I am only into food. I don’t know what these are.

In March 2007 Authority was one of the brands that had massive recalls due to melamine. The affected formulas were mostly canned formulas.

The FDA issued the recall for many pet food brands, including a few Authority formulas:

  • Authority Adult Beef, Rice & Gravy for Dogs.
  • Authority Adult Chicken, Rice & Gravy for Dogs.
  • Authority Adult Chicken & Rice Cuts for Dogs.
  • Authority Adult Lamb and Rice Cuts for Dogs.
  • Authority Lite Chicken, Rice & Gravy for Dogs.
  • Authority Adult Lamb, Rice & Gravy for Dogs.

All the recalled products had expiration dates ranging from November 2009 to March 2010.

Authority Dog Food Ingredients

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And off to the ingredients. These are all my favourite.

The various products contain different ingredients, but some are more frequent than others. There are different formulas that can be bought for a specific age group or for a specific need.


Authority pet foods have a moderate meat content but the manufacturer uses often meat broths, for example, lamb broth or beef broth. Broths have low nutritional value but are great at adding flavor and moisture which makes them a popular addition to canned dog food.

In dry foods, the main ingredient is often raw meat, for example, chicken, lamb or beef. While it is a quality ingredient it should be noted that raw chicken meat contains approximately 80%. After cooking, all the moisture is lost and the meat content is reduced to a small portion of its original weight.

The company also uses chicken meal, lamb meal and other such meals. These are meat concentrates that are considerably richer in protein content than regular, fresh meat.

More on feeding your dog with meat here.


The most often used grains are rice and corn. While brown rice is one of the “good grains” that is easy to digest by dogs, it doesn’t provide any significant nutritional value.

Corn is more problematic as it was shown to have a negative effect on dogs’ health as it can’t be easily digested. The reason is widely used in dog food is that it is very inexpensive.

Most Authority products are high in protein and provide balanced nutritional values. Most chews, for example, don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives that could be potentially damaging to the dogs.

Authority Dog Food Reviews: Top 5 Products!

Authority Dog Food Ratings

1. Authority® GNC Pets® Skin, Coat+ Digestive Health Support Adult Dog Food

Your adult dog needs good nutrition just as much as you do, for exactly the same reasons. Good skin, teeth, bones, and overall pet health are among the main concerns at Authority. Therefore, this food and everything else they make is created with the best health of your furry friend in mind.

This is a dry food product, developed to maintain the health of your pet’s immune and digestive tract. It also supports healthy skin and coat. It comes in a 21-pound bag. Differing stages of adult life such as pregnancy and nursing will require varying feeding instruction. This is provided on the site and the bag. The recommended practice is to include fresh, clean water with your dog’s meal during consumption. It will feed even puppies with proper instruction. It would be best to see your vet for specified and more helpful feeding recommendations.


  • It is made with all-natural ingredients, mainly white fish and potato.
  • No grains contained, so if your dog has a corn allergy of some kind, it won’t rear up.
  • The natural fiber and omega fatty acids support healthy skin, coat, and digestive system.
  • It is fairly priced and shippable.
  • Discounts for this food product are available.


  • Contains hotly debated minor ingredients such as vegetable oil and insulin. The acceptance of these ingredients will greatly vary due to questions over nutritional value addition.

2. Authority® Large Breed Adult Dog Food

Grain-free food, made with chicken and pea. This is also a dry food product but can be consumed either dry or moistened. The primary ingredient in this food is chicken. It has been developed to support the immune digestion systems, to improve the overall health of your dog. Because each dog is unique, it will be best to consult your vet before buying, to ascertain if this food will serve best.


  • Product is made for large dog breeds, and meal portions can be adjusted according to size.
  • There is no grain-based allergen in this food product.
  • It is very budget friendly.
  • Recommended feeding portions are given on the site and on the packet.
  • Is shippable, with discounts available.


  • The omega 3 and 6 contents are not recognized as essential nutrients by AAFCO.
  • This is only available at Petsmart.

3. Authority® Grain Free Puppy Food

This food product is also grain free and is made specifically for puppies. Puppies need softer food for at least the first 3-4 weeks, which will mean the addition of water. Over time, their dietary needs will change, and so they can get accustomed to drier foods. For the Authority Puppy Food, feeding instructions are provided on the pack, and greatly recommended that you consult your vet with any questions.


  • Specifically created for your puppy and their growing needs.
  • Feeding instruction on the back of the pack, including progression dietary changes.
  • Fairly priced, considering its nutritional value.


  • Depending on the breed and digestive tract of your dog may cause gas and/or soft stool.
  • It is not specified which breeds this food would be suitable for.

4. Authority® Small Breed Adult Dog Food

This food is made specifically for small breed dogs with food sensitivities, particularly for grain allergies. Adult dogs benefit from the wholesome, balanced nutrition it provides, and appreciate the chicken flavor. It is a dry food, with a smaller size on the kibble.


  • The feeding instructions include weight loss and weight maintenance regimens.
  • Made, especially for food sensitivities.
  • Affordable food product.
  • Comes in resealable bags.
  • Suitable for senior dogs.


  • There are no longer any large packet sizes (30 pounds) available.

5. Authority® Senior Dog Food

Formulated for the more mature dog of over 7 years, this is the product is made out of lamb and rice. It is a wet, canned food product, whose primary ingredient is lamb broth. It is advisable to provide clean, fresh water during feeding. Unused portion should be refrigerated, while the food itself should be served in room temperature. Feeding requirements will depend a lot on the dog’s activity, breed, environment, and age. It is best to direct any additional questions to your pet’s vet for best use.


  • Formulated specifically for senior dogs.
  • Fairly priced.


  • Will be unsuitable for dogs with grain and egg sensitivities.
  • The omega 6 and 3 ingredients are not AAFCO recognized as essential nutrients.
  • The breeds catered to are not specified, and as such, may or may not be suitable for all breeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

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And a few more questions and answers to feed your mind.

Where Are The Products Manufactured?

Although many of the products are made in U.S. facilities, the company has been known to use factories overseas, especially in China and Thailand.

Is Authority A Good Dog Food?

Most Authority products have a moderate meat content and various fillers, depending on the product. It provides good quality for their price range.

Where Can You Buy Authority?

Authority products are available at PetSmart store, Amazon, PetCo, and a few independent pet stores.


While Authority dog foods are not of the highest possible quality, they provide good products for their price range. The products are advertised to have a high meat content but the meat often comes in broth or meat meals that are not of the highest quality.

One of the main advantages of the Authority dog food is that it is all natural and rich in protein and fat as well as other nutrients. Most of the products are manufactured in the United States, but they use often ingredients imported from China or from other countries.

Authority dog food contains no by-products which make it a very good choice if you have to feed your dog on a budget. As for the one we advise you to go for among the 5 above, we definitely vote for the Authority® Large Breed Adult Dog Food. It is our dog’s favourite. It doesn’t have to be yours. You can simply experiment with the others and see which ones works best for your friend.

Authority Dog Food
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Ingredients
  • Meat Content
  • Price
  • Availability


My final words about Authority Dog Food are as follows. Authority Dog Food rocks. I am not praising it or something. That’s just our experience with company. Our dogs really loved their products, especially the chicken taste

As for the making of these products, they use top notch ingredients and quality meat and grains.

The price for the quality is really convenient. Their products are cheap, yet top notch, making it a great bet for people with a tight budget.

The only downside is that they are available in all online stores. Apart from that, everything about the company is pure perfection.

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