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Labrador Retriever Puppy

Labrador Retriever Puppy

Dogs sure are fun to have around, other than being full of tricks and laughter, they can be a great company.

But depending on the person, the reasons for which you may want to adopt a dog differ, some just want them for the company, some for breeding (which I personally have issues with, but I digress), some for security reasons. In fact; throughout history, people have adopted for sorts of reasons.

And depending on the reason, your choice of breed would differ, and this, is where we come in: Hello, we are DiamondPup, a blog dedicated to these fur balls. Here, you will find all info you might want to know about different dog breeds, from their lifespan, to how well they get along with other pets, as well as general info, regarding all dogs, for first-time pup parents.

So get comfortable, and start taking notes, before heading to the closest shelter to get your new best friend.

​If you have any question, we strongly advise you to contact us as we reply to every email we receive.


DiamondPup.com Team