10 Fascinating Facts About the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix (Aussiedor)

Aussiedor looking at the camera

As I always say, mutts (or mixed breeds, if you feel like the word mutts is too pejorative) are amazing dogs. And, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix, or Aussiedor, is not an exception. Beautiful, majestic, and strong, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is truly a gem. This designer breed is one of the most popular in the world, and if you read about it, you will understand why.

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is truly one of a kind; sweet, loving, and smart, he is the perfect companion to the lonely hearts out here (AKA people like me). The Aussiedor is probably one of the smartest mixed breeds around, thanks to the great genes of his purebred parents, the Australian Shepherd, and the Labrador Retriever.

Handsome as hell, goody, and extremely playful, the Aussiedor will make you fall in love with him at first sight, that’s for sure. He is delightful to have around and will turn your life into a giant playground. Not just that though. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a very well-mannered and patient dog, which makes him highly trainable, and thus, perfect as a family dog.

To learn more about this delightful mixed breed, keep on reading!

Who are the Aussiedor’s parents?

Of course, before going into the heart of the subject, we should first learn more about the purebred parents: The Australian Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. Both known for being extremely smart dog, they sure make a good pair and the perfect combination. So, who are they? Let's learn more about them, shall we?

The Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd looking out the window

Look at this beauty!

Despite being called the Australian Shepherd (or the Aussie), this dog actually originated in North America, precisely in the Western United States. He was bred to herd and enjoys nothing more than having a job. The Australian Shepherd can only thrive through hard work, which made him the perfect breed for farmers back in the early 1800s. But, the Australian Shepherd can also be a delightful family dog.

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most hard-working dog breeds out there. He is smart and versatile, with a sense of duty strong enough to scare any kind of cattle. He needs his energy and smarts to be put to use, or he might end up feeling bored, and become destructive. The Australian Shepherd has an extremely high level of energy and will need a lot of exercise to be happy. If he can’t find anything to occupy his mind, he might start herding small children and other animals, or simply tearing your house apart. This dog is not for the lazy people, who want to chill on a couch and watch TV shows all day. He needs someone who will take him on hikes and play with him.

The Australian Shepherd is also the perfect dog for competitive sports, due to his high intelligence and trainability. Agile and extremely athletic, the Aussie does well in this kind of competitions. He can also be the perfect guide dog and assistance dog, as well as police dog (just like the German Shepherd).

It is not hard to teach the Australian Shepherd to help you with chores around the house either. Thanks to his wits and smarts, he will quickly learn to pick up dirty laundry, for example. But the Aussie is not just all brains, he also has looks for days! With his beautiful medium-length coat and attractive eyes (that can be blue, green, or even hazel), he’s a real looker.

If you adopt an Australian Shepherd, know that you will have a loyal and loving companion for life. He will turn every day into an adventure, and you will definitely love it!

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The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever sitting

Isn’t he majestic?

The Labrador Retriever is America's most popular dog breed, and not for naught. Friendly, loyal, and hard-working, he makes for the perfect companion. Back in the days, when he was first bred, he was mostly used by fishermen. He would fetch ropes for them, haul nets, or retrieve fish. Today, he works for hunters or as an assistant dog for the handicapped. But, most of all, he is the good-natured companion of many people out there.

Smart and warm, the Labrador Retriever is America's sweetheart, and it is quite easy to understand why. Not only is he friendly, loyal, and lovable, he is also extremely muscular and athletic, which makes him perfect for competitions. Full of energy, he needs someone who will take him on walks, hikes, camping trips, and will play with him all the time. The Labrador Retriever needs a lot of care, which means that he is not for the faint of heart.

Loving and people-oriented, the Labrador Retriever will do anything to keep his owner safe and happy. Thanks to his sweet and calm nature, he can also be the perfect therapy dog for people suffering from anxiety or depression. He can do most jobs around, from assistance dog to rescue dog, all thanks to his high intelligence.

But, because of their sweet nature, Labradors Retrievers do not really make good watchdogs. They are too friendly, and they'd rather wag their tail at a stranger than growl at him.

All in all, the Labrador Retriever makes for the perfect companion: loving, friendly, and smart, he will do anything to make you and your family happy.

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So, now that we know more about the Aussiedor’s purebred parents, let’s learn about the beautiful mix of these two highly intelligent and friendly dogs.

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix (Aussiedor)

The Aussiedor is the perfect mixed breed if I might say. Both his purebred parents are good-natured, smart, loyal, hard-working, and friendly. This makes the Aussiedor the perfect crossbreed out there. So, let's learn more about this good-looking chap, shall we?

Here are 9 facts you need to know before welcoming an Australian Shepherd Lab mix into your house.

1. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a highly sociable dog

Because of this, the Aussiedor can only thrive in a house where there is always someone around. This dog can’t stand being alone by himself, and he needs constant company to be happy. If he could, he would follow you around all day long, never leaving your side.

You cannot lock up or crate your Aussiedor puppy for a long time, even in order to housebreak him. If you do so, it will only stress out your dog more and make him feel unloved (and we all know how much it sucks to feel that way). Because of the highly sociable personality of both his purebred parents, the Aussiedor will definitely prefer being around you all the time then being left alone. Australian Shepherd Lab mixed breeds don’t fare well when left alone and might become loud and destructive if they feel bored, distressed, or anxious.

2. The Aussiedor is easily trainable

australian shepherd lab mix sitting near toys

Look at the innocence in his eyes!

Credit: dreamydoodles.com​

Because of how smart his purebred parents are, the Aussiedor is, naturally, extremely intelligent. If you are good at training (or decide to take him to a great training school), your dog might be able to do pretty much anything. Don’t expect him to do your taxes for you, though! If you don’t want your dog’s herding instincts to take over, then it is better to start training early, during your best friend’s puppyhood. And always remember to set proper boundaries if you don’t want your Australian Shepherd Lab mixed breed to start herding other animals, or even small kids.

Aussiedors are best trained using positive reinforcement, praise, and treats. They are usually smart dogs, so it shouldn't be a hard job. Part of their training would also be exercise, since Aussiedors are highly energetic dogs, and need to spend that energy somewhere. So, don’t hesitate to take your pup for a walk, a bike ride, a run, or even a hike. Don’t worry, he definitely won’t tire out easily.

3. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is definitely a good-looking chap

One thing you could never say about the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is that he’s an ugly dog. He is a medium-sized dog with the looks of a star. Usually between 18 and 23 inches tall, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is truly a beauty to look at. An Aussiedor can be either solid-colored (if both his parents are) or come in mixed colors. It usually depends on your mixed breed’s parents’ colors. Usually, they come in white, red merle, blue, and tan points, which makes them extremely beautiful to look at (see for yourself in the pictures).

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix has at the same time cute floppy ears and a strong frame, which makes him adorable to look at (and adorable is truly a euphemism).

4. When it comes to grooming, it can be quite tricky

I’m saying that it’s tricky because you will never truly know how your Australian Shepherd Lab mix’s coat will look until he is fully grown. If your Aussiedor takes from his Labrador Retriever parent, then he will have a short, double coat. If he takes from his Australian Shepherd parent, though, he will have a thick, medium length double coat.

In the first case, your Australian Shepherd Lab mix will require grooming only once a week, sometimes two or three times during shedding season.

But, in the second case, your best friend’s coat will need a bit more maintenance. Use a slicker brush on your pooch’s coat so you can prevent it from tangling and get rid of dead hair. Your dog’s coat might pick up debris as well, so make sure to brush it thoroughly, a few times a week.

All in all, your Australian Shepherd Lab mix will need, at a minimum, weekly brushing. He will shed a lot, no matter which parent he takes from. Regular trips to the groomer might come in handy too, to make sure that your dog's fur doesn't mat.

When it comes to bathing, it is usually recommended to bathe your dog 2 to 3 times a year, but your Australian Shepherd Lab mix might need more baths than that. This is especially true if he's been outside having fun all day since it is easy for this dog's coat to pick up dirt. Try using a shampoo made especially for dogs, so your best friend's skin doesn't get dry or irritated.

Finally, don’t forget to trim your Australian Shepherd Lab mix’s nails every few weeks, to keep them from growing too long. Use a special nail trimmer for dogs, and if you're not too sure about how to do it, hire the services of a professional.

5. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is good with kids, but you still have to be careful

Aussiedor in a meadow

I’m in love!

If you have small children at home, then adopting an Australian Shepherd Lab mix might not be a bad idea. This crossbreed is known for being good around kids, mostly thanks to its playful, friendly, and affectionate personality. But, this is still a medium-sized dog who was bred to herd, and if he is not well trained and socialized, he might try to herd your kids.

Because children are smaller than them, they think that they are cattle that should be taken care of (well, not in a hitman kind of way, but still). By nature, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is used to being a leader and bossing around other pets, and that also counts for children.

So, when you adopt an Aussiedor puppy, make sure to train him well, so he knows that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. And, just to be on the safe side, always monitor the first few encounters between small children and this beautiful dog (as we say, better be safe than sorry). Make sure that your children know how to behave around a dog as well. Small kids tend to play rough, but a dog might not understand that and can become violent; even a dog as sweet as the Aussiedor.

6. In the end, the Australian Shepherd Lab dog is still one of the sweetest mixed breeds around

An Australian Shepherd Lab mix will definitely be one the kindest dogs you will ever have the pleasure to encounter. Sweet, loving, and affectionate, he will follow you around and make sure that you give him all the love you can muster. This mixed breed tends to form an extremely close bond with the people they love and will suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. They can be playful and protective at the same time and will be silly all through their lives!

7. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix needs a lot of exercise and activity

As I’ve already stated before, this mixed breed is full of energy. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix needs a lot of exercise, which means that you will not get by just a couple of walks a day. This dog loves playing around in the outdoors and will be happiest in a house with a backyard or a garden where he can run around.

This is mostly due to the fact that the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a working breed, and thus, has a lot of energy to spend. And, if this dog has nothing to spend his energy on, he might become destructive, and make a feast out of your furniture.

8. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix eats a lot

Aussiedor in front of a castle

Look at this Aussiedor with a view!

Credit: hundeschuleluna.de​

Even though he is a medium-sized dog, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix still needs a lot of food. Usually, 3 to 4 cups a day of quality dry food should make it. And, a little tip: you can also think about adding fruits and vegetables to your dog's diets. You might not think much of it, but dogs can and will actually eat greens, such as cucumbers or cabbage for example (just don’t turn your dog into a vegan, that’s mean). If you want to know more about human foods that dogs can eat, check out our article.

9. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix will not fare well in a small house

Even though he is a medium-sized dog, the Aussiedor will be unhappy living in a small house or apartment. These dogs are adventurers, and to enjoy their life, they need space to run around and have fun. If you don’t have enough space to be living with an Australian Shepherd Lab mix, then please, don’t adopt one. You’re only going to make him miserable, and no one wants to make a dog miserable (I’m assuming you are not a psycho since you’re reading an article about dogs, but you never know).

10. They, too, can suffer from health issues

Even though mixed breeds are usually stronger and healthier than purebred dogs, they still suffer from health issues. Some of them they inherit from their parents, others are due to old age or lack of care. Here is a list of health issues that your Australian Shepherd Lab mix might suffer from, either now, or later in life:

But, this does not mean that your dog is going to end up having all these health issues. It doesn’t hurt, though, not to skip his trips to the vet, just in case something arises.


The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a beautiful, kind dog that needs a lot of affection and care to thrive and be happy. They need someone who loves them and gives them attention, so, if you are not up to the task, maybe go for another breed (you can learn more about other mixed breeds here).

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