10 incredible Australian Shepherd mixes – when cute meets smart!

Australian Shepherd mixes

The Australian Shepherd is one of the smartest and most hard-working dogs out there. Good-looking and brave, he has the physique and the skills! He can be a delightful family companion, but this dog is definitely happiest when he is outside, doing a job, especially herding. After all, he is a shepherd.

Don’t let his name fool you, though. The Australian Shepherd, lovably nicknamed the Aussie, is actually not from Australia. This dog was first bred in the western United States, where he was used to herd livestock. He is especially good around sheep.

Smart and energetic, the Australian Shepherd has charmed more than one dog lover. I am personally a fan of this beautiful breed, as I love nothing more than a medium sized intelligent and active dog. A canine like this one will never make you think life is boring. On the contrary, every single day with this beautiful pooch is a gift!

Athletic and independent, the Australian Shepherd loves taking charge, and this is why he needs an owner who can be a leader. The Aussie needs someone to assert dominance over him, or he will think that he is the top dog of the house. And truly, we can’t let that happen now, can we?

The Australian Shepherd is a fiery ball of energy, and this is exactly why he needs a lot of activity. Not only does this keep him healthy, it also helps keep his mind sharp. After all, physical exercise is not only good for your best friend’s physical health. It is also important to his mental health!

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So, what is better than an Australian Shepherd? Well, definitely an Australian Shepherd mix!

So, let’s discover together 10 incredible (and super adorable) Australian Shepherd mixes. They have got the looks and the brains, folks!

1 - Australian Shepherd Poodle mix (Aussiedoodle)

Australian Shepherd Poodle mix (Aussiedoodle)

Credit: dog-learn.com

Whenever I hear the word “Poodle”, my heart melts a little bit, and this case isn’t an exception. Honestly, mixing the strong and hardy Australian Shepherd with the beautiful and elegant Poodle is one of the best ideas mankind ever had.

The Australian Shepherd Poodle mix, also known as Aussiedoodle, is not ugly to look at. Actually, this is a euphemism. This dog is an absolute looker, a hunk even, if I might say. But the Aussiedoodle isn’t just that. He is also a smart and affectionate dog, who, with proper training, can get along with everyone, from people to other pets.

One thing about his Australian Shepherd parent is that he is a herder, and the Aussiedoodle will definitely have this instinct in him. Without proper training and early socialization, he might have no choice but to follow his basic instincts, and try to herd you, your children, or any pets you have in the house.

But, don’t worry. Since the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix is highly intelligent, he can be quite easy to train, even for the first-time dog owner. And, because both the Poodle and the Aussie are working dogs, your hybrid pooch will be extremely energetic, so keep him active, or he will get bored and destructive.

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2 - Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky (Aussie Siberian)

Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky (Aussie Siberian)

Credit: wagwalking.com

Playful and wildly independent, the Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix (also known as the Aussie Siberian) will need a lot of training. You will have to be strong in front of him, assertive, and most importantly, dominant. This hybrid beauty can be quite stubborn, which means that you will have to show him who is the boss (meaning YOU, friend).

With this dog especially, obedience training is a must. And you should start this early, when he is still a puppy. After all, the Aussie Siberian can be quite a large dog, and it will be difficult to handle him if you wait until he is a bit older to train him.

Still, the Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix does have a lot of qualities. He is smart, playful, and makes a great family companion when you train him to be so. He can also be an excellent guard dog, so if you need someone to keep you safe, the Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix is the right dog for you.

Don’t forget that this is a highly energetic dog who will need a lot of exercise. If you are not ready to give up your Sunday slippers for running shoes, you should probably look for another breed.

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3 - Australian Shepherd Corgi mix (Augi)

Australian Shepherd Corgi mix (Augi)

Credit: dogbreedinfo.com

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix (adorably called Augi as well) is one of those dogs that look too cute to be real. Independent to a fault, this dog knows what he wants, and he will bark you to oblivion to get it.

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is an adorable cross between cuteness and smarts. He is full of love and affection to his family, though he can be quite aloof of strangers sometimes. But, this isn’t anything good training and early socialization can’t solve.

The Augi is a precious creature who demands attention, despite his stubbornness and love of independence. All in all, this dog is a walking paradox, but still a loveable one. But now, that even though he looks all cute and nice, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is not a dog for everyone, and he definitely doesn’t suit the first-time dog owner. So, if this is your first rodeo with a canine, try to choose an easier breed to train and live with.

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4 - Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix (Australian Retriever)

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix (Australian Retriever)

Credit: 101dogbreeds.com

There is nothing more delightful than a Golden Retriever. Well, not until now, at least. The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, also known as the Australian Retriever, is a loveable, playful, and affectionate dog. As good with kids as he is with adults and elderly people, the Australian Retriever is truly a delight to have around as a family dog or a working dog.

This dog is extremely smart, and can be quite possessive, especially if it comes to his family or his toys. Still, he is good around other animals, as long as they are not aggressive or try to step on his territory.

Loving, the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever enjoys nothing more than spending time with the people and pets he considers family. And, if you want to make your pooch truly happy, take him swimming, the Australian Retriever thrives the most when he is in the water.

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5 - Australian Shepherd Labrador mix (Aussiedor)

Australian Shepherd Labrador mix (Aussiedor)

Another delightful cross breed on this list in the Aussiedor, a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador. Both of these dogs are famous (and loved) for their diverse qualities, and their mix isn’t an exception.

The Australian Shepherd Labrador mix is famous for having a mellow and calm temperament. He is gentle, kind, full of love, and extremely smart (like most dogs on this list, actually). Very loyal, the Aussiedog can be a bit clingy sometimes, especially towards the people they love the most. This means that if you leave this mixed breed alone for a long time, it is bound to start suffering from separation anxiety. So, you should know that an Australian Shepherd Labrador mix is a big responsibility, and you should give him all the care you can muster up.

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6 - Australian Shepherd Papillon mix (Austi-Pap)

Australian Shepherd Papillon mix (Austi-Pap)

Credit: dogbreedinfo.com

Well well, everyone. First of all, I need a break, because while doing my research, I discovered that there is a dog breed called Papillon, as in Butterfly in French. AND THIS IS ADORABLE!!

Okay, my five minutes of hyperventilating from excitement are over, let’s get back to business folks! The Austi-Pap is a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the cute Papillon.

The Australian Shepherd Papillon mix is famous for being great with kids and other animals, especially pets that he grew up with. But, he also has other amazing qualities. He is friendly to a fault, completely adorable, and very affectionate. This does not mean that this dog is just all love and no brains, though. The Austi-Pap is also famous for being an extremely alert and intelligent dog that can make a great guard or watchdog when trained to be so.

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7 - Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier mix (Baussie)

Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier mix (Baussie)

So, the question here is: Is the Baussie bossy?

Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I had to make that pun, for the sake of my mental health!

The Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier mix is a peculiar and interesting hybrid dog. He is definitely a looker, right up there with the Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix, but hey, he is more than just a pretty face to look at, all right?

The Baussie is full of energy, and he will do anything for exercise and some good playtime, especially if that means he gets to hang out with his favorite people. He can get very attached to the people he loves, and thus, can suffer from separation anxiety if you leave on his own for too long.

Extremely friendly and very family oriented, the Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier mix makes an excellent companion, especially to a family with kids. He is affectionate and loves goofing around, so make sure your children known how to handle a dog and play with him before sending them to the backyard together to play catch.

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8 - Australian Shepherd Boxer mix (Boxherd)

Australian Shepherd Boxer mix (Boxherd)

Credit: wagwalking.com

The Australian Shepherd Boxer mix, or Boxherd if it’s easier, is quite a dog to handle. He can be very stubborn and possessive, and his strong protective instincts might make him a bit aggressive. Still, this is nothing good early socialization and proper training can’t change, or at least, tame.

But, the Boxherd doesn’t only have overwhelming qualities (that some might consider faults) like these. He also has one of the biggest hearts, and he has love for everyone he lives with. Your Australian Shepherd Boxer mix will definitely shower you with love and kisses every time you’re around. He is extremely affectionate and will follow you around to get your attention when he wants to play or just cuddle.

The Boxherd is also very energetic, like most dogs on this list, and will need a lot of exercise and activity. Because he is highly intelligent, boredom doesn’t suit him, and he will try to entertain himself in another way (read dig holes in your backyard or chew on your furniture) if you don’t give him enough mental stimulation.

The Australian Shepherd Boxer mix is definitely not a dog for the first-time owner, so if this is your case, I’d recommend you go with an easier breed.

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9 - Australian Shepherd Doberman mix (Auberman)

Australian Shepherd Doberman mix (Auberman)

The Australian Shepherd Doberman mix, or Auberman, is definitely a beautiful dog. Full of elegance and grace, this amazing hybrid also has a strong personality and the physique to carry his powerful character.

The Auberman is an amazing guard dog, as he would do anything to protect you and the home. This is a pack dog who will do anything for whomever she considers family, and if you raise one right, then you should consider yourself lucky.

The Australian Shepherd Doberman mix is a calm and contained dog, with a high intelligence level. He can be a bit scary when you meet at first, and he is quite aloof to strangers. But with his family, he is nothing more than a giant puppy trying to give puppy kisses to everyone he loves. And he can even get along with other pets, crazy, right?!

With proper training and socialization, an Auberman can be e perfect companion and watchdog. He is full of energy, so regular exercising as well as mental activity (to keep his mind sharp) are a must if you want a healthy and well-rounded adult Auberman.

10 - Australian Shepherd Bulldog mix (Bull Aussie)

Australian Shepherd Bulldog mix (Bull Aussie)

Strong and large, the Australian Shepherd Bulldog mix, also known as Bull Aussie, is definitely an impressive dog. But, don’t get fooled by his scary looks, because the Bull Aussie is a soft ball of affection and fluff who wants nothing more than to be loved.

The Australian Shepherd Bulldog mix is a dog as good as they come. Loyal, calm, faithful, and kind, he is the perfect family companion. He especially thrives in an active and caring family, because not only does he have a lot of energy to spend, he also likes nothing more than getting his family’s attention.

This beautiful and big hybrid can be the perfect best friend, especially when he is well trained and socialized. He needs to live in a house with quite a lot of space where he can run around and play.

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The Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog that has melted more than one person’s heart. Just by looking at him, you can see that this amazing canine is reliable and faithful, making him the most perfect companion. And this is no different when it comes to his mixes with other pooches.

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